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Reasons to Take Probiotics

All this talk about healthy lifestyle approaches are designed to give you a headache and the main reason for that is that you do not know what to start with. No matter the field we are talking about, there are tons of indications to take into consideration, for several simple reasons. You have multiple choices at any given time, both in the alimentary aspect and in the physical department.

In order to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle, the most important thing to do is to inform yourself on the ways you can approach this situation altogether. If in regard to the physical activity as the main promoter of a more active lifestyle, the situation is a little more complicated when talking about the eating habits.

In the today’s society people are eating less healthier, which can lead to a wide variety of health problems. Obesity is one of them, but it is only the tip of the iceberg, because overall there are many more to consider and look out for. Many would like to think that the eating habits are not as important as the scientific community sees them, but that is not true.

As a matter of fact, there are more alimentation related diseases than anything else and this says a lot about the way we should change ourselves. It is important to pay attention to what we eat and when, because it may be crucial in determining our lifestyle on the long run.

Now, since we are here, let’s talk about probiotics, because this is a particularly interesting topic nowadays. Most people identify probiotics with food supplements, and this is because this is how they are being promoted. But the name probiotics does not stand for the supplement itself, but for what it contains.

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Probiotic means “for life” and it is a term meant to explain certain microorganisms that are specialized in assisting the digestive processes. The large majority of the people would look at the bacteria in a negative way, considering that they are mostly harmful and they are right for the most part.

But what they fail to see is the fact that our organisms would not work without benefitting from the influence of the good bacteria. These microorganisms are those assisting the body in some of its most important processes. Aside from enhancing the immune system and promoting a better digestion, these agents are also extremely important from other points of view.

They are also known to significantly increase metabolic rates and promote a healthier and more effective weight loss over time. Also, due to their undisputed influence, they are also particularly essential in protecting the organism against some of the most aggressive pathogens out there.

But as I was saying, people are often confused about the term and they tend to correlate the name of probiotics with the supplements containing them. This is why we need to make a clear distinction here, just so we can dissipate the confusion right from the get-go.

Probiotics are not only found exclusively in the supplements, but are also an important part of our eating diets. Regardless whether you are paying attention to what you eat or not, you will get your probiotic dose eventually, because they can be found in a wide variety of aliments. The only thing that differs is their quality. Those coming from various food sources are less effective than those from the supplements.

This is because those from the food are coming from different strains which are less adaptable to the acidic environment of the digestive tract. Those from the supplements are especially designed to withstand the most drastic environmental changes, which makes them highly effective in surviving and flourishing inside the gut area.

Nonetheless, if you want to play it simple and only resource to regular foods to get your daily probiotic dose, you can do that fairly simple. All you have to do is to choose those aliments that contain the largest amount of probiotics. This means that you should know where to look and only choose the most concentrated ones, because you want to get the most out of it.

This being said, let’s have a look at the most essential probiotic foods, as well as having a look at the ways they can help you strengthen the biological functionality.

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How to get probiotics naturally

In compiling our list we had to go through a lot of suggestions. There is tons of information all over the internet, but choosing the right one is more difficult than it may seem at a first glance. We also had to take into account whether they are also those recommended by health specialists. So our list may seem a bit short, but it is by no means exhaustive.

It simply means that we have only chosen those foods that have the highest content in probiotics. This being said, let’s have a look at the most important and the richest probiotic foods you can get:

  • Yogurt

There is no other aliment we could have started with. Yogurt is probably the number one most important probiotic source and the great thing about it is that you do not have to look for it in the commerce. You can make it yourself at home and the studies have shown that the yogurt made at home is actually more probiotic rich than that purchased from the store.

The problem with the yogurts on sale on the shelves is that they are utterly different from one another. When looking for the optimal ones, always read the label in advance. It could provide you with the essential information that you have been looking for. Some yogurts are filled with fructose, artificial flavors and sweeteners and so on, making them less effective and actually coming with a low probiotic content.

The great addition, like I have already specified, is that everyone can actually make their own yogurts at home, no need for running the stores to find the perfect one.

  • Pickles

Who has not eaten pickles before? Everybody must have tasted them at least once. We all know what they are, but not everybody know how they work. When we are talking about pickles, we are not taking into consideration those made with vinegar, but with lacto-fermentation.

This is the only method known to provide the product with high probiotic content, making it that much more important for your health. The probiotics resulting from treating the cucumbers with lacto-fermentation are of high quality ones, adapted to live in a particularly high acidic environment, which makes them great for our goals.

  • Dark Chocolate

Probably you would not have expected this aliment to be listed here, but it is actually a fact. If you are enjoying the taste and the benefits of the chocolate, here is one more. Some types of high quality dark chocolate can actually be extremely rich in probiotics, due to their particularly enriched content.

But this is not the only benefit you will be getting by using dark chocolate on a regular basis. We are talking about a wide variety of benefits, among which we need to mention the antioxidant effects, the improvement of the circulatory system, leading to a more energetic lifestyle and an increased sexual appetite and there is even evidence that dark chocolate can actually assist you in developing a stronger and a healthier heart.

  • Miso Soup

If the name is not suggestive for you, let’s clear things up. This dish is a Japanese medicine used for ages in macrobiotic cooking. It is being known to improve the digestive processes, acting as a probiotic regulator and it is made out of beans, rice, fermented rye and miso. This mixture is filled in probiotics, but there are also other benefits to take into consideration.

It has also been determined that the miso soup acts as an alkaline food, stopping the effects of the carcinogens in the body and significantly neutralizing the effects of the environmental pollution.

  • Sauerkraut and Kimchi

These are vegetable cultures that do not contain particularly important amounts of probiotics. Instead, they are highly rich in organic acids, which support the growth of the good bacteria and this is an important aspect. As we have mentioned previously, the good bacteria needs to have certain bio-chemicals to strengthen them against the digestive acidic juices.

When these are absent, the microorganisms will find it particularly difficult to withstand the adverse condition found in the digestive tract.

  • Kefir

This is a product similar to yogurt. It contains milk and fermented kefir grains and it is being used for over 3 thousand years in regulating the internal biological processes. Just as the yogurt is, it is also fermented with yeast and the final product contains a fair amount of highly effective probiotics.

Eating kefir regularly could actually provide you with consistent benefits on the long run.

  • Tempeh

If you are looking for something to substitute meat or tofu with, this is the next best thing. Tempeh is actually a fermented soy beans product, highly rich in B12 and probiotics and it is the go-to choice for those looking for vegetarian diets altogether.

These suggestions may sound a bit too exotic, but the fact is that they are necessary if you are looking for the best probiotic foods that can be found. We are all looking for quality, which is why we definitely need to get the most out of what we eat. Overall, these are not the only probiotic foods you can get.

There are others to take into consideration, but until you can settle for some of your own, you can start with these ones and move along from here.

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