7 No Brainer Weight Loss Tips for 2017

7 No Brainer Weight Loss Tips for 2017

How to lose weight in 2017

Let’s face it; weight loss is a herculean task for most people. For much-losing weight is something that we wish is as easy as we gain those pounds with just one meal but the hard truth is it’s easier to gain all those pounds than to shed it.

Perhaps you have started the year with that ever popular new year’s resolution that for 2017 you will achieve that body ala Gigi Hadid or Zac Efron but as the months came and went you find yourself struggling to at least lose the weight that you already have if not gaining more. You might even have put up posters of fit looking people on your bedroom wall along with inspirational quotes that you found on the internet just so you’d be motivated to achieve your goal.

However, midway through the year have you at least reached half of your goal too? If the answer is no, don’t worry I’m sure you’re not alone.

For people who have always been struggling with weight loss, you might have received a lot of dietary advice from a lot of people in the past. With tips ranging from cutting down on the carbs, eliminating the fat, going vegetarian, vegan and what have you.

Whatever it was you must have seen and experienced how when expectation meets reality well, it isn’t really that too great of a picture isn’t it? While weight loss is truly 70% food diet and 30% physical work out there are other aspects of your life too that can contribute for you to successfully shed those pounds.

When Neil Armstrong first landed on the moon the words “one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” was popularized. True enough these words are also true to other aspects of life, even in the aspect of weight loss.

Instead of making drastic changes in your life to reach your ideal weight which can most of the time end up as a failure go for small steps which you can take slowly but surely. It is neither on the dinner table nor in the grocery store where weight loss truly starts.

Things which may seem as trivial as piling up smaller plates on your kitchen cabinet and throwing out unhealthy snacks are steps that can contribute to your goal in a way that it controls the portions you eat in every meal as well as avoid unnecessary snacking at any hour of the day.

What a lot of people miss out on is when you eat matters just as much as what you eat. Some follow a diet plan for an entire day but end up being crazy hungry in the evening and eat a bunch of snacks in the wee hours of the night. This is a big no-no. If you really feel like you should have at least one feast in a day to keep you going then have it on breakfast but still keep it healthy.  You can use a 2017 weight loss supplements if you can`t wait to lose weight but my advice is to start slow. These are just some simple weight loss tips to help you keep up with weight loss plan of the year; here are 6 more tips that will surely allow you to achieve your goal.

Your Toothbrush is Your New BFF

According to dentists brushing your teeth right after a meal isn’t a good idea as it can whittle away the enamel on your teeth but brushing them 30 minutes after you’ve had your meal is a good way to prevent yourself from digging into any snacks later in the evening. That mint flavoring from your toothpaste which coats your mouth after you’ve brushed your teeth won’t have you thinking about eating anything right after.

Drastic Changes in Your Diet Isn’t a Good Idea

Anything too dramatic isn’t really a good idea when it comes to weight loss. That especially applies to your food diet. This idea can be counterproductive for you. Making drastic and sudden changes in your food diet will only lead you to bigger consequences when you realize that it’s a diet that doesn’t suit you. In the end, you might just gain more weight than what you have lost. A better idea would be to add small changes to your diet or meal plan like for example cutting down on sugar, switching your choice of cereals for breakfast and perhaps switching to whole-grain bread. Again, one small step is a big leap.

The “Half-Plate” Rule Will Work Wonders

You might have heard of this rule before and might have tried it and gave up but really, if you put your heart and mind into it, it can work wonders for you. This rule simply means you fill up half of your meal plate with fruits and vegetables. Through this technique, you won’t have to keep counting your calories (we all know how difficult and frustrating that can be) and as most of us underestimate our actual calorie consumption. And think about it, this technique is much, much easier that doing all those laps in the treadmill right? For sure you can pull this off.

Make Eggs Your Breakfast Staple

This is, as a matter of fact, one of the untold secrets to weight loss. Being low in calories yet high in protein plus all those nutrient goodness even star athletes and physical fitness trainers have eggs as a staple food for breakfast. Going for a breakfast that is egg-based will have you steer clear from less healthy options.

Today, Think About Tomorrow

This one may require a little more work on your end but trust me, if you want to keep going for your goal and do it in a long term then this something you should definitely do. Planning your meals ahead of time will avoid that “grab what you see” attitude that you might unconsciously have which usually happens after dinner hours (this is also why you need to throw out all your unhealthy snacks, just in case). In doing this, you can carefully think about what to eat for tomorrow’s meals and you can make them healthier if you have more time to think about it. Some even plan out their meal a week before which is also a good idea if you’re a busy person.

Stand, stand, stand

Commuting via subway? Why don’t you stand and instead of taking that seat on the train? This way you’ll burn more calories in and this will add up over time. And really, standing is definitely more comfortable that sitting in that dirty public seat as you try to avoid making awkward eye contact with that person sitting opposite you.

Water is Life

No truer words have been spoken. This is simply the truth: water is life. This is also true if you want to burn all that fat in your body as having sufficient water in your body can help in fat metabolism. Keeping yourself hydrated will also give you other health benefits such as improved physical and mental performance, avoiding headaches and efficient bodily function. Duh, this is a no brainer!