How Do You Know Probiotic Supplements Are Working?

How Do You Know Probiotics Are Working?

Know how probiotic supplements are working

Probiotics happen to be live bacteria which are considered to be beneficial for the overall health, especially the digestive system. The human body consists of both good and bad types of bacteria. Probiotics are known as the helpful or good bacteria as they assist in keeping the gut healthy.

They occur in a natural manner within the body. Some food supplements are also counted to be good sources of probiotics. You can also find these beneficial bacteria in yogurt , chocolate, etc.

More info on probiotics

Our home is considered to be the home for trillions of microorganisms. While some of them are known to be friendly and good, some of them are recognized to be harmful. It is essential to keep the harmful bacteria at lower levels.

The composition and balance of bad as well as good bacteria in the gastrointestinal tracts have an influence on the immunity and assimilation of nutrients. Recent case studies have revealed that there is a strong link between the right balance of bad and good bacteria to the strong digestive health.

The human body should contain 85% of beneficial bacteria. On the other hand, the percentage of bad bacteria for maintaining the right healthy balance should be 15. Excessive usage of antibiotics, sugar, alcohol can cause a lack of the right balance.

A disturbance in the gut microflora gives rise to various health conditions such as skin issues, digestive distress, immune dysfunction, candida. It may also lead to depression with time. Probiotic supplements play an integral role in preventing these problems.

They are not a prerequisite for getting healthy back on track, however. Changes in lifestyle and diet are equally important in doing wonders to the body. As they work together, they assist in supporting the gut health as well as the overall balance in the body.

You will understand that the objectives of probiotics are accomplished in human body with the following changes:

The symptoms of diseases may worsen for some time

Though it may sound strange, you will notice worsening in specific health conditions as you start taking probiotic supplements. If you are suffering from skin outbreaks, chronic diarrhea, and other acute conditions, in taking these probiotics may reduce the symptoms.

Thus, if you notice that there are symptoms such as acne, rashes, bloating and gas after in taking probiotics, you will understand that probiotics have performed their role. This indicates at the same time that the probiotic supplements are recolonizing the gut.

However, if you notice that the symptoms are still showing in the body for more than 14 days, it is recommended to visit a doctor. It may be so that you are using the wrong strain of probiotic for a health condition.

Boosting in the immunity system with the infection vanishing away

If you are taking probiotic supplements for athlete’s foot, chronic urinary tract infections, yeast infections, you will observe considerable improvements as you start in taking them. There are lesser infections which indicate that the body is able to fight the virus and other harmful organisms.

This also indicates at the same time that probiotics are highly effective and are doing a great work in the body. It also assists in the improvement of immunity at the same tie.

A considerable part of the immune system has its location in the gut. Thus, the immune system will certainly be affected if there is a lack of balance between bad and good bacteria. Different diseases may occur when the protection against diseases and harmful microorganisms weaker.

According to a recent research, probiotic supplement controls the immune system of the body through the mediation of inflammation. Few other signs that indicate that the probiotic supplements are working in a perfect manner include a reduction in the cold and flu frequency.

It is also evident if there is a decrease in the seasonal allergies, improvements in asthma and atopic disorders.

Other symptoms to ensure that probiotics are working in the body

  • Improved assimilation of vitamins, minerals and nutrients in the body which will be translating into greater levels of energy.
  • Regular bowel movements if you are suffering from irritable bowel syndromes and similar bowel issues
  • A decrease in bloating and gas
  • Relief from diarrhea and constipation
  • Improvement in digestion
  • Decrease in the lactose intolerance
  • Reduction in the cholesterol levels
  • No body odor
  • Improved mood along with greater energy levels
  • Decrease in skin rashes and energy
  • Decrease in vaginal infection frequency

When do probiotics not work?

If probiotics are not working, you should certainly see a doctor. In case there are no improvements in the health issues or condition after 14 days of intaking the probiotic supplements, you should see a doctor.

It may be possible that you have not taken the right dosage or right strain of probiotic. If you are facing breathing problems, itching hives or any allergic reaction, you should see a doctor on an immediate basis.

If you are taking some other medications at the same time, the probiotics may change the effects of the drugs. This may reduce the effectiveness of the drugs, you are taking.


When it comes to the health of intestinal microflora, it is essential that you should take the right diet. Taking the probiotic is not a prerequisite. You should eat healthy food along with in taking probiotic supplements.

You can intake food enriched in probiotic which includes raw vegetables, Sauer kraut, yogurt, lassi, kefir, etc. You should consume this food on a regular basis for maintaining the overall well-being of a person.