Lack of Physical Activity and Obesity as Deadly as Smoking

Lack of Physical Activity and Obesity as Deadly as Smoking

Lack of Physical Activity and Obesity – The Major Health Destructors Worse than Smoking

From the point of longevity and health, there are three most destructive and damaging things that human beings generally do to themselves. These are leading a sedentary life, becoming obese and taking up the habit of smoking.

A substantial proportion of the population in some wealthier areas of the world falls into any one these buckets. All those people who are into any one of these need to experience higher medical expenses throughout their lives. Apart from this, they also need to suffer from ill health and a very short life span.

Damage done is scaled by the rate at which a person smokes, puts on extra weight and fails to exercise. Even a small amount of weight gain can turn out to be harmful to an individual in the future. There are many pieces of evidence that support this fact. In today’s times, people are quite aware of the harmful effects of smoking and they are being widely appreciated.

However, when it comes to the awareness about carrying extra weight or leading a sedentary life, it is quite bad. It is important that awareness related to the effects of living a sedentary life spread at the same degree like smoking.

The same goes for the awareness pertaining to the harmful effects of putting on extra weight. There is a great loss of health and life caused due to obesity. Lack of physical activity in people has a greater impact in comparison to the effects of smoking.

How is Obesity Damaging the Health of Human Beings?

So, how exactly do these preferences produce damages like fast aging, higher mortality rates and increasing incidences of age-related problems? Smoking can have a number of harmful effects on the health of an individual.

These include increased chances of cancers, cardiovascular disease, and fibrosis. But, how can obesity and inactivity be harmful? In the case of overweight or obesity, visceral fat tissue serves as the main culprit. The visceral fat tissue causes much damage. This is a tissue that is very active. It produces significant changes in the operation of the organs and metabolism.

It results in type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. This tissue also produces chronic inflammation at very high levels. This chronic inflammation is produced throughout the human body. The tissue does this by interacting with the immune cells. Chronic inflammation speeds the growth of dementia and cardiovascular disease. There are other serious age-related problems also caused due to chronic inflammation.

How is a Sedentary Lifestyle Damaging the Health of Human Beings?

Coming to a sedentary lifestyle, looking through literature would be easy to get hold of the benefits of exercising. It would be far more difficult to get hold of the disadvantages of lack of activity.

Proper exercise helps in slowing the stiffening of the blood vessels resulting in cardiovascular disease. Exercise increases the activities pertaining to cellular maintenance. It also improvises the immune system by collecting unwanted cells. Very similar to calorie restriction, proper exercise helps in changing every inch of metabolism.

Thus, it can be concluded that people are the victims of damage because of the poor choices that they make. One day, most probably sometime later during this century, the above-mentioned things will not matter much.

This is because of the huge advancement that medical science will make. Medical science will get the ability to rescue every individual from the adverse effects of the poor choices that they make. This way, medical science will help in adding years of additional life and health to the people. Medical science will do this by addressing the major causes of aging.

But, as human beings, we are still to reach that place or time. At present, the world is progressing rapidly and every additional year of life span can make a great difference. The difference between living to take the advantages of effective transformation therapies and dying.

The best thing that you can do to add years of healthy living is by taking good care of your health. Obesity, smoking, and physical inactivity are the predictors of disease-free and healthy expectancy between 50 and 75 years of age.


Around 60% deaths from different causes are the result of behavior-related risk factors. This was concluded from a study conducted as per data from a total of 11 European countries. The significance of different health behaviors for preventing chronic diseases is acknowledged on a wide scale.

These chronic diseases include coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Obesity, smoking, and physical inactivity rank among the top 10 behavior-related risk factors causing diseases in all the developed countries. Obesity, smoking, and physical inactivity are also linked with shorter life and health expectancy.

The swelling influence of different behavior-related risk factors on the health expectancy of an individual is interesting. This is because studies conclude that human beings engaged in different risk behaviors have higher mortality.

They also have increased chances of suffering from chronic diseases. These people also have lower physical activity and poor cognitive. This is in comparison to the people who do not have any behavior-related risk factors.

Conclusions from Studies

Studies in the past have evaluated disability years and healthy years separately for obesity and smoking. Additionally, there are minimum two major studies using information on the current levels and the past trends of obesity.

It also took smoking into account in estimating the impact of smoking and obesity on health expectancy and life expectancy. Of the two major risk factors, obesity came out as the main reason behind the shortened life expectancy in people. Nevertheless, neither of such studies considers inactivity among the major risk factors.

However, this is a kind of limitation. Being active on a regular basis helps in reducing the risk of chronic diseases. It also enhances cognitive and physical functioning. Being physically active offers higher longevity as well.

Different studies regarding the impact obesity, physical inactivity and smoking on individuals have been conducted from time to time. These studies have used different varieties of health indicators for calculating health expectancy. Individuals with serious diseases can consider their health perfect if the diseases do not hamper their life quality.