How does neuropathy pain start?

How does neuropathy pain start

Most of us are aware of neuropathy pain. It is a common problem among the average families all over the world. People ignore the pain caused by neuropathy and by the time they realize the graveness of the situation it is too late. Neuropathy causes neuropathy pain. Some of you guys might not know what exactly neuropathy is. But do not worry because I have explained it properly in the heading below:

What is neuropathy?

In simple terms, neuropathy includes any malfunction caused in any nerve throughout the body. All the general nerve diseases lay under the category of neuropathy. The location and category of the damaged nerve classifies the neuropathy. There are three different types of nerves in our body. Below is the list of all three types of nerves that are part of our nervous system.

  • Sensory Nerves: Sensory nerves are responsible for controlling the feeling sensations of our skin. These sensations include the temperature changes, vibrations, etc.
  • Motor Nerves: Motor nerves are responsible for governing the motion of our body. Motor nerves give the command of motion to each body part as you desire.
  • Autonomic Nerves: Autonomic nerves are the reason because of which we can digest food without paying attention to it. In other words, autonomic nerves are responsible for all the involuntary actions of our body.

Any of the above types of nerves can suffer from neuropathy. That means none of them are immune from neuropathy. If you want to avoid neuropathy and lead a happy life, then you should take the following precautions:

Follow a healthy diet: A healthy diet is necessary if you want to avoid neuropathy. Everyone likes eating junk foods but these foods are harmful for wellbeing of our body. You should include healthy items in your diet like fruits and vegetables. Fruits are very rich in nutrition and they provide the body with almost every mineral it needs. The same goes for fresh vegetables too. Including some healthy meat would also be great if you want to follow a healthy diet. Avoid eating oily foods and avoid foods with high carbohydrate.

Do not drink (alcohol) too much: Let’s just face it, who does not like having a happy hour on a daily basis. However, drinking alcohol is not beneficial to our body in any way. You should try to reduce the number of drinks you take in a week. It would be extremely beneficial if you could quit drinking but it might backfire as well (because of the withdrawal symptoms).

Meditate: A little bit of meditation can help you in getting a relaxed and focused mind easily. Many people stress too much and that is very harmful for us. Early morning meditation will help you in keeping your body and mind fresh.

If you are a diabetes patient then you should follow the precautions given below as well:

Eat less sugar: You should decrease the sugar intake of your body. Excess of sugar can be extremely dangerous for a diabetes patient and it can enhance the chances of neuropathy too. Therefore, try to eat a balanced level of sugar on a daily basis and never eat too much of it.

Exercise a little bit: You can do easy exercises like cycling and speed walking. I would not advice a diabetes patient to go and do exercises like sprinting and swimming as they will put a lot of stress on the body and can become harmful. You can start by doing a 30-60 minutes session of exercises according to your comfort. Exercising daily will help you in keep up a good blood flow. It will also help you to avoid any blood-clotting problem.

Keep a track of your blood glucose level: Keeping track of your blood glucose level will help you in getting improvement in your neuropathy. You should pay a visit to your doctor whenever there is any abnormality in your blood glucose level.

Causes of neuropathy

Hundreds of different things trigger neuropathy however; I have listed the most common ones only so you do not get confused. The following are the main causes of neuropathy:

  • Diabetes: A diabetes is patient is most likely to suffer from neuropathy. It is the number one cause of neuropathy. A patient of diabetes has a very high chance of suffering from neuropathy.
  • Cancer (or Tumors): Cancer is also a very big cause of neuropathy. Cancer can spread to the nerves and damage them (thus starting neuropathy). However, the type of nerve that will take damage will depend on the location of cancer (or tumor).
  • Alcoholism: A heavy drinker has a high chance of suffering from neuropathy.
  • Smoking: Smoking on a daily basis is very harmful and it can damage the nerves at an unimaginable speed.
  • Injuries: Sometimes even common injuries can cause neuropathy. Injuries can cause infection as well which can trigger neuropathy.
  • Genetic Disorders: Some patients of neuropathy suffer from certain genetic disorders because of which they also suffer from neuropathy.
  • Kidney Failure: Kidney failure can cause neuropathy, as it will not filter the wastes from the blood. Impure blood is extremely dangerous.
  • Vitamin B12 Deficiency: Deficiency of vitamin B12 also causes neuropathy. As its deficiency, causes nerve damage.
  • HIV: HIV (better known as AIDS) is also one of the major causes of neuropathy. A HIV patient always suffers from neuropathy.
  • Drugs: Certain types of drugs can lead to neuropathy. Metronidazole and vincristine is one such drug.