Is it possible to eat healthy even when traveling?

Is it possible to eat healthy even when traveling?

Few people eat healthily and doing it on the road is even more difficult

We all know how this works; we want to eat healthy, but not do a lot of sacrifices for it. We want to maintain a healthy body, but we are reticent in putting too much work into it. It is because we are all human beings and it is against our nature to reject comfort, satiety and the fulfillment of the sense, just so we can later reap the benefits. Humans do not function like that. We are all animals in essence and we want those benefits to be now, not later.

We want good food, enough to satisfy our needs, we need to sleep as long as we want, entertain ourselves with the hobbies that we like and, essentially, live our lives precisely like we want. Whenever we aim at larger and more distant goals like “I want to eat healthy so I can live a longer life and avoid health problems somewhere in the future” it becomes increasingly harder to remain faithful to these values.

Not doing what you like is a struggle, the other aspect comes naturally. But, in some cases, we might have to do it, whether we like it or not. It has been proven that those who eat healthy tend to live longer and happier lives and have a better physical condition than those who disregard their diets. So, if we have to, we have to, there are no two ways around it. There are tons of articles on the internet, advising you how to eat healthy, avoid dieting pitfalls, improve your physical condition and mental state and so on. But for all of these modifications, you need a will, dedication and, more importantly, money and time.

Can we eat healthy when on the road, with little time to our disposal?

Not all of us need to travel for extended periods of time, but some do and they do it constantly, either because of their job, or simply because they are travelers by nature. This article is meant for them, but also for all of you occasional tourists, spending vacations in some distant and exotic places, with barely enough time to eat properly. In these cases, it is quite easy to fell prey to that alert lifestyle, not allowing you one second of rest, so you can decide what is best for you in certain aspects.

Yes, it is possible to eat healthy when traveling, but you need to take into account certain tips. They can make your life a lot easier than you might suspect:

  • Prepare your own meals when possible

This way you can control what ingredients you use and you can afford to eat healthy with the minimum of effort required. Choose fast dishes that do not take a lot of time, but are fulfilling and tasty at the same time.

  • Never forget the breakfast

There is a reason why this is considered to be the most important meal of the day and why you should always keep it in mind. The body is mostly starved and dehydrated over an entire night of not eating anything, so it is essential to eat healthy in the morning and focus on getting the necessary protein intake in time.

  • Pay attention to the psychology of eating tips

There are several you may have heard of before:

  • Have your meals at the same hours – This will prevent the organism to feel hunger in between the meals.
  • Stop thinking of food as if it were a reward – Consider it simply a need. You need to eat so you don’t starve, so you eat healthy to do so.
  • Don’t combine eating with other activities – Don’t watch TV in the same time, don’t read and don’t do anything that might distract you from your activity. It will help you to eat healthy and also less.
  • Fill your plate only at 50%. It will signal your brain that that is all you need to eat to fill full.
  • Eat healthy and slow

This is a Japanese technique, relying on carefully chewing on your food, despite only having little time at your disposal, as you do when traveling. Try scheduling your meals accordingly, so you can eat healthily and take your time in doing so. According to the studies, chewing your food slower brings up satiety sooner.

  • Make a plan ahead of time

This is a crucial step. If you are planning to eat healthy during your journey, have your list carefully prepared. What are you going to have for breakfast? How about for dinner or supper? Setting all the details in advance could help you quite a lot.