Healthy foods that may be bad for you

Healthy foods that may be bad for you

The top healthy foods you didn’t know might be dangerous

This category of healthy foods can be very deceptive in many cases. This is because a lot of people offer advice without being experts in nutrition, which will eventually lead to a lot of confusions. You probably have a pretty good idea about the healthy foods you need to have regularly, but what you didn’t know is that many of them can actually affect you in ways you didn’t expect.

Here are some of the most common:

  • Energizing drinks

In essence, these have been created to aid professional athletes, not regular folks. So, what this means is that you need to have a specifically active lifestyle in order to get the benefits from them. If you are not, then you have included this in the category of healthy foods for no reason, because the outcome will be quite different.

Energy drinks have a lot of sugars and electrolytes to sustain the body during intense physical effort. If that physical effort is lacking, the body has to deposit those sugars for later use. You can see where I am going, right?

  • Vegetable oils

We are all looking for healthy foods, but in our quest we tend to modify our diets in ways that are harmful to our bodies.  In this regard, vegetable oils should never be considered as belonging to healthy foods category. The production process includes thermal treatment and even the addition of a toxic ingredient called hexane, with the potential to trigger inflammatory responses in those who consume it.

Vegetable oils are not healthy foods, so try avoiding them regularly.

  • Fat-free products

You cannot compose a list of healthy foods without considering those with the low-fat ratio, right? Well, check this out: saturated fats are actually not as harmful as you might think. Actually, the recent studies have proven that they might not be harmful at all to the human body, except when in extremely high amounts.

Aside from this, they provide the food with taste so, when eliminated from certain products, the taste will also change dramatically. As a result, the healthy foods manufacturers had to replenish it by something and they did so with the help of sugars. As a result, many of these so-called healthy foods, lacking saturated fats, contain a lot of sugars in return.

  • No-gluten foods

Apparently, gluten is bad. Everybody seems to share this view and the healthy foods producers have begun to follow the norm. We can now opt for gluten-free products, which is actually worse. These ailments are usually made with tapioca or potato starch, in order to replenish the gluten and these ones are refined and chemically enriched.

Also, they tend to contain additional sugar and artificial additives so try to avoid them as much as possible.

  • The regular cereals

It is said that cereals make for the perfect breakfast, but that is not always the case. Most of the cereals are highly rich in processed sugars and carbs which make them anyway but healthy foods. Read the labels of the products in advance and make sure you know what you are eating.

  • Natural fruit juices

We are not talking about the ones you are making, but about those you buy from supermarkets. Most, if not all of them, are not considered as safe for human consumption. They are packed with artificial additives and sugars and must be avoided just like any other artificially sweetened beverage.

If you are not going to make them yourself, then eat the fruits and call it a day. A lot healthier than any other alternative.