Oat straw: easily digestible and natural cure

Oat straw: easily digestible and natural cure

Oats are the main food for humans and animals since prehistoric times. But did you know … that stems, flowers and dairy seeds of oats, commonly called oat straw, help cure anything from a broken bone, sexual dysfunction to anxiety and whatnot?

Calcium-rich oat straw has proven to treat osteoporosis, restores hair, reduces anxiety, improves cognitive function – and even enhances sexual activity. It is advisable, because of its ability to improve the stimulation of the reproductive organs of both men and women.

What does Oat straw contain?

Oat straw is rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B complex, vitamin E and vitamin K. It is a good source of magnesium, potassium, zinc, proteins and vitamins C and A.

Oat straw Benefits and effects

It fights problems such as obesity, varicose veins, inflammation of the digestive tract and as an herbal treatment for hemorrhoids.

Studies show that oats contain a compound that counteracts tumors. Its name is beta-sitosterol and there is evidence that the possibility of cancer of the bowel can be lowered by regular consumption of oats.

There is evidence showing that the consumption of natural oats helps to lower the blood sugar levels in the body and that the plant can be used as an herbal remedy for diabetes.

Oat seeds have antispasmodic, diuretic, stimulating, calming the nervous system and heart-healthy properties.

Oat straw is collected from green oats and is also known as Avena sativa. And since the Middle Ages, it was used to boost brain health. Today nutritionists say that oat also …

  • reduces the risk of heart disease
  • increases energy
  • reduces anxiety
  • improves physical performance
  • improves sexual function

Oat straw feeds the entire body at a deeper level while at the same time strengthens energy naturally without the ups and downs like the caffeine.

How oat straw provides these benefits?

Scientists are not sure exactly how oat provides useful properties, but consider it acts in several unique ways. First, studies show that oat straw increases alpha-2 waves that are stronger in our waking hours. Second, oat straw suppresses inflammation in arterial walls. This also increases the blood flow to the brain and enhances being awake.

New studies have shown some exciting results:

At least two studies have shown that oat increases libido and improves the sexual experience among both sexes.

Oat straw stimulates cell growth and builds stronger bones

As already mentioned, studies show that oat is ideal protection from osteoporosis. A study published in 2015 in the journal Integrative Herbal Communications shows that the herb releases “luteinizing” hormone in rats.

The release of luteinizing hormone leads to a total increase of hormones that stimulate cell growth, says M. Blumenthal, who led the study. The ability to stimulate cell growth makes oat a great ingredient in the dietary supplements for building strong bones.

Supplements containing oat straw to reinforce the calcium in the body can be taken also for:

  • Strengthening broken bone
  • Relieving muscle cramps
  • Strengthening the blood vessels
  • Building dental enamel
  • Protect the cover of nerves

The oat tea is traditionally used to accelerate the healing of broken bones often in combination with other herbs such as horsetail, for example. One cup of tea from oat straw contains 300 milligrams of calcium!

Oat straw also provides plenty of silicon, a mineral that keeps skin, hair, nails and bones healthy.

The organic calcium in oat straw is outstanding

Did you know that there are two different types of calcium organic and inorganic?

Inorganic minerals can not be absorbed into the body. When swallowing supplements with inorganic calcium, the body accumulates and forms deposits in weakened or damaged areas. Often this leads to long-term side effects.

The organic calcium as in oat straw is absorbed by the body. Dietary supplements of this type are non-toxic, have no side effects even when you use them for a long time and are much more efficient.

Keeps stress and anxiety under control

In 1987, the German Commission E (comparable to the US Food and Drug Administration) announced that oat cures nerves, which means it relaxes, soothes and nourishes the central nervous system. For this reason, the Finnish herbalist H. Kress says that it is useful for the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, and nervousness. The herb ensures restful sleep because it contains vitamins B complex and provides sustainable energy.

Oat straw is useful by the treatment of many diseases of the nervous system, neurological pain, multiple sclerosis, and hyperactivity.

Oat straw strengthens mental abilities. Drinking 1500 mg extract of the herb significantly improves attention, focus, and concentration.

The best aphrodisiac, which you did not even have heard of

You may not know it, but a lot of formulas to improve male sexual function contains oat straw, and numerous non-scientific evidence supports the benefits of the herb to increase libido. And what’s even better, oat straw is considered a very effective way to increase sexual desire in women.

Oat Straw Usage and tips

Oat straw is sold in health food stores and online like a herb in the form of straw powder as an extract or capsules and tablets.

No matter if you use freshly picked or dried oat straw, stems or seeds – the benefits are always impressive.

If you use the whole herb, experts recommend making tea from 2-3 tablespoons of the herb in boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes. Then filter the liquid, and you can add honey and / or a little lemon juice.

If you choose to drink dietary supplement, many experts recommend a dose of 1500 mg per day.

Warning: If you have an intolerance to gluten, you should know that oats are often mixed with gluten during their growth or during processing, and therefore the oat straw may contain gluten.


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