Anxiety, depression or stress? Taking probiotics may be the solution.

Anxiety, stress or depression? Taking probiotics may be the solution.

Probiotics May Ease Anxiety, Depression and Stress

In the 20th century, the bacteria were considered as enemies. After scientists discovered that microbes cause infections and diseases, people start trying to get rid of these invisible invaders at any price.

But over the past 20 years, the attitude towards bacteria changed. The war against bacteria switched to peaceful coexistence. Currently, scientists believe that the diverse flora in the gut is the key to health.

If you’re among the 20%  percent suffering from anxiety and depression, find how the nutrition affects the intestinal microflora and your mood.

In California Center for Functional Medicine, anxiety and depression are one of the three most common health problems of patients. Globally, anxiety and depression are two of the most important mental health problem. With anxiety disorders are associated about 18% of adults in the US. Anxiety and depression are not the same diseases, but they are often experienced together as a complex of emotional and functional changes.

Anxiety and depression, together with other conditions such as eating disorders, bipolar disorder, and sleep disorders are the result of a complex of interacting factors. Namely a combination of nutritional, physical, social, emotional and psychological factors affect the genetics and biochemistry of the brain. We can assume anxiety and depression as damages to the brain.

Currently, the treatment of nervous disorders is focused on chemical processes in the brain, adjusting the level of neurotransmitters. But perhaps future treatment will focus on microflora, not the brain. And a major role in this will carry not medicines, but properly chosen diet. According to researchers, the deficit of serotonin is linked to the occurrence of depression and 95% of serotonin is produced in the intestine.

Treat the cause, not just the symptoms

The medicine offers medical treatment of symptoms of anxiety and depression with very limited effect (facts show that 30-40% of patients do not respond to drug treatment).

In the center of functional medicine in California is shown a completely different approach that left many surprised patients,  who turned for help regarding depression or anxiety. From the center began to examine the state of their intestinal health. Because according to the latest research to be healthy your intestinal flora should be healthy. Intestinal microflora is directly related to the central nervous system, so it is important that it is maintained in good condition. This is possible with the help of probiotics.

In 2011, a similar study was done in France. Its results showed that people who took probiotics for 30 days showed reduced levels of psychological stress.

According to researchers connection between colonies of good intestinal bacteria and good mental health, it is the fact that these bacteria are also associated with the immune system. A healthy immune system helps the brain to fight stress.

The probiotics, which support the growth of “healthy” bacteria in the gut – stimulate digestive health and may even improve the human immune system. But now more and more evidence suggest that intestinal bacteria can have a significant impact on brain function and mental health.

Defeat depression, anxiety and mood disorders – heal your gut!

The growing number of facts and data from clinical trials shows that our beneficial intestinal microflora is responsible for our good mood and emotional balance. Intestinal microflora refers to microorganisms, mainly bacteria and their genes that live in the human intestine. Many of these microorganisms are actually vital for human health. When the balance of beneficial bacteria in the intestine is bad, we may develop the disease.

These “good” bacteria improve the digestive health and the immune system and the researchers have also reached the conclusion that they can be beneficial for mental health.

Nowadays, more and more scientists are interested in probiotics and prebiotics as potential treatments for depression, anxiety and other mental problems. It is interesting that in a new study from the University of Leiden supports this idea.  They report that among 40 healthy volunteers, those who have undergone treatment with probiotics for four weeks showed a drop down in negative thoughts and feelings.

For the study were used probiotics that contain different types of bacteria – 20 healthy people each day for four weeks. The remaining 20 participants received placebo. At the beginning of the study and then again after a month the participants completed a questionnaire in order to understand they’re a sensitivity to depression and anxiety.

Participants who drank probiotics were less vulnerable to sad moods and depression. Improving the amount of “good” bacteria in the gut has a protective effect against obsessive negative thinking, which is often a sign of depression.

In conclusion

Maybe it’s too early to solve emotional problems by using only good bacteria in the gut. But the shown results are a big step for the researchers who are beginning to pay more attention to this part of our body and try to understand what happens there.

Although it is extremely important to our overall health, and even survival, scientists still know a little about how our digestive system reacts to different stimulation. What is certain is that we have a huge amount of bacteria in the gut, which affects our overall and mental condition.