Jenny Craig Diet Review

Jenny Craig Diet

Is The Jenny Craig Diet Best For You?

Everyone’s on a diet these days. Everywhere you look you’ll find one diet or the other promoting itself as the best. After all, you want to maintain a healthy weight. In a world where you’re awash in fat causing foods, it’s a tough call. You don’t want to starve yourself or be downright miserable and you shouldn’t. With that in mind which diet is best for you? In fact, should you be dieting at all? What if there are alternatives or your own custom routine you can make? Let’s take a moment and look at the Jenny Craig Diet and some possible alternatives.

What Is The Jenny Craig Diet?

The Jenny Craig diet is a personalized meal program designed around your needs. It’s based on the core principles of controlling calories, fats and portions. You’re required to sign up for their service. Once you do you get a personal consultant who liaises with you. Your lifestyle and daily needs are discussed and collated. Once that’s done you get a diet catered to your needs based on the Jenny Craig principles. Everyday 3 square meals will be delivered to you.

Is It Hard To Maintain Jenny Craig Diet?

One of the interesting promises about this diet is that you’ll be able to still enjoy your favorites. Only now you’re being treated to low fat, low-calorie versions of it. Your caloric intake here is generally limited to nothing over 2,300 calories but above 1,200. A lot of the folks behind it are themselves former subscribers so they have firsthand experience. This diet tries to be holistic so it takes into account some alcohol and caffeine intake. It even gives you the luxury of cheat days where you can ‘eat out’ but still maintain your diet. In addition, you get recipes delivered to your doorstep as well to supplement things. All in all, it aims for convenience.

Jenny Craig Diet Results

The biggest question any curious weight watcher has is, ‘Will it work?’ Thankfully, it does. The Annals of Internal Medicine did some reviews and the results were promising. It found that, in a year, people using Jenny Craig lost more weight than others trying their own routine. One also has to consider the fact that many consultants are former subscribers. Many of these people attest to the diet practically saving their lives. It clearly has a useful experience for users.

Jenny Craig Diet Cost

You’d think such a personalized diet is going to be costly. Fortunately, it isn’t and you even have some options on hand. You could pay a $99 USD enrollment fee followed by $19.99 each month after. Or you could skip the enrollment fee and do things month to month at $39.99 USD a month. This ‘Jenny as You Go’ subscription gives you the ability to opt out at any time and stop if you don’t like the results. All in all the prices aren’t bad so you can always give it a shot.

The Alternatives

Jenny Craig sounds like fun but you should never limit your options. In fact, you can even try Jenny Craig while boosting your weight loss further. Consider CLA Safflower Oil for example. CLA or ‘Conjugated Linoleic Acid‘ is a fatty oil derived from Safflower Oil and some meat sources. Safflower Oil itself is a popular component of cooking but many people don’t know it as a supplement.

Together as a team, these two compounds can naturally help you lose unwanted weight. Scientific studies have shown that the fatty acids of CLA have a metabolizing effect on unwanted fat. That is, these oils help break down and regulate the bad fats and oils in your body. This fat reduction tends to occur largely around your belly. Who doesn’t want to slim down a bit over there?

Safflower Oil on the other hand not only helps you lose weight but regulate bad cholesterol. The compounds within Safflower Oil stimulate the body to produce ‘good cholesterol’. This HDL-C Lipoprotein isn’t stored or built up in your body. With less bad cholesterol building up in your arteries your risk of heart disease sharply decreases. As a result, many supplements now contain a combination. This CLA Safflower Oil helps reduce fat, regulate it and improve cardiovascular health.

The Best Ways to Use It

Of course, you can try out CLA Safflower Oil while still pursuing a Jenny Craig diet. You might even get double the returns and not have to do a full year! Think about not having to eat those smaller portions or wait for meal deliveries. You’ll get back your independence and be able to be you again. On the other hand, you can forget about the complex diet schemes and go for CLA Safflower Oil. You don’t have anything to lose! The supplements are guaranteed to help you lose unwanted fat while boosting your health. If you still don’t like your gains you can then try out the diet. A win-win situation any way you go.

Be Smart About It

At the end of the day, you need to choose what’s right for you. Don’t be cruel to your body all because you want to shed some fat. Never underestimate the power of good exercise either. Diets and supplements are good but an active body boosts your gains further. Try out a personal regimen revolving around healthy cardio exercise and some CLA Safflower Oil. You’re sure to get some good results every time you hop on the scale.