Need Weight Loss Breakthrough? Sunlight Is The Key

Need Weight Loss Breakthrough? Sunlight Is The Key

How Does Sunlight Help in “Burning” Fat?

This white fat is known as bad fat since it stores calories that should have been burned for energy. What this means is that this type of fat can lead to cardiometabolic disorders such as diabetes, obesity, and even heart disease.

While working on how to help people with type-1 diabetes, Light and his team tried to genetically engineer these white fat cells in order to produce insulin when they are exposed to light. While working on this theory, the team accidentally discovered that scWAT cells tend to shrink when exposed to the effect of the sun’s so-called blue light. This blue light is the visible type of light that boosts mood and attention during the day.

Amazed by this accidental discovery, the team further tested it by taking samples of scWAT from patients who are undergoing weight loss surgery and analyzed the sun’s blue light effect on the fat cells. Below is what they discovered:

Why We Gain Weight In Winter

Have you been looking for an explanation of winter weight gain? This research also offers an explanation for this phenomenon. According to the lead researcher, Peter Light, “If you flip our findings around, the insufficient sunlight exposure we get 8 months of the year living in a northern climate may be promoting fat storage and contribute to the typical weight gain some of us have over winter.”

Although the discovery is still in its early days; but the researchers believed that the light which regulates our circadian rhythm, may also have the same effect through the fat cells near our skin. The team believed that this discovery may pave the way for new weight loss techniques or light-based therapies in the treatments of problems such as diabetes and obesity.

He explained that the team does not know the exact duration of light and the intensity required for the activation of this pathway. Finally, the findings of Peter Light and his team holds many fascinating clues for solving weight loss problems. It also provided answers to question most people have been asking for years.

How to lose weight with fat burning supplements

Is 2018 and we are still searching for good weight loss supplements. I heard stories of peoples losing weight in 10 days with I don`t know what non-tested supplements … and people believe that. We should stop believing in everything¬†we read on the internet. Is not that hard to think for ourselves, we just need to understand the ingredients inside a weight loss product.

Combining sunlight with a safflower/sunflower weight loss supplement will give you optimal results. If the ingredients are good for you than the supplement should be good too. Maybe is better to contact your doctor before you decide to start a weight loss transformation with fat burning supplements.

Stop believing peoples like Doctor Oz. who the main purpose is to promote products with 0 research or tests. Peoples like him are in this business only for the money, he doesn’t care if¬† you get better or not … he just wants to sell you the products that he is paid to promote.

In conlusion, is true that the weight loss industry is growing and even if we find few good products, maybe more than 90% are placebo supplements at the most. Sunlight is trully amazing and not only for vitamin D but also can help you burn the extra fat in a safer way.