How Neuropathy Can Affect our Extremities

What is a Neuropathy and How It Can Affect our Extremities?

What is a Neuropathy

The medical definition of a neuropathy is a disease that causes malfunctions in the nerves located in any part of the body. They are usually related to a previous injury or a prolonged disease.

Neuropathies are classified according to their location in the body. There is autonomic neuropathy which involves involuntary damage to the nervous systems. This one affects our digestion, bowel and bladder functions, sexual response and respiration.

There are Cranial Neuropathies related to damage to the nerve receptors in our head. They are related to failures in the optic nerve and hearing. It might affect our sense of taste and smell too.

There is also Proximal Neuropathy that happens when it affects the nerves of arms and legs. This is closely related to Peripheral Neuropathy. This happens when the nerve damage is located in extremities such as feet and hands. Neuropathy symptoms usually include tingling sensation or numbness in the affected extremities. It also shows weakness or pain in various degrees.

Neuropathy symptoms imply the damage of sensory nerves. But it doesn’t appear overnight. The process of degradation usually begins with the feet and the loss of feeling on them. Numbness, tingling, and pain usually follow and tend to progress to the center of the body with time. Extreme sensitivity may appear in our skin. And as the damage extends to motor nerves we may experience weakness. Also, loss of reflects, muscle mass and constant cramping.

There are a few causes that may lead to neuropathies. We can check a few of them right now and the way to prevent them:


Diabetes is the most popular illness related to neuropathies. The risk of suffering diabetic neuropathies usually increases with age and is usually related to the duration of it, especially on overweight people. Prevention of neuropathies related to diabetes includes regular controls of blood sugars, diet, and exercise. And for the most extreme cases, the administration of insulin medications or treatment with acupuncture to help with pain relief. Nerve Renew is also well known in combating the nerve pain.

Lack of Vitamin B complex

The vitamin B complex helps the body to process food and absorbs nutrients. They also prevent anemia (the sensation of feeling weak and tired all the time). The intake of vitamin B complex for humans comes from a high protein intake, especially meat and cereals. Or by taking supplements that provide the deficit. Read here what are the best vitamins for nerves.


The abuse of alcohol will damage nerves in our brain. And lead to serious cases of peripheral neuropathy. Advanced stages of the addiction can prove catastrophic, as they are linked to vitamin deficiencies from poor nutrition. Therapies for alcoholics are some of the best regarded all over the world because of how common the addiction is. Treatment to nurse an alcoholic back to health is not much different from treatments for diabetes.


And infection will usually affect the nerve of the body part where is located, leading to severe neuropathy. The administration of antibiotics may be enough to fix the nerves. Long-gestating illness related to infections like syphilis, HIV, Hepatitis and Lyme disease usually do a number on the nerves too. These infections lead to constant neuropathy in extremities that tend to be too much time in repose. Infections treatments vary according to medical prognosis. A doctor will define your prescriptions, but most of them are prone to have secondary effects.

Drug abuse

Recreational drugs tend to damage the nerves. Extreme use of opiates such as heroin and morphine, or stimulating drugs like cocaine and methamphetamines will lead to cranial neuropathies. Prolonged abuse will usually lead to severe cases of neuropathy. Not only in extremities, but in all the body. Prescription-related drugs can have the same effect. Especially is they are linked to treatment of invasive diseases like Cancer.

Presence of tumors

No matter their connotation. The presence of tumors in the body, benign or malignant will cause neuropathies since they inflict damage in the nerve tissue. Usually by being invasive or by taking up their space causing pressure. Surgery is usually the way to deal with tumors.

Endocrine Imbalances

Imbalances in the production of hormones can be a cause of leg and foot neuropathy. One of the most familiars is acromegaly which causes overproduction of growth hormone. The result of this imbalance is an unusual enlargement of bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments.

Hypothyroidism is another condition that causes edema or fluid retention and tissue swelling. It usually results in compression and increased pressure to nerves on the legs and feet. Endocrine imbalances can be tended with medical treatment. And prescriptions medicines, but they all take their time to take a hold of the body.

Medical treatments for neuropathies will vary depending on the type that affects us. We can take some measures to ensure some quality of life while we treat our ailment. First and foremost we should take special care of our hands and feet. We have to prevent the development of sores and infections.

We should wash them with warm water each day and give them short messages to ensure the blood flow. Avoid walking barefoot and take notice of the things we get a hold of our hands. Make a close inspection of hands and feet to detect any cuts or blisters. Use thick socks or gloves when necessary.

And last but not least, a regulation or a cold-turkey stop of activities that might harm our health. From drinking alcohol and smoking to consuming recreational drugs. Neuropathies may seem like a small time illness. But they usually lead to more troubling issues. So it’s important to take notice and mind them in a proper fashion.