Best probiotics in 2016


What are probiotics?

You are probably familiarized with the word bacteria but I am pretty confident that you are under the impression that they are to be avoided. And you would be right for the most part. The reality is a bit different though. There are actually both good and bad bacteria and everybody’s bodies contain both. If you are interested in keeping yourself healthy, then you need to make sure your alimentation is well balanced, because whenever your organism will start losing its good bacteria deposits, you will begin suffering and things may not be so easy to handle with. Bad bacteria can attack your system quite efficient and you will immediately feel the consequences. Prior to the 90’s people did not know much about probiotics and they had no idea it was all about the balance between your inner bacterial mass. Probiotics are precisely those good bacteria that are known to improve your immune system and also protect you from all the unwanted intruders that will attack your system if you are careless. People began their journey to healthier lives once probiotics entered the public consumption.

How do probiotics supplements work?

You can easily get your probiotics fill from the food you eat on a daily basis, but the situation is not as easy to handle as you may think. There are a lot of people that cannot effectively process the food they eat because they either have intolerance to some of the aliments, or they have a genetic predisposition and they lack the capacity to assimilate certain nutrients. The crucial difference between good and bad bacteria is that you do not need certain predispositions to accumulate bad bacteria. They can flourish and spread virtually no matter the environment that they need to face and many of them are highly resilient to medications. Also, they are known to have the capacity to evolve and this makes them especially dangerous, because they can even destroy the good bacteria in your body and you will soon be left with no defensive capacities against the intruders. Your body will basically make huge efforts to extract the needed nutrients from the food you eat, especially because you will need an almost flawless metabolism to do so. Also, you will usually need to eat large quantities of food to meet your daily requirements and when you suffer from the inability to properly assimilate them, then the situation can worsen fast. The good thing about supplements is that they contain concentrated nutrients that your body no longer needs to extract personally and this is a huge advantage. It means that the required good bacteria will be stimulated to grow and expand and overcome the bad. This will provide you with the tools to improve your system and strengthen your immune system a lot faster than if you were following the same goal out of eating your regular diets.

Probiotics Benefits

probiotics-benefitsThe interesting fact is this: despite probiotics have been discovered relatively recently, they have always been with us, every step of the way and when I say this I mean literally. From the moment of birth until the day you die, probiotics are always part of you and it all begins with the journey of the fetus through the birth canal. That is when some of the most important good bacteria are assimilated by the fetus and they will have a meaningful impact on the developing of his immune system throughout his childhood. When referring to the benefits in the real sense of the word, probiotics never cease to provide their assistance and among the most influential areas that probiotics manifest in is the digestive system. You need to keep in mind that there are a lot of things that could potentially disturb the balance between the good and the bad bacteria, even in your digestive tract. You could think that whatever happens in your digestive system it is strictly related to the food you eat, but not quite. Actually, there are a lot of factors that can affect your inner balance and your digestive processes can be easily overturn by factors like emotional stress, not sleeping enough, the use of antibiotics, excessive medication and various drugs and even environmental factors, such as air poisoning and such. All these can alter your digestive balance and this could provide the perfect environment for the bad bacteria to flourish and destroy your health. What probiotics will do is to clean and protect everything related to that area. There are a lot of probiotics that are especially strengthened to face the harsh conditions of the digestive environment, because as you may know, there is a very acidic climate there. Simply by improving your digestive processes, probiotics are shown to be highly efficient against various affections such as: infectious diarrhea, antibiotic-associated diarrhea, gut transit problems, abdominal pain, Helicobacter pylori infections, necrotizing enterocolitis, all sorts of liver diseases and so on. Aside from this, probiotics will have a meaningful impact on your immune system and many people believe that this is actually the most important aspect about them.

Probiotics side-effects

Usually, when talking about healthy individuals who are after probiotics as a means of strengthening their system, then they pose absolutely no dangers whatsoever. But you do not need to be healthy to take them and remain safe. In certain limits, everybody can use them without having to fear unwanted consequences. There are, however, certain specifications about probiotic consumption and we will have to state them here as a precautionary measure:

  • Avoid giving them to children whose immune system is not fully developed
  • Avoid giving them to pregnant women, because it may harm the fetus, since he already has probiotics from natural sources
  • Avoid using them if your immune system is compromised.

Regarding the last point, we need to mention that we are referring to those who are under treatment for other serious diseases and can impact the probiotic usage. For example, you should avoid giving them to those going through chemotherapy.

Top 5 Best probiotics in 2016

In order to help you having a reference system, here are the most important and efficient probiotics for 2016:

  1. Perfect Biotics – Probiotic America

probiotic-america_perfect-bioticsThere is a reason that makes Perfect Biotics by Probiotic America the leader in the health industry. This supplement will tackle any digestive problem that you may have, regardless whether we are talking about gas, bloating or indigestions and it is an extremely important addition to our diets, among all the artificial stuff that we eat every day. An average American’s daily food contains a lot of artificial sweeteners and processed sugars, as well as a whole range of artificial additives that can quickly disturb the balance between good and bad bacteria pretty fast. The way Perfect Biotics – Probiotic America works is to reestablish the lost balance between your internal bacterial mass, by promoting the good bacteria while destroying the bad ones. This supplement contains the largest CFU (colony forming units) of up to 30 billion in numbers and wills start taking effect in less than 3 weeks after the first usage.

  1. Nucific BIO X4

bio-x4_bottleThis supplement is probably one of the most cherished out there and the reason for that is simple. Nucific BIO X4 is responsible for improving your body’s fat burn capabilities. If you did not know this, now is the time to find out. It seems like Nucific BIO X4 is extremely efficient in breaking down your fat cells, as well as instructing your body how to efficiently take that task and improve it after only several uses. It is the reason for many athletes to use it on a daily basis with great benefits. Aside from this, this revolutionary supplement is also highly effective in improving the recovery rates after mechanical injuries, sweetening the symptoms of osteoarthritis and many other benefits that you will discover along the way. It is undeniable that Nucific BIO X4 is a state of the art product whose main goal is to assist in weight loss processes and this is what makes it the most beloved supplement in the world.

  1. Leaf Origins – Digestive Health Probiotics

order-essential-culturesThe most interesting part about Leaf Origins – Digestive Health Probiotics is the fact that it is even recommended by health specialists as an important part of your diet. The major benefit of this product is that it can teach your body how to assimilate essential vitamins and nutrients when you will experience difficulties in doing so. This is actually something that many people go through, since their organism will often manifest the inability to process the food they eat the right way. This means that important nutrients will be eliminated instead of being absorbed and this is what Leaf Origins – Digestive Health Probiotics will assist your body in.

  1. Keybiotics – Digestive Health Probiotics

keybiotics-bottleThis product will efficiently provide you relief from any digestive problems that you may experience. Whenever your bacterial balance is disrupted by any process, Keybiotics – Digestive Health Probiotics will be your supplement of choice. Aside from obvious physical advantages, Keybiotics – Digestive Health Probiotics will also improve your life in a lot of other aspects, because it will provide you with a positive mood, a lot of energy focus and strength and so on. It is not simply a food supplement, it is a wonder product that is designed to improve your life in any ways necessary.

  1. Fermented Green Supremefood

green-supremfoodIf you have not tried this product yet, this is the perfect time to do it. For your general knowledge, Fermented Green Supremefood is actually part of the super-foods currently on the market and its benefits are more than obvious. Among the many qualities that it has been enriched with, Fermented Green Supremefood will provide your system with a highly valuable cocktail of potent herbs that will have a powerful impact on your overall health. Everything about this product is organic and natural and we cannot have enough of these supplements for sale. You cannot go around it.