Nutrisystem Diet Full Review


What is Nutrisystem?

What is your method of choice when looking for weight loss programs? All of us have had weight problems at one moment in our life and the way we decided to deal with the problem made the difference between success and failure. Now we all know what a weight loss diet implies.

You need to keep your eating habits under a strict control and you should also develop a certain workout program to stick with. You can’t be expecting to get results without a serious work involved. However, no matter how hard you try, it seems you just can’t get the results you are after and it appears your goal is farther every day. What might be the cause for that?

Well, one answer is that you have not approached your diet with the proficiency required. Cheating, as you may know, is ineffective and will not get you the results you are after. It could also mean that your body is not responding properly to the treatment and that means you should be able to tackle the issue from a different perspective.

Using this product you will get visible results extremely fast, while following specific guidelines, totally safe for your body. Despite Nutrisystem’s radical outcome and fast results, you will be safe from any harm, because there will be no shock that your organism will be subdued to.

Does Nutrisystem truly work?

Nutrisystem has undergone a series of tests over a few years. The first test lasted for two years (2008-2010) and included several testing groups and collecting data from over 100.000 subjects. Three months in the testing period revealed a weight loss of about 5% in 79% of the subjects.

After six months more than half of the subjects continued to lose weight at a regular rate and so 86% lost an additional 5% weight, while 65% recorded a 10% loss.

Another study, this time more recent, in 2013, showed an average weight loss of 12 pounds in the first three months of the diet and the results are getting better as the time passes, because this product is being constantly subjected to improvements. This recommends Nutrisystem as a reliable and fully functional eating program, used by more and more customers every day with constantly better results.


The benefits you are getting by using Nutrisystem on a daily basis.

Having weight problems, obesity as a worst case scenario, could have a serious impact over your health and you should consider immediate measures. Nutrisystem not only tackles the immediate effect of losing weight, but also takes on more serious aspects of the matter. This includes an important role in controlling and preventing some of the worst aspects of being overweight. This being said, the product will have a major impact in:

  • Cardiovascular problems

The benefits observed during the 2013 study were that most of the subjects experienced a decrease in their blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Also, it has powerful impact in reducing triglycerides, which are basically fat substances responsible for causing a wide range of heart diseases.

  • Diabetes control and prevention

The same 2013 study observed a change in some of the subject’s predisposition towards type 2 diabetes, which is the type of diabetes favored by additional pounds. What Nutrisystem showed was that it had a significant effect in lowering A1C levels, as well as controlling the blood sugar numbers, thus participating in decreasing the risk for diabetes in 72% of the subjects.

Is Nutrisystem a scam?

Nutrisystem is intensively researched and approved by the most capable specialists in the field and its results have been observed over a period of several years, coming from many testing groups. The product is more effective than any other diet plan and it will provide you, besides an effective weight loss, protection from various affections that can make the difference between a healthy life and one lived in hospitals, under constant treatment.

How does Nutrisystem work?

Nutrisystem will approach your body’s need for nutrients and will set up a diet plan based on the most efficient way of combining every nutritional aspect for maximum results. These are the targeted nutrient quantities that Nutrisystem uses in its diet program:

  • Fats – The recommended percent of calories that fats should provide is between 20 and 35 and this are the percent Nutrisystem is using
  • Carbohydrates – Another 54 to 58 % of calories are provided by carbohydrates
  • Salt – Nutrisystem offers a salt plan under 2,400 mg / day, not taking into consideration the 1,500 mg recommended dose for diabetics.
  • Proteins – Also carefully researched in order to assure the optimal daily protein supply
  • Fiber – Nutrisystem uses the recommended daily amount, which is 22-34 grams
  • Calcium – usually the recommended target for calcium is hardly met by the average consumer, that’s why Nutrisystem will provide the optimal calcium value of about 1,000 milligrams per day
  • Vitamin B-12 – around 2,4 micrograms are delivered by Nutrisystem as a standard daily amount.
  • Vitamin D – an essential vitamin helping the vitamin C assimilation is found at about 15 micrograms.
  • Potassium – the recommended daily dose is 4,700 milligrams, the equivalent of 11 bananas each day. Nutrisystem will solve this issue effortless.

What are the ingredients?

It has no additional additives. All we are talking about is a purely natural diet consisting in healthy and green products helping you getting the condition you ever dreamed of having. Nutrisystem diet plan will strengthen your organism and immune system and gradually you will even forget how it feels like to get sick.

How should I use it?

Some specifications need to be made. Not every diet plan is compatible to everyone. First you need to make sure your body is totally fit to be subdued to such a diet. While a normal people’s organism will meet not difficulties in following Nutrisystem’s guidelines, some may experience problems when having a problematic medical background. Therefore, you need to make sure no previous medical condition will interfere with the Nutrisystem program.

Does Nutrisystem have any side effects?

Nutrisystem is an overall safe diet plan. However, there are some specifications you need to take into account:

  • Nutrisystem is forbidden to pregnant or breastfeeding women as they generally need more calories than the regular ones
  • You need to be 18 or over
  • Nutrisystem is to be completely avoided if suffering from peanut or soy allergy for that matter. It is not uncommon that Nutrisystem diets would include these ingredients in their plans.

Do I recommend it?

Totally! In fact, I have used Nutrisystem diet program several times now, in various stages of my life and the boost your health will get is priceless. I would recommend Nutrisystem to everyone experiencing weight problems or any weight related issues.

Customer reviews

Mark Rant, USA, a 45 year old designer shares his experience with Nutrisystem with us: “One year ago I was having some serious heart problems due to my overweight issue and my doctor recommended me this product just as I was about to lose all hope. I am so grateful I have found such an easy solution to everything that threatened my life. Nutrisystem made me a happy man.”

Where to buy NutriSystem from?

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