Green Tea: Weight Loss and other benefits

Green Tea: Weight Loss and other benefits

Can you lose weight with green tea? A good question.

Green tea, it turns out, is the second preferred drink after … water! Worldwide.

The wonderful green tea refreshes accelerate metabolism, contributes to discharge faster of toxins and slags of excess fluid – in this sense, it has a really slimming effect. For the benefits of tea, we can actually talk endlessly.

Action and properties. Other benefits

The losing weight effect is due to the ability to stimulate the production of a hormone which accelerates the burning of fat. Moreover, it activates and optimizes metabolism. This set of actions is not aggressive and does not cause stress to the body.

Regular intake of tea gradually regulate the functions of the cardiovascular system, improves circulation and normalizes blood pressure.

Quality green tea is the drink of long-living because of the proven antioxidant effects. It improves cell nutrition and slows down the aging process.

It is believed also that inhibits the growth of cancer cells and is a good way for anti-cancer prevention.

Does it contain caffeine?

Caffeine in a cup of green tea is really significantly less than in a cup of coffee:  with a coffee, we take an average of 100-150 mg of caffeine, while with a green – about 25 mg.

A diet with green tea

The popular green tea is one of the most discussed products diets aimed at weight reduction. Two or three cups of tea a day ensure burning extra 80 calories.

Here is a version of the diet with green tea: for a drink at least five cups of tea daily and plenty of water, food is dried fruits – distributed in small portions. This diet is for only three days within which you can lose three kilograms.

To maintain weight it is enough 1-2 days a week to drink five cups of tea and eat moderate amounts of fruits, vegetables, and a boiled egg.

You can eat also small amounts of whole wheat bread and oatmeal. Drink tea half an hour before or after a meal, never during meals.

Can it be harmful?

Not a good option for people with permanently low blood pressure, but also in cases of sudden changes in hypertensive peaks. If you drink on an empty stomach, green tea increases the acidity of the gastric juice, irritate the stomach lining, thus not for users with ulcers and gastritis.

It is not advisable green tea during pregnancy and lactation, immediately before birth, in the days of the menstrual cycle.

They should not drink simultaneously or immediately one after another alcohol and tea because they overload the  kidney.

Green tea and pregnancy

It is useful for its wide range of antioxidants in the mother’s body, but at the same time, there is a side effect of particular importance. The thing is that tea contains epigallocatechin gallate active ingredient.

This particular ingredient inhibits the absorption of folic acid, which is extremely important for the proper formation and development of the fetus. That’s why pregnant women are advised not to drink more than one or two cups of tea.

On the other hand, the same tea works well to save from morning sickness!

Green tea and high blood pressure

The intake of tea inhibits the production of an enzyme, which is among the main causes of high blood pressure. A therapeutic program with tea is able to regulate and normalize blood pressure.

Green tea has a beneficial impact on the functioning of the cardiovascular system, lowering bad cholesterol values. This reduces the risk of hardening of the arteries and formation of fatty plaques; less is the risk of blood clots.

Green tea and hemorrhoids

Diet with tea is a beneficial option for people with hemorrhoids because it prevents constipation and allows problem areas to settle down.

Green tea and thyroid

Treatment with tea: the benefit is proven

The intake of green tea is part of good nutrition for people with thyroid problems. The recommendation is to drink it without sweetening.

Cup of tea in the morning is important for the tone of the thyroid gland with the introduction of a range of antioxidants, polyphenols, and micro-nutrients. With tea, you can achieve weight reduction, which is  increased as a result of dysfunction of the thyroid gland.

Green tea and cystitis

Green tea is part of the medical nutrition for people with cystitis. It is important to know which foods are good and which can not be eaten; one of the rules is a black tea to be replaced with green. As we already know – this is an opportunity to strengthen the immune system and block the possible inflammatory processes in the body.

Green tea and gout

Experts uniquely warn that people with gout should not drink black tea because of its high content of purines. For the tea, the opinions are different: there are supporters of the tea, which believe that the moderate consumption in people with gout should not be restricted as long as it is not during a crisis.

Green tea and diabetes

Green is perfect for people with diabetes due to its ability to balance the blood sugar. Furthermore, tea can improve insulin sensitivity in people with diabetes of the second type.

Green tea and liver

Drinking tea helps to discharge toxins from the body, therefore it is able to purify and relieve the liver. It is known, for example, that tea is a best friend of all fans of alcohol. It is proven that the tea reduces the risk of hepatitis, and of the growth of tumor cells in the liver.

Green tea and gall

Definitely useful for the functioning of the gallbladder. Through its vitamin complex and rich in antioxidants, the tea prevents bile from inflammation. It is claimed that in countries where drinking tea is like drinking water – a disease such as gallstones is unknown.

Green tea and detox

Thanks to its content of flavonoids and epigallocatechin gallate, the tea can successfully relieve the body of toxins from a different character and ensure purification of the body.

Green tea and candida

Green tea is a main “point” on the menu if you are having candida. To strengthen the immune system, the key role plays vitamin C, which is one of the treasures of the tea.


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