This is how good bacteria can redefine your health

This is how good bacteria can redefine your health

The term of good bacteria is still not accepted in the modern societies

Good Bacteria Review: Maybe “accepted” is a bit too strong here, but it resides in the fact that the large majority of the population is still reluctant to accept not only the term itself but the notion.

Most of the people view bacteria as something inherently bad, which is a misrepresentation of the truth and it is not entirely harmless as you could think. The fact that people do not understand the importance of the good bacteria is what causes a lot of the problems they are suffering from.

It seems like people are not used to understanding that there is any living animal on the face of the earth that does not have cultures of billions and even trillions of microorganisms living inside them.

What is more important is to understand that if all those microbes would have been harmful, we would have never escaped the recurrent diseases and health affections and we would simply not have been able to live.

The fact that they continue to reside within us is a proof that not only they are not harmful (at least most of them), but they have also adapted to live in harmony with our bodies, providing us with protection against harmful pathogens.

This is what makes the good bacteria we are so incapable of comprehending and it is something that everybody should take into account, especially when considering the measures we are taking to protect ourselves.

It is our fault when our immune system drops

It all starts with the exaggerated use of antibacterial soaps or shampoos, but also with the constant use of antibiotics, even when it is not entirely necessary. The problem is that these approaches destroy the good bacteria just the same they do with the invading agents that may pose a certain health risk.

This is what led the researchers to discover that the generations living nowadays have a less diverse microbiome when compared to past generations from 20-50 years ago.

Ironically, the problem is the fact that we have adopted more rigorous hygiene habits, thus disrupting the organism’s own bacterial mass. People always tend to look into the harmful agents that could attack the organism, but they disregard the fact that their countermeasures could influence the development and the health of the good bacteria. As a result, their actions could cause them more harm, in the long run, a paradox not everybody is aware of.

And the immune system cannot effectively protect the body from all the dangers when lacking the powerful influence of the good bacteria. There are certain bacteria and viruses that can be easily disabled by the influence of the good bacteria and whenever we disregard their numbers, we put ourselves in harm’s way.

Prebiotics and probiotics – The keys to a better health

A lot of people make confusions between the two, but it is actually quite simple.

  1. Prebiotics

The gut good bacteria feed on whatever we eat. For the most part, we are talking about fruits and vegetables, the preferred food of choice for these microorganisms. So this means that the fruits and vegetables belong to the prebiotics category, the category defining bacteria food.

  1. Probiotics

One vowel away we have the food containing good bacteria, meant to restore the intestinal flora and rebalance the internal bacterial mass. This is a necessity whenever the good bacteria level drops significantly, either due to our poor lifestyle habits or because of health problems triggering a disaster in our internal microbiome.

The difference is clear and if we do not always need probiotics to function normally, prebiotics is a necessity in our day to day lives. There is a reason why all nutritionists recommend us to eat more vegetables and fruits and basically introduce them in our daily eating habits. They feed our good bacteria and promote a stronger and more active immune system.

The use of prebiotics and probiotics could change our lives

For those of you who are not that familiarized with the subject, this could seem like a breakthrough, but it is actually common sense news. There is nothing really groundbreaking about this since the effects of both probiotics and prebiotics have been known for decades. The benefits associated with the use of prebiotics on a regular basis, as well as with the use of probiotics whenever necessary are diverse and can potentially completely change the quality of the lifestyle considerably.

  1. Good bacteria help in decreasing inflammation

By good bacteria, we mean healthy levels of the said microorganisms, which can only be acquired by keeping a close eye on your digestive health. Whenever there are problems occurring at the gut level, it is up to you to take measures and restore the microbiome accordingly. This way the inflammation caused by the unwanted pathogens will be tamed and even prevented in the future.

  1. The risk of obesity will be considerably lower

A link between the health of our good bacteria mass and the rates of obesity around the world has been observed quite a while ago. It turns out that probiotics could actually lower the impact of obesity among the general population, an interesting and attractive finding, considering the amount of people living with the condition.

  1. Strengthen the immune system

It is one of the most important roles of the good bacteria. The immune system cannot cope with all the threats by itself. It needs the assistance of the good bacteria, which can successfully repel the harmful pathogens in may come across to.

  1. Fight off against depression

There is no secret for anyone that the activity of the gut good bacteria influence the one in the brain and scientists have actually tried to look for ways to prevent and even repel depression using this effective link. In part, they have succeeded because different studies have shown that a healthy and active microbiome could actually fight off the depression or at least contribute to repelling it.

Not only that, but it turns out that several other tests have shown an interesting connection between the gut health and brain activity. It seems like when the good bacteria level is within the optimal values, the brain activity is consistently better than when the gut flora is affected.

  1. Aids in skin health

It could seem paradoxical, but gut microbiome could actually influence the appearance and the skin’s health. As a recent study showed, the immune system chooses which good bacteria to live on the surface of the skin, depending on two factors: which are available in the gut microbiome and which are proven to protect the skin and reduce inflammation. Not something to ignore too easily.

Are probiotics important? No, they are essential, because there is no such thing as a healthy lifestyle, without considering and protecting the good bacteria, which in return will protect us.