Estrogen Hormone, Definition and Types

Estrogen Hormone, Definition and Types

Estrogen balance

Hormones are chemical substances that have a profound effect on your body and overall way of life. Our body secretes some 50 main hormones. One of the most important hormones is Estrogen.

Female sex hormone

Estrogen is primarily female sex hormone that is responsible for the development of secondary sexual characteristics (growth of pubic hair, a growth of the breasts, bone and muscular constitution, mood and sex drive, and others). However, Estrogen can be found to a certain extent in the male body also, since it is responsible for the healthy body chemical balance.

The Estrogen fluctuations are usually completely normal process caused by the stress and the overall lifestyle. The Estrogen fluctuations are usually temporary, and the body gets itself into balance in no time. However, sometimes, due to a prolonged exposure to stress, or other reasons, the body slowly loses its ability to easily maintain the healthy hormonal balance. The following problems are most common:

Fatty tissue accumulation issues

Estrogen controls the development of the secondary sexual characteristics, among others, accumulation of the fatty tissue in the places where it should accumulate (breast, rear end, hips, thighs). Imbalanced amount of Estrogen released in the body has profound effects on the accumulation of the fatty tissue. The most prominently visible effects are fatty deposits concentrated only in specific areas of the belly.

Depression and mood swings

Some people with Estrogen imbalance encounter depression and drastic mood swings, seemingly without a logical cause. People, especially women that are affected by Estrogen imbalance usually feel down, depressed and irritated. However, the situation is manageable. Sometimes, a simple message or an essential oil treatment can be helpful in maintaining a healthy spirit. A few lemon oil drops combined with CLA Safflower Oil can help you overcome moody periods.

Breast issues

A woman that has estrogen balance issue usually encounters tenderness, pain, soreness in the breasts. Sudden breast growth can happen, similar to the one in early puberty. Since breasts are very sensitive part of the body, you should do a check with your doctor if you encounter any significant changes or pain. The changes on the breasts can be an indicator of a serious health problem.

Bloated stomach

Since most of the hormones have a profound effect on our metabolism, people that have Estrogen imbalance usually encounter bloating in their stomach, caused by the slowed digestion. A natural probiotic can be helpful. Fruits, fiber-rich vegetables, juices and light meals can be very pleasing to the upset stomach.

Concentration and memory issues

If you or your friends have noticed that you may be suffering from a concentration disorder, or if you have noticed that you are forgetting things lately, the issue may be caused by the Estrogen imbalance. For the less pronounced conditions, an uninterrupted sleep, workout, longer walks can be helpful.  CLA Safflower Oil has proven to be very energizing for the body, helping a person overcome the chronic tiredness. If the issues with memory and concentration persist for a prolonged period, be advised to contact your physician, in order to make sure everything is as it should be.

Hair, skin and nail issues

Hormones have profound effects on the distribution of a protein called Keratin. Since hair, nails and outer layers of skin are rich in keratin, the hormonal, especially Estrogen imbalance can cause the growth of an unhealthy skin, nails, and hair. Also, it should be noted that the well-balanced Estrogen and Testosterone are responsible for the healthy looks in mammals. A dried-out skin cracked nails, and hair can be a strong indicator that Estrogen in your body is imbalanced. Since CLA Safflower oil is a rich in Linoleic acid, the positive effects in managing the hair, nails and skin issues are strong.

Libido issues

The healthy body naturally has regular sexual urges and needs. Any drastic change in the way of life or health status can cause libido to decrease or disappear. Usually, problems with libido are caused by the stressful lifestyle, mainly caused by the work-related stress.

Chronic fatigue and decreased libido can be easily treated, and the symptoms go away in no time after a good sleep and relaxation therapy. Regular workout walks and sports can help your body in maintaining a healthy balance. However, sometimes decreased libido can be a sign of a somewhat more serious hormonal issue. Decreased Estrogen level directly means decreased sex drive. If the libido related issues last for a prolonged period of time, it would be advised to check the situation with your doctor.

Period issues

If a woman encounters painful, irregular and strong periods, it may be an indication that the Estrogen levels in the body are not right. Since female reproductive organs are prone to Estrogen effects, they are one of the first organs to notice the change.

The issues with the period can vary from complete lack of menstrual cycle to the multiple cycles in a very short time. Since the period issues can sometimes indicate serious health issues, all ladies that are encountering the above-mentioned problems should consult the doctor and check their reproductive health.

The physical and psychological effects of Estrogen imbalance can be profoundly negative. However, your doctor can help you in managing the Estrogen balance. Taking that in mind, be advised to visit the physician for a regular check, and eventual treatment.