Hops Extract Benefits, Uses and side-effects

Hops Extract Benefits, uses and side-effects

What is the Hops Extract?

The Hops Extract comes from the plant called Humulus Lupulus and it has been used as a medicinal plant since ancient times. Nowadays, it is still used in the health industry, but there are also other useful applications it has a part in, such as the brewing industry. The manufacturing of the beer depends on the Hops Extract as one of the key ingredients in the process.

Also, due to its estrogenic effects, it is also an ingredient used in the beauty industry, mainly in creating lotions and skin creams, but its potential applications are actually quite vast. Some research has even linked the Hops Extract to treating depression and even reducing the symptoms of various types of cancer, but more research is necessary in order to reach to conclusive results.

Unlike other plant extracts that come from the roots, this one is the result of the dried out flowers, but it is equally effective nonetheless.

Hops Extract Benefits

The Hops Extract is not part of alternative medicine, at least not in the classical way where claims are only partially supported by evidence or not at all in a lot of cases. Fortunately, the benefits linked to its use have been carefully investigated and the results show them as being a definitive pattern. The most known of them are:

  • Useful in treating anxiety and sleeping disorders

We are not talking only about insomnia, but also about all of the effects linked to insomnia, including irritability, ADHD, tension, mood swings, attention problems. It has also delivered good results in treating anxiety, and it can be successfully used in this regard with great results for all of the subjects, regardless of age, medical condition or genetic predisposition.

  • It influences the digestive system

Preliminary studies have found links between the use of Hops Extract and improved digestion, but also better urine flow for those who have bladder problems. Effective in reducing the impact of intestinal cramps and colitis.

  • Increases appetite

A useful benefit in the case of appetite loss, due to certain medical conditions, allowing the patient to regain its appetite.

  • Studied as a cancer remedy

Although the word “remedy” may be a far cry, Hops Extract has been proven as useful in fighting against the symptoms of various types of cancer, including prostate, breast, and ovarian ones.

  • Good for ulcers

It has effect when applied directly to the skin and it is particularly useful in treating leg ulcers. Aside from this, the Hops Extract is being used as an antibacterial ingredient when included in products meant for this purpose.

Among other benefits linked to its consumption we have to mention: nerve pain amelioration, treats the menopausal symptoms, but it is also useful as a natural body odor repellent.

Hops Extract Side-effects

The good part is that there are few to no side effects linked to its consumption. The bad part is that there are certain people who should not take Hops Extract, mainly breastfeeding moms, pregnant women, those suffering from severe depression, patients suffering from forms of cancer-causing hormone sensitivity, those who need to enter surgeries, as it may interfere with the sedatives being used in the process.

Hops Extract Sources

The most relevant sources are herbal supplements, specially designed to deal with certain health affections. But you can also find the Hops Extract in other products as well, including skincare products and even beer, although the quantities are minor to irrelevant.

How much Hops Extract should you take?

Because this plant-based remedy is only part of the supplement industry, you should always consult your health specialist before taking it. This is because, unlike approved medicinal drugs, the supplements are not FDA regulated, since they are being included in the food category.

For the time being, there is still no consensus regarding the quantities you need to consume so the best thing to do is to approach your doctor on the matter and ask for his opinion. He is the one who can guide you in one direction or another.