How to lose weight fast


Losing weight is almost a struggle, no matter how good your genes are. It takes sustained effort to get in shape, which is why there is a billion dollar industry in the field, covering from aerobic tools all the way to diet plans and supplementary products. Staying in shape is not something that goes to the beauty department, because keeping yourself active, with a low body fat, will actually have immense benefits on your health. There are plenty of severe conditions strictly related to not doing enough exercise. Especially cardiovascular diseases are those you want to stay away from and these types of affections are the number one causes of death in the US.

Now that you have finally found your motivation, what is the next big step? Because we all know that making the decision to do it is only the first barrier in the way of your goals. And it is a big one too. So let’s take them one at a time.

Mind your diet

This is an important thing to remember, because it is one of the key plans when in the losing weight business. Knowing what to eat, when and how, can certainly make the difference between failure and success. There are basically 2 steps you need to follow if you want your diet to be a success and we will go through those right now.

Step 1 – Move away from starch and sugar

This may be the most important thing in any diet when your goal is losing some of the fat. The main reason for that is that sugar and starch are the one responsible for the production of insulin in your body. As you may know, insulin is the definition of fat itself, because it is the main fat storage hormone in your organism and if you can lower insulin levels then that is your free pass towards a trimmer body, because it will stimulate your body to burn far instead of carbohydrates. As a matter of fact, this tip can help you lose almost 10 pounds in the first week of the dietary program, in body fat and water. Another important factor when reducing your sugar and starch is that your appetite will drop and you will get acquainted with another eating program than before. This means that you will feel less hungry and the benefits will be there for you to observe.

Step 2 – Three keywords: protein, fat and vegetables

This does not mean that you should split this into time periods, according to every of the three categories. In fact, each and every one of your meals should contain protein sources, fat and low-carb vegetables, a diet plan designed to lower the carbohydrates intake in the recommended range of maximum 50 grams per day for maximum of benefits. When talking about protein sources, the best thing to do is to vary the foods, because they differ in properties, as well as in the pace that your body can assimilate them. This being said, the most important protein sources should be: meat (chicken, pork, lamb, beef and so on), fish and seafood (salmon, shrimps, trout, lobsters) and eggs. Notably, the Omega-3 enriched eggs are among the most suitable for the purpose. The protein based diet is among the most beneficial for your organism, because it can boost your metabolism by even 100 daily. Another important factor is the psychological one, because this type of diet is also shown to have reduced thoughts about food by up to 60% and they will greatly improve the satiety you feel after each meal. The result? You will eat more than 400 calories per day.

Another thing that you should take into consideration is the low-carb vegetables and the best thing about it is that you can eat tons every day and you will not exceed 50 carbohydrates. This diet will provide you with vitamins and minerals and, along with the fiber and the protein in the meat, your body will get all the essential ingredients for it to remain hex, Broccoli, Spinach, Kale, Celery, Avocado, Asparagus, Green Beans, Carrots, Onions, Leeks, Water Chestnuts and so on.

Now it is the fat zone. People are usually afraid of eating fat because they think it will ruin the whole purpose, but the matter of fact is that you cannot compile a decent diet program without including fat in it. You cannot go for low-carbs diet and eliminate fat from the program because your body will immediately fall back. Try using a cooking fat like coconut oil. It has proven that this type of fat, among others, has virtually no risk of heart diseases and aside from this it is more fulfilling than others. It can also slightly boost your metabolism, so this should be a great option.


Get to work

Once you have settled your diet plan, the next thing in program is to get to an exercising plan that will help you put those calories at work. Now there is a first rule that you should remember more than anything else and that is: take it one step at a time. This is a common mistake that beginners do and that is to rush into things. This way the risk of suffering an accident will greatly increase and this is true for both the heavy workout and the mild aerobic and cardio workouts. So let’s take it easy.

  1. Walking – burns up to 400 calories per hour

Walking was long considered the perfect aerobic exercise in regard with burning fat and with your general health. Of course, over the time, it turned out to be the least effective one. For you to have an idea, 15 minutes of cycling beat 45 minutes of walking, to this is a pretty compelling evidence right there. However, there are certain benefits that walking can provide you with and these are: assisting obese people who find it difficult to use more intense methods, it is a fit activity for the injured ones, helps avoid overtraining when looking to use it for recovery purposes, it is a key method prior to other more intense ones.

  1. Running – burns around 600 calories per hour

This is the next step in your cardio workouts and it can prove to be an efficient tool to burn through a lot of calories. The main difference between walking and running is that the last one will also involve muscular growth as a result. Among the most important benefits we need to mention: burns more fat as a result of a higher intensity, builds up muscle fibers in the legs, increases your metabolic rate for up to 24 hours, increases your lung capacity, prevents osteoporosis due to bone strengthening.

Aside from these two methods, you can also take it to hardcore workouts, but it is almost imperative not to skip these initial steps. Going too hard can take away your energy and increase the risk of accident. So take it easy.