Lose More Weight This Season With More Sex

Lose More Weight This Season With More Sex

Losing Weight Is As Easy As Having Sex

When given an option between doing rigorous exercises, eating certain foods or having more sex just to lose more weight, many of us will gladly choose the last option. Adding more sex to your weight loss routine is a great way to finally achieve your weight loss goal.

Apart from looking good, there are a thousand and one reasons why you will need to keep an eye on your weight. Maintaining the right body weight ensures you stay safe from the risk of heart attack, you will also keep your bones and lungs safe. In fact, losing weight can help you escape the risk of cancer.

Unfortunately, the result from the United States is not encouraging. According to the available statistic, more than 73.7% of men in the United States are overweight or obese compared to 66.9% of women. It might surprise you that a good number of these people are on diet. Unfortunately, most of them don’t get the result they are looking for.

The reason for their failure is that most people fail to add exercise to their weight loss plan. A report by the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) warns that you need serious physical activity in order to lose weight and maintain your health. The department further recommends that you indulge in at least, 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise every week. Surprisingly, less than 25 of adults adhere to this.

What About Having More Sex?

Apart from the pleasure, sex can also be used for other purposes. It is good for our health and it burns calories during the process. You may not burn as many calories as you would in a gym, but at least, it is a good start.

Below, you will find out the various reasons why sex is good for losing weight and why you should start having more of it today if you want to see a quicker weight loss.

Sex Is a Good Exercise

Do you know that you burn a lot of calories when you have sex? This fact was evidenced by the 2013 research of Prof. Antony D. Karelis and his team at the Université du Québec à Montréal in Canada.

They researched how much calories are burnt doing sex. To achieve this, he monitored 21 heterosexual couples, aged between 18 and 25 who have sex once every week for 4 weeks. The result, as published in PLOS ONE Journal showed that men burn an average of 101 calories while women burn an average of 69 calories during sex. Thus, sex gives the same exercise benefit as engaging in moderate-intensity exercise.

You get nearer to the 150 minutes of HSS recommended weekly exercise each time you have sex.

Sex is More Fun and Pleasurable Than Going to Gym

Of course, most people would choose sex over the gym any given day. You burn a lot of calories during sex. On a bad day, men burn an average of 13 calories during sex while women burn around 11.6. A good day, men can burn as much as 306 calories while women burn around 164 calories.

In Prof. Karelis research, the average time the sex lasted between the couples that participated in the research is between 12.5 to 36.9 minutes. To get the best weight loss result, couples will need to sustain sex longer during each encounter.

When asked to choose between having sex and going to a gym, all the men participant and 95% of women choose sex. This means that you draw closer to reaching your 150-minute weekly recommended exercise each time you have sex. Besides, you will also gain pleasure.

Sex Reduce Intake of Food

Having sex can curb your food intake thereby saving you from overeating and gaining weight. A hormone responsible for this is known as “Oxytocin” and it is produced in the hypothalamus in our brain during sex. This hormone is also available in the gastrointestinal tract and it plays role in relationship-building, sex, empathy, childbirth, and even breastfeeding.

Oxytocin is produced in large quantity during sex, especially when you experience an orgasm. A research by Dr. Elizabeth A. Lawson of Neuroendocrine Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston shows that oxytocin reduces caloric consumption. According to the research, men are more likely to eat fewer calories after receiving oxytocin.

Although the curb on eating after sex is small, it contributes to the overall weight loss.

Sex and Overall Weight Management

It sounds easier in a paper than in real life. While most people will prefer sex when it comes to weight management, not everyone can easily incorporate it into their daily lives as the research recommended.

The fact is that most of us lead busy lives while some have relationship problems that make it very hard to have an ideal sex life. Nonetheless, knowing that sex has a lot of health benefits can give you the hope you need to embark on an effective weight loss.

Remember, sex alone isn’t enough for weight loss; you also need dietary supplements such as CLA Safflower oil in your weight loss routine. The supplement helps suppress hunger, helps you burn more calories, boost sex life, build tone body, lose belly and waistline fat, and achieve overall health.

If you are really looking forward to losing some weight, this season is the perfect time to have tons of sex with your partner. The holiday is coming up; make the best use of it with your partner.