Can you enhance your brain power using nootropics?

Can you enhance your brain power using nootropics

What substances enhance brain power in a safe manner?

When you think about substances that enhance brain power, you tend to think of something coming out of the sci-fi movies. It sounds exactly like something with more or less magical effects, but the truth is that, on a smaller scale, we already consume these substances almost daily. Well, at least some of us do. In this regard, caffeine is the best example of such a product, whose effects manifest particularly at the brain level. Caffeine increases the level of energy, promotes mental alertness and improves the thinking process.

But what exactly are nootropics and do they actually enhance brain power? According to a plenitude of studies, the obvious answer is yes. These so-called smart drugs act by influencing the development of the nervous system, along with the neurotransmitters and the functionality of the hormones and enzymes at the same time. As a matter of fact, depending on their type, various smart drugs can be more or less potent and they can provide the consumer with different outcomes.

In essence, though, nootropics enhance brain power using a simple mechanism we can actually activate naturally – supplementary oxygenation. During the intense physical activity, or even the moderate one, as long as it goes for regular periods of time, the veins will grow in size and the heart will pump more blood to the muscles. This means more oxygen traveling through the organism and the oxygen-enriched blood will also reach the brain, greatly boosting its performance.

Smart drugs work pretty much the same, just without the need for physical exercises support. They enhance brain power in the sense that they provide the brain with increased levels of oxygen, they stimulate nerve growth and the boost the effectiveness of the hormones and enzymes responsible for the efficiency of the neurotransmitters.

How can we use smart drugs effectively?

The term “drugs” sounds like something forbidden and there is actually a large debate on the use of nootropics. Students in particular from the large mass of the consumers, in order to cope with the increasingly demanding tests and intellectual competitions they take part in. Not only that but they are also used by other categories of people, especially those working on night shifts or performing difficult and demanding jobs, like long road truckers, construction workers and mostly everybody having jobs that demand quick thinking and a clear mind.

The most commonly used nootropics, preferred for their ability to enhance brain power, are racetams. These are substances that comprise in several subtypes like Noopept, Oxiracetam, Pramiracetam and Piracetam, just to name the most important ones. Their effects include:

  • Memory boost, both the short and the long term one
  • Cognitive support
  • Faster and more effective thinking process
  • Protection against depression and anxiety
  • A more positive state of mind
  • The ability to make fast decisions
  • Boosted focus and attention
  • Improved alertness

Which should you choose and do they come with side effects?

It should not be that difficult because nootropics, in general, do not differ so much in relation to the benefits provided. However, before aiming at supplements, why not have a look at the natural products that are known to enhance brain power on their own. Although the effects may be lower than you might expect, at least you will get them by means of natural food products. Chocolate, coffee, and green tea are known to provide the organism with nootropic effects. They contain L-theanine and phenethylamine, 2 very important substances that will enhance brain power considerably.

But as a general guideline, you should always look for natural products. In this regard, you may need to check the label of each one you intend to buy and look for chemicals, additives and any potentially artificial compound they might have. It does not necessarily mean they are bad if they contain artificial ingredients, it is just that naturally is better and safer.

Now, regarding the side effects, this is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it turns out that these smart drugs, famous for their ability to enhance brain power, pose no significant threat to human health. Various studies have shown, however, that they can alter your functionality when taken in excess. Think of how coffee works. Too much will make your body shiver and may actually cause insomnia, hyperactivity, headaches, and nausea. Also, some nootropics consumed in excess will cause elevated blood pressure and temperature.

Always consult your health specialist before committing to any smart drug promoted to enhance brain power!