How to Make Your Girl Feel Sexy and Powerful


As some of you might already know, being in a committed relationship is one of the most amazing experiences a person can go through in his or her lifetime. When you can be sincere and intimate with another person, then you start appreciating everything differently, not to mention that you become more complete as a person. Nevertheless, as time goes by and the bond between the two of you begins to settle down, you run the risk of becoming too used to each other and forgetting how special the other one really is for you. As a man, you hold a lot of power when it comes to making your partner feel desired and loved. So it’s really no wonder why you should learn how to make your girl feel sexy and powerful as of right now!

Many men might think that this is sometimes impossible to do, especially when you are already part of a stable couple and have grown out of the honeymoon phase of it. Contrary to this belief, it is actually quite easy to make your girlfriend, fiancee or even wife feel like the luckiest woman on earth each and every single day. Don’t believe it? Check out the following advice, try it out, and see for yourself how a few small gestures can go a long way:

  1. Compliment her – tell her something nice about her hair, eyes or outfit and you will immediately see how she lights up. If you’ve been together for some time now, tell her how beautiful she is in the morning with no make-up on. For bonus points, write a series of small compliments on post-it notes and leave them around the house for her to find – depending on her mood and sense of humour, they can range from poetical to even ‘dirtier’ ones.
  2. Be flirtatious – in order to keep your relationship alive and your partner feeling great, you should never stop flirting with her, even though you have become an established couple. For instance, grab her closer when you are in a crowded environment (out in town or in a mall) and whisper something provocative into her ear. Other options include texting her something sexy or calling to tell her she’s been on your mind all day long.
  3. Take care of yourself for her – don’t be one of those men who think that, once they’ve gotten the girl of their dreams, they can just become fat and sloppy. On the contrary, you should take even better care of how you dress, eat, and behave towards her, so as to keep her interested and proud that she chose you instead of another man. Not only will you thus show you respect her still, but it will also be an incentive for your girl to stay sexy and enticing for you as well.
  4. Go for the kiss – first of all, try to remember the intense make out sessions you had at the beginning of the relationship and start ‘implementing’ them once again into your couple’s dynamic. Naturally, a short smooch in the morning or throughout the day is more practical, but a hot and heavy kissing spree once in a while will keep you both on your toes. Moreover, kissing releases dopamine (pleasure enhancer) and even burns calories, so all the more reason to do it often!
  5. Show you are proud of her – as you might presume, compliments don’t always have to be about her appearance. For example, tell your girl how much you appreciate her cleverness, humor, and ambition, praise her in front of your friends and family, as well as on social media, and always remember to celebrate both her accomplishments and herself as an individual. Undoubtedly, these gestures will make her feel both loved and powerful, not to mention desired by her man.
  6. Notice the small things – while men aren’t exactly renowned for their keen sense of observance, make a little effort in remembering the small changes in her appearance and attitude. Thus, noticing a new hair color or change in her wardrobe will show you still care and are interested in her. Additionally, it gives you the chance to compliment her more and approve of her decisions, which will obviously transform you into boyfriend/ fiance/ husband of the year in no time at all.
  7. Be romantic – sex shouldn’t be the only way to show her you are still involved in your relationship. As a result, think about creating a romantic atmosphere using candles, flowers, sweets, and wine, alongside mood-appropriate music and dim lights. Aside from appreciating all the effort you’ve put into this scenario, she will also consider herself wanted and cared for at the same time. Thereby, if you do become intimate, it will seem like something straight out of the movies because of the decor, which can only make your girl feel sexy and strong.
  8. Show your affection – public displays of affection are as important as private ones, because they put the woman you love in the center of attention. Moreover, it can be a way for you to show how much you value her and that you are not ashamed to let others see this as well. So grab her by the waist while you are taking a walk in the park, kiss her softly while shopping, and hold her hand each chance you get.
  9. Be a good listener – women heavily rely on words in order to express their emotions and desires, which is why you should never zone out when your girlfriend or wife starts talking to you. By paying close attention to what she is saying, you show her respect and interest. What is more, you could even learn a few new things about her, which you could then use to boost her self-confidence and personal image, not to mention her overall attraction to you.
  10. Buy her nice things – it’s obvious that no relationship should be based on material things, but that doesn’t automatically imply that you shouldn’t pamper your significant other once in a while for no other reason than her being your special girl. From flowers and candy to jewellery and lingerie, showering her with gifts every so often will clearly demonstrate your appreciation for her, thus making her more confident both in herself and in your feelings towards her.
  11. Communicate with her – don’t let upsetting things pile up and destroy your relationship. When you feel things aren’t as good as they used to be, take your girl aside and initiate a constructive dialogue between adults. In this way, you will most likely solve your dissensions and show her you were the right choice in a man, with your mature and sensible approach of a relationship. Who knows, you might even end up having some steamy ‘make up’ sex after it all!
  12. Tell it with your eyes – considering how they say that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, then you should definitely prove to your girl how sexy she is by looking at her as much and as often as possible. If she catches you checking her out, simply tell her how beautiful you consider her to be and how much she can turn you on with the simplest of gestures. This will boost her self-worth and it will also be a good opportunity to admire your significant other.
  13. Make sex matter – it’s safe to say that no woman was ever satisfied with sex and just that. No matter how long you’ve been together or how little time you have to be intimate anymore, the key is to show you’ve put effort even into this aspect of your relationship. Set the mood, don’t skip foreplay, and make it about her as much as you can. Try to delay climaxing in order to offer her the best orgasm of her life and she will definitely ‘come back’ for more in the future.
  14. Surprise her often – don’t let yourselves fall into a couple’s rut just yet. Surprising your girl when she least expects it is one way to avoid such a situation because it will make her more confident in herself and it will keep you on your toes. For instance, compliment her beauty first thing in the morning (before she’s even put on any make up), have flowers sent to her office during the day or make her a custom item with something which means a lot to the both of you (a pillowcase, a photo frame, etc.).
  15. Become a foreplay expert – foreplay is, hands down, the ideal moment to show your girl how sexy and important she is to you, which, in turn, will make her feel both powerful and give her a lot of physical satisfaction. Touch her body and pay close attention to the signals she is sending you through moans (where to insist and where not to). Furthermore, don’t hesitate to pleasure her orally (with your hands and mouth alike), at the same time complimenting her and how much you enjoy spending time with her in bed.
  16. Give her a massage – after a long day of work, your partner might not feel particularly inclined to engage in intimate relationships, which would be a good opportunity for you to show your extraordinary boyfriend/ husband skills by giving her a well-deserved massage. Use aromatic oils to excite her senses and look up a couple of YouTube videos to learn various techniques. Throughout the massage ‘session’, ask her about her day and slip in a few compliments too.
  17. Praise her bedroom skills – from the way she grinds on you to her spectacular blowjobs, your girl should always know how much you appreciate her performance in the bedroom each time. Naturally, this will make her feel attractive and desired, as well as more likely to want to experiment new things with sex. Words can be very powerful aphrodisiacs and positively influence libido levels, so alternate talking gently and dirty to her in order to obtain the ultimate intimate experience.
  18. Let her be in charge – while most resolutions should be made as couple, you could definitely allow her be in total control of certain things every so often, so as to show how much your trust and confide in her decision making abilities. Whether it’s changing the overall outline of a room or more serious plans for the future, making your girl the ‘boss’ in such instances will greatly boost her confidence and hotness levels.
  19. Make the small moments matter – little things like holding her hand under the table, caressing her leg when she least expects it or kissing her unexpectedly, yet passionately are actions which speak volumes on the long run in which concerns a healthy relationship between two people. For your girlfriend or wife, these will translate into a sense of power and appreciation towards herself as an individual and a partner, hence strengthening your bond and closeness even more.

As can be seen, making your girl feel powerful and sexy is something any man can do with pretty much minimal effort, yet maximum results for both your significant other and your commitment as a whole. From words to actions and from objects to pleasure, showing your girlfriend, fiancee or maybe wife how much you still love her can only reinforce your relationship, as well as her self-confidence. This holds especially true for more long-lasting relationships, where the danger of falling into a routine of each others presence is more real than ever.

Consequently, try to pay close attention to these cues and then use as many as you can in your everyday life with your partner. You will definitely notice an improvement in your couple dynamics, as well as elevated spirits from your girl’s part in no time. After all, every woman wants to feel loved by her companion, but, at the same time, also shown how much she really is appreciated. So say (and show) those three magical words as often as you can and the both of you won’t regret it!