CFUs in Probiotics

Cfus in Probiotics

CFUs in Probiotics – Does a Big Count Means More Benefits to the Body?

Probiotics boost digestion, weight loss, metabolism and bowel movements. They are good bacteria that promote a healthy immune system. Although they are so beneficial, it is hard to select a useful product. This is because probiotics tend to contain varied amounts of Colony forming units or CFUs. Some have millions and others have billions. It is easy to think that the  more CFUs a product has, the more effective it is.  But is this the case? Read on to find out.

To start, let us introduce you to Colony Forming Units

The term CFU is a measure of a number of bacteria a probiotic product has that are able to divide and form colonies. In a human body, there are one hundred trillion bacteria at any given moment. Manufacturers of probiotics attempt to replicate this staggering amount. Hence, it should not surprise you to find a single capsule with billions of CFUs. Usually, probiotic bacteria are live organisms that can divide and make colonies.

Does it mean that a bigger CFU count makes a better product?

According to experts, the correct answer relies on the main reason why you want a probiotic. Perhaps you want to use it daily to enhance your digestive system and immunity. If so, you might do just fine using a product with a lower CFU count. And the best daily range is five to ten billion Colony Forming Units. It could be possible that you have certain health problems. Perhaps you have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Inflammatory Bowel Disease, eczema, allergies or respiratory disease.

The best CFU range is between fifteen and forty-five billion. In such a case, try a product like Nucific Bio X4. A product with more than forty-five thousand CFUs is very unlikely. It may be there, no problem, but it could also be hype. More than 45 billion bacteria do not necessarily equal to extra benefits. And it should not surprise you if the price of a product with 45+ billion CFUs is too high.

Taking probiotic is not all. You should keep them alive

Probiotics with higher CFUs and lower CFUs are ideal for good health. There is no debate on that. However, you cannot benefit much if you have no way of keeping the healthy bacteria alive and powerful. Here are hints you can follow:

  • Always use the product as the manufacturer indicates.
  • Keep your probiotic bottle in cool, dry place to protect it from excess heat or moisture.
  • Seal the bottle tightly after use
  • Avoid any activity that could make the supplement damp.
  • If the item can be refrigerated, do it.

Consider the CFUs strains

A probiotic product can have billions of CFUs and still be useless. This is because the strains of bacteria in a product matters the most. Do not ever order a probiotic that does not state the types of probiotics it has.  This will let you do your own investigation to know the use of the strains in the body. If you want to improve digestion, you might require a product with bacteria like Bifidobacterium and lactobacillum. Bifidobacterium is a very good intestinal bacterium.

It is can be so supportive to people who suffer from colitis, H.pylori, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. It will help with the elimination of gas and flatulence. Lactobacillus is a bacteria found in yeast. This is particularly lactobacillus acidophilus. It can as well help people with the irritation of the colon, IBS, H.pylori infection, Crohn’s disease and others. Since the ingredients will be on the label, read them first. Carry out your own research prior to buying anything.

Should you get a Multi-strain or single-strain CFUs?

Multi-strain probiotics can replicate the natural process of eating food with probiotic qualities. If you do not mind, choose a capsule that introduces multiple bacteria to the body. It could be a product that will help you lose weight and heal some urinary tract and digestion problems.  Alternatively, use a single-strain bacteria probiotic. It will consist of a certain strain of bacteria that will solve a certain problem. But it better be powerful and reliable. Having many CFUs is a must when you have a disease to improve with a single strain probiotic.

Consider drug interactions

Taking probiotics is a very beneficial thing. However, you might have things preventing you from taking any supplement. For instance, you could be living with a degenerative disease. Perhaps you are on long-term medication and sometimes you get really sick. If such is your life, you should not take just any probiotic supplement without seeking medical advice. Ask your doctor whether taking such capsules is okay.

Will they improve your health or make it worse? Possibly there will be drug interactions. Request your doctor’s advice first. Do you have a breastfeeding kid? If not, maybe you are pregnant. Again, find out whether taking a certain antibiotic will be beneficial or harmful. The manufacturer of the probiotic might mention it on the label. If they haven’t, ask them whether you can take their pill and breastfeed. If pregnant, can the pill harm your baby’s growth?

Perhaps there are side effects to deal with

Regardless of the amount of CFUs a probiotic has, it could have side effects. It may have a low CFU count and still causes side effects. So, the best thing to do is to find out more about a given probiotic. Visit forums or blogs that discuss related matters. Ask people, whether they know about the product you want.

If a product is popular, there will be numerous remarks about it. So you will just be reading what others think. If they do not seem to be bothered by the side effects, chances are that they are mild. On the other hand, if you read a lot of complaints, leave the product alone. You might suffer too much hoping to increase your healthy bacteria. Hence, you should be wise to investigate the side effects of any probiotic.

Change your lifestyle too

It is not wise to repair certain aspects of your life while damaging the others. For instance, taking probiotics will improve your health. However, if you will continue eating refined and junk food, the improvement might be short-term. These foods are full of chemicals that ruin the good bacteria. Once they are ruined, the bad bacteria will use the opportunity to multiply. In such a case you will get sick to the stomach.

You will continue to have gas, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal discomfort or pain and other issues. The solution is easy, change your lifestyle. Start to eat a balanced diet and pick your food carefully. Eat whole food rather that refined food to encourage the growth of natural bacteria. By so doing, you will supplement the work that the probiotic is doing in the body.  Also, keep yourself active, drink a lot of pure, fresh water and avoid stress. Living this way eliminates most of the stomach issues.

Final word: Take a break

As with other probiotics, it helps to take a break from taking your pill. Perhaps you can take it for three months consistently. Then stop it and watch what’s happening to your gut health. Is it improving? If not, it is time to switch to another type. If you are happy with it, resume after taking some time off. Manufacturers do mention this, although some do not. In case the product does not ask you to take a break, assume you should. During the break, you will investigate how your body feels.

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