Eating Healthy and Not Losing Weight

Eating Healthy and Still Not Losing Weight


Eating Healthy: Health can be defined as a state of complete social, physical and mental well-being of a living organism. It is not merely the absence of a disease, but it also includes mental stability and physical fitness.

It is rightly said that ”Health is our greatest wealth” but do we really consider it above money and the real wealth? NO. In today’s modern era, people are more focused on chasing money and wealth and they are even ready to sacrifice their health for it. People forget that without health there is no happiness, no success, no peace.

A person with bad health cannot enjoy life to the fullest and also fails to enjoy the pleasures of being wealthy. It is essential that we all start living a healthy life and accept the fact that we are nothing without our health.

When it comes to defining a healthy lifestyle, we all have our own perceptions and definitions. A healthy lifestyle is a way of living which significantly reduces the risk of being seriously ill. It includes a number of components such as eating healthy, getting enough sleep, exercising , meditating daily etc.

It helps us to enjoy every aspect of our lives and we live more in every moment. People generally have a misconception that if they are slim, they are healthy. Doctors from all over the world have suggested that being skinny does not always mean healthy. They also believe that a person may/may not lose weight just by eating healthy rather, a healthy lifestyle plays a vital role in weight loss.

People “think” that they are eating healthy food and still not losing weight. The biggest reason why this happens is overeating. People who find it hard to reduce weight don’t realize that they are eating too much and don’t know when to stop.

Many just eat whenever they feel hungry and stop when they feel full. Eating at odd timings and not following a proper eating pattern is the reason why people don’t lose weight, despite eating healthy.

This kind of eating habit is very common among the younger generation who just eat anything at anytime they like. It is very important for everyone to have the right meal at the right time.

It is important to note that just eating healthy does not guarantee a weight loss. There are several reasons why one may not be losing weight despite eating healthy. Some of them are listed below:-


Skipping meals is a very common habit of many people,especially the working class.

Doctors believe that skipping breakfast can lead to weakness and have also found that people who generally do this are overweight.

It is important that we realize the importance of breakfast as it is considered as the most vital meal of the day. It is also advised that dinner should be the lightest meal of the day. It is also crucial that all these meals are consumed at the right time.


Protein is the most important nutrient for our body and it also helps to reduce weight. It is also called as the king nutrient of our diet. Including protein in the right quantity in our daily diet is essential because it helps in repairing and development of cells in our body.

On an average a man should take 56 grams per day of protein and a woman should take at least  46 grams per day.


We all tend to live a very stressful life and our health suffers due to this. People are so focused on meeting deadlines, completing their tasks, etc., that they tend to slip their meals. Many even do not take proper rest at night.

All this makes our lives more stressful. High stress levels can lead to increase in heart rate and blood pressure. Meditation and yoga are the two best ways to handle stress. They help to calm down the mind and body.

They fill us with energy and help us to lead a stress-free life. Regular exercise and good sleep also help to control our stress levels and are  essential components of a healthy lifestyle.


Exercising involves engaging in any physical activity to stay fit and healthy. It could be cycling, playing some kind of sport, yoga, running, etc. It is recommended that each and every person should do some kind of exercise daily for at least 30 minutes.

This helps to keep the body fit and improves metabolism. Eating healthy and exercising regularly is a great combination. It is one of the key components of a healthy lifestyle and can significantly help to shed off some extra kilos.


Researchers have found that sleeping enough can help to maintain proper body weight. Lack of sleep or insomnia can affect your metabolism and may even increase hunger.

Insomnia makes it difficult to lose weight. It is essential that you sleep for at least 8 hours. A proper sleep is as important as eating healthy food. Getting enough sleep helps you to freshen up and start your next day full of energy and enthusiasm.


It is a fact that after eating it takes 20 minutes for our brain to know whether we are full or not.

Overeating is a major cause of obesity. People eat huge quantities of food which is way beyond their appetite.

This happens because people fail to understand that eating a bit less is far better than overeating. Just because you are eating healthy food does not mean you can eat as much as you want. Wisely choosing what to eat, when to eat and in what quantity is vital for weight loss.


70% of our body is made up of water, but do we really drink enough of it? Water not only satisfies our thirst, but it can also help us to reduce weight. Water helps us to maintain electrolyte balance in our body.

It is the most important part of all major body processes and functions. It has been found that water can actually help you to eat less. We all must drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. It is highly recommended to drink 2 glasses of hot water early in the morning to burn some extra calories.


Alcohol should not be a part of your balanced diet as many sugary alcoholic beverages are quite high in calories. It also affects your appetite and can even damage the stomach, kidneys, liver. It even slows down the fat burning process in our body. If you are trying to reduce weight then for sure you have to say no to alcohol.

Therefore, to wind up, I would say that it is not only healthy food that is important for weight loss, but several other things must be kept in mind. All these things, when combined with a healthy diet, give great results and help you to grow slimmer and healthier. Do not expect to lose weight within a few days rather, keep patience. Remember, even a small start is a great beginning.

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