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What is NiacinMax?

NiacinMax is a formula designed for athletes with absolutely overpowering effects on the organism. What does this say about its applications and how effective can it be in a market already flooded with similar supplements? This is where we need to have a look at the market’s needs and see what is actually lacking. What we have in mind is both physical and mental performance.

There is this erroneous idea that an athlete is solely dependent on training to achieve greatness, which is not how things actually work. Regardless whether talking about professionals or amateur sportsmen, the equation is still basically the same. Physical performance is not only a matter of hardcore training because it embodies a lot of different aspects under the same shelter.

We are talking about genetics, passion, mental strength and determination and a metabolic booster to steam up the body’s overall performances. It is an entire system that needs to be sustained and not many realize the importance of bringing them all together. While some of these areas can be stimulated by pure will and hard work, there is no way to overcome all the physical and mental difficulties without the aid of significant lifestyle changes and potent supplements to stimulate performance in every area.

Supplementation is essential for an athlete, but what is more essential is the quality of the product itself. This is where NiacinMax comes out as completely different from other products you may find on the market and it all comes in the shape of a simple formula, with tremendous effects.

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What makes NiacinMax better than other supplements?

The entire working mechanism of NiacinMax stands out right from the beginning because there is no metabolic booster currently available to match the claims presented on NiacinMax’s official site. So how can we know this one does and, indeed, what makes it better than any other supplements?

First of all, we should mention that the manufacturer does not advertise the product as a “no-pain-yet-gain” type of supplements. We all know that the market is filled with these types of advertisements. NiacinMax is presented as what it truly is: a supplement. As a metabolic booster, it does only one thing: it supports the body by sparking more intense physiological reactions, yet it does not provide actual results. Those are only the outcome of several factors mingled together, including hard and consistent work, a balanced dietary schedule and a healthier lifestyle to begin with.

Which is why NiacinMax is to be treated as nothing more than what it really is: a supplement designed to help the organism and increase its potential. It is your job to harvest it accordingly and reap the benefits as a result. Now, regarding the aspects that differentiate it from other similar supplements, one of the curious NiacinMax features includes the shape of the actual product. Apparently, one of the main keys of its efficiency lies in its design.

NiacinMax comes in thin strips that are designed to be placed under the tongue. They are not to be swallowed but held in the oral cavity for several seconds until they are completely dissolved and the reasoning behind the mechanism is that pills and capsules have to go through the digestive system before being absorbed into the bloodstream.

This would be a disadvantage because a lot of the nutrients contained within them get lost and the effects will only occur several hours after absorption. As stated on the official site, NiacinMax manufacturers have completely avoided this flawed system and created an even better one. NiacinMax does not reach into the digestive system at all, but it is directly absorbed into the bloodstream, without even leaving the oral cavity.

Due to this mechanism, NiacinMax will deliver up to 90% of its pure content right into the bloodstream, which, if we take a look at how the rest of the supplements work, it represents a major increase in efficiency; 45 more efficient, to be specific.

How does NiacinMax Work?

The science behind it – One interesting fact is that NiacinMax actually seems to contain less niacin than similar supplements, yet it also delivers more into the organism. The problem seems to come from the fact that, as stated above, a regular 100mg pill of this type of vitamin B wastes a lot of its nutritional content simply by having to go through the digestive tract. NiacinMax completely avoids this process altogether, because the strip placed under the tongue dissolves right on the spot, without any nutritional loss.

But what is the actual science behind this supplement and what information can we find out from the official site? This is where it gets interesting because the manufacturer actually provides us with an insight into the actual working mechanism, which is not something you would expect at first. Most of the supplement manufacturers don’t usually provide the general public with enough information to have a clear understanding of the know-how.

What strikes us first is the notion of liposomal encapsulation. This is a technology that is based on protecting the nutrients during the biological absorption. The major problem is that, when taking supplementary pills of capsules, during the absorption, only a tiny fraction of the original quantity that has been ingested reaches our bloodstream.

The rest is lost because of the processes going on primarily in the digestive tract, filled with enzymes and acids that will destroy for of the nutrients. This liposomal encapsulation technology relies on coating the NiacinMax strips in a protective layer, in order to support a more effective nutrient absorption. It is this technology what seems to make NiacinMax so effective and the manufacturers actually explain the entire process in detail.

The liposomes that are being used in the process are microscopic vesicles, of a spherical shape, designed to serve as vehicles for transporting various drugs into the bloodstream, without losing any of their nutrient capacities on the way. Now, we have to mention that liposomes are structures that have been extensively used only in the medical area, in delivering encapsulated drugs, but it is still a revolutionary idea in the supplement market.

As a matter of fact, there are not many manufacturers who harness this resource, but those who are pioneering it are growing in numbers and the reason for that is simple: the poor absorption of nutrients, when the liposomal encapsulation is not used, has been seriously documented in over 90 studies so far and it is a scientific fact.

Even though you find this information about the liposomal encapsulation on the NiacinMax official site, you do not have to trust the manufacturer on his word, because what he stated is easily verifiable, since this is the actual science.

Also, the fact that some supplement manufacturers have adopted this technique gives them the upper-hand on the competition, no question about it. Which means, beyond any reasonable doubt that, if we are to look for positive differences between NiacinMax and any other supplement on the market, belonging to the same category, then this is definitely the first on the list.

The evidence – The evidence relies on countless studies that have taken place, analyzing the impact of HDH (Human Growth Hormone) on the overall body composition. Even more, the correlation between niacin and HDH has been analyzed several types of research and it has been found that it delivers positive effects on the oxidative stress taking place at a cellular level.

What impresses the most is that, on the NiacinMax official site, section “The evidence” you will have a handful of studies and references to go through. People will not be satisfied by mere declarations. They need evidence and claims supported by facts and scientific claims because this is what adds value to a truth claim. It is definitely a pleasant surprise to see that the formula behind NiacinMax is not about empty claims, but it is actually based on real science, encompassing decades of findings in both the medical and the food supplement industry.

Who should use NiacinMax?

For the most part, I believe it is safe to say we can divide the NiacinMax audience into 2 different categories. Related, but different.

  1. Professional athletes

You can include here every sport you can think of, as long as it involves physical stress. Bodybuilders, gymnasts, professional bikers, swimmers, heavy lifters and so on. All of them could are listed among the ideal NiacinMax users because it is a supplement specially designed to improve and support performance.

  1. Amateur athletes

That’s right, you don’t need to be a pro. Unlike products that are exclusively designed to professional athletes, NiacinMax can be used by your average Joe without any problem whatsoever, with one condition: he has to work out and to be involved in some kind of sport.

Now there is one aspect worth mentioning again. NiacinMax is not designed (and it is not being promoted also) as a miraculous supplement that will do all the work for you. This is not how it works. Actually, the most of the results you will be getting will be your own doing. What NiacinMax is set to accomplish is assistance and nothing more.

We know how this type of vitamin B works. It is a biological stimulant. This means you have to be involved in a regular physical activity for it to deliver meaningful results, otherwise, you might as well forget it because the very definition of a supplement translates into assistance.

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Who should not use NiacinMax?

Do not use it if you intend to consider it as more than a supplement. But other than that, there are some categories of people who should avoid taking NiacinMax as well:

  1. Those who have liver diseases
  2. Those who suffer from peptic ulcer disease
  3. Sufferers from arterial bleeding
  4. Pregnant women
  5. Children

Other than that, as long as you are an active individual, looking for a potent stimulant, NiacinMax should be right up your alley.

NiacinMax Benefits

In sport, every aspect counts and wins and losses are defined by those apparently meaningless differences between the athletes. Being a pro means not taking anything for granted and looking for maximum efficiency in every aspect of the sport you are practicing.

In this regard, an outstanding physique has to be combined with an elevated physical capability and a fail-proof mental state. It is what defines a winner and, going through the NiacinMax benefits, you notice that the effects tackle every aspect.

  • The HGH boost

HGH levels are strongly influenced by your training. The more intense, the higher the HGH levels and the higher the HGH levels, the greater the muscular growth over time. Also, the body will be able to recover faster after intense efforts, preparing your muscles for the next session.

Taking NiacinMax regularly should boost the HGH levels by up to 600%, which will greatly improve physical performances during the hardcore workouts, and support an overall better muscular growth.

  • Supports the red cell production

The more blood running through your veins, the more oxygen reaching the organs. Higher levels of oxygen equal increased physical performance, which is a direct result of niacin use. Simply by using NiacinMax as performance booster should increase the level of oxygen in the blood, which in return will fuel the muscles.

  • Increase the oxygen levels reaching the brain

A peak mental performance is essential in every sport, regardless of its nature. And the perfect fuel for the brain is oxygen. As long as the brain is oxygenated permanently, the mental capacity will always remain running at high rates. The problem is that, during exhausting physical activities, muscles tend to burn out a lot of oxygen.

When consuming NiacinMax, the blood vessels should dilate, rushing more oxygen-filled red blood cells to the brain. Vasodilation is simply the same natural effect taking place during physical efforts. What NiacinMax apparently does is to help the body go over its usual limits and increase performance as a result.

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NiacinMax Side-effects

The most common one is the flush. It is something everybody experiences when using this vitamin and it is likely that you will experience it again when using NiacinMax. However, for those who have not experienced it before, the flush is nothing serious and it only consists of mild symptoms, like skin warmth and itchiness and redness around the face and the neck.

The bad news is that this side effect will occur every time you ingest NiacinMax, after approximately 4-6 minutes after it entered your organism. The body will not get used to it so that it will cease to manifest it. The good news is that the flush will only last for about 10 minutes or so and even better news is that, as clearly stated on the official site, NiacinMax – induced flush is a lot milder than that coming from regular niacin supplements.

We call the flush a side effect because it is bothering for the most part. But its real meaning is that NiacinMax works. It means that the body reacts to it and that the effects have begun to take place and even this aspect is explained on the NiacinMax official page. It is all due to the vasodilation effect of the supplement, expanding the blood vessels in order to allow more blood to rush through the body and it does the same to all of the blood vessels, including the capillaries. Hence the redness.

Another potential side effect, usually encountered by niacin users, is itchiness and, even if not everybody experiences it, we need to mention it nonetheless since it is possible to occur. It is the direct result of histamine production and will also disappear pretty soon after the occurrence.

An interesting fact you need to remember is that NiacinMax contains primarily nicotinic acid. There are 2 types of niacin: the nicotinic acid and the niacinamide. Out of these, only the nicotinic acid will come with the flush, as the other does not cause the side effect. However, the niacinamide is less effective and the process of vasodilation causes lower effects than when using the nicotinic acid.

Will NiacinMax give me the niacin flush?

The short answer is yes. Not only that you will get a flush when taking NiacinMax, but you will get a flush every time you are using it. However, the good part is that, as you continue using it, the manifestations should be greatly reduced over time, because the body builds a tolerance to NiacinMax. Not enough to avoid the flush entirely, but enough to make it less troubling.

How to Take NiacinMax?

This is more of a “How to” section because there are several aspects that need to be taken into account and explained:

  1. One strip in the morning

NiacinMax comes in thin strips, designed to dissolve under the tongue and each of them will deliver 75 mg of niacin. You will only need to take one strip per day, in the morning, on an empty stomach. However, if you are the more active kind of guy or girl, you could increase the dose by taking another strip 3 to 4 hours before bedtime.

  1. You need to take it on an empty stomach

Why? Because in the morning, right before you eat, the level of fatty acids in the bloodstream is at its lowest. This means that NiacinMax should increase the HGH release during the training session exponentially.

  1. Take NiacinMax 3 to 4 hours before the training session

The HGH level increase has a default delay of about 3 to 5 hours after the ingestion of niacin and the HGH increase should jump up to 600% when using NiacinMax, but only in correlation with the physical training, otherwise the effect is negligible.

  1. You can also take it during off days

Just because you have an off day from the training does not mean you cannot use NiacinMax. Even though the effects will be lower in intensity, they should exist nonetheless, aiding in muscular recovery and damage repair.

NiacinMax Pricing and guarantee

First of all, NiacinMax is only available on the official site, so don’t bother looking anywhere in stores. Also, it is entirely legal to use, since it is a form of vitamin B, useful in boosting physical and mental performances.

Regarding the shipment, it is done worldwide and the delivery costs are 0, no matter the quantity you are ordering. The ordering options are as follows:

  1. 30 strips supply – $29.99
  2. 60 strips supply + 30 more free – $59.98
  3. 90 strips supply + 60 more free – $89.97

Regarding the refund policy, the official site offers a 67-day guarantee. This means that, if you fail to notice the results you are supposed to get, all you have to do is to return the recipient, along with everything left of the product, and you will be refunded in full, minus the shipping taxes.

Now, as a necessary addition, although we have mentioned this aspect several times along the review, NiacinMax is not a drug. It is not meant to treat anything and it only comes as a form of supplementation. The manufacturer states the same things and this is what you should keep in mind. Use NiacinMax according to the inscriptions on the label and only consider it as an addition to your active and healthy lifestyle. Body transformation is a process that requires dedication, work, a proper diet and a healthy balanced lifestyle. This supplement is supposed to be the fuel to assist you and once you have adopted the said lifestyle changes, it should be able to deliver high-quality assistance.

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