Probiotics for Candida Yeast Infection


Before analyzing the whole situation altogether, we need to explain the terms first. Probiotics are types of aliments or food supplements that are designed to restore your intestinal flora to normal levels. I bet you are hearing a lot about these probiotics and bacteria treatments every day and you may be wondering why you have not heard about any of these for the past years.

There is a simple reason for that. Until several years ago, we did not even know how important the intestinal flora is. As it turns out, there are a lot of aspects that are closely linked to the bacterial mass and they seem to greatly influence your health on the long term.

Just so you an idea about what we are talking about, you have to know that the human body contains around one pound of bacteria. That is basically 0.4 kg of bacteria spread throughout your entire biological system. When thinking that these are microscopic organisms, the number is quite impressive.

Most of them are living in the digestive system and their role is far more important than we used to think. Recent discoveries have shown that these agents are mostly beneficial and they are working in symbiosis with the human biological environment. It seems like it is developed in the infancy, when the body is looking for ways to strengthen the immune system.

best probioticsOne such way of doing so is to assimilate bacteria that will help it develop a natural barrier against other harmful pathogens. The whole process is set in motion by this symbiosis we were talking about. The bacteria will provide you with the necessary assistance that you need, while in return it will feed on the mucin the digestive system is creating when the digestive processes occur.

It is a beneficial exchange and this is how the human body has been working since the beginning. But that does not mean that all the bacteria in the guts are beneficial. There are also harmful ones, constantly trying to overcome and multiply out of control. It is this internal balance that keeps everything within the charts and ensures your health.

Now the problems will immediately occur when the balance is being disrupted, because that is when the bad bacteria may actually take over. This will happen for a wide variety of reasons, but especially due to the excessive use of antibiotics. These are bacterial killers and they do not discriminate. Their goal is to destroy all of the pathogens, regardless of their role in the organism.

This is what leads us to the main topic of the article: Candida. Candida is the repercussion of the bacterial imbalance in the body and the only way to treat it is to inform yourself on the effects and the way that these microorganisms work.

What is Candida?

Candida is a form of yeast present in every human body and it is probably the most common causes for infections around the world. It is a major problem because health issues can occur very fast, sometimes within days of the disruption of the bacterial balance. The most common species of Candida is Candida Albicans and it has been determined that it infects around 90,000 people in the US alone. As you can imagine, the numbers are greatly higher worldwide.

candida for yeast infection

One of the major aspects leading to the development of Candida is the use of antibiotics. Mostly women are those who are most predisposed to contracting these infections, but men are also not immune to it. In fact, there are many Candida species living at the skin level, mostly harmless, and while their numbers are quite low, they can be found especially on healthy adult skin.

But these are not the dangerous ones. Out of the dozens of Candida species in existence, there are only a few that are actually dangerous to your health, precisely those located in the gut area. Among these, Candida Albicans. This can be easily observed in high numbers in the mucous of the membranes. In this regard, you can find it in the respiratory system, as well as in the female genitalia and in the intestinal tract.

The dangers are particularly higher when having an already a poor immune system for various reasons. Those individuals are particularly opened to infections and the excessive development of the bacterial mass over time.

There are a wide variety of side effects associated with Candida, especially when taking into consideration those patients who are already on the brink when talking about natural defensive systems. When reaching advanced phases, Candida can cause:

  • Abscesses
  • Thrombophlebitis
  • Endocarditis
  • Eye infections
  • Organ failure
  • Various yeast infections

People who already suffer from diabetes of impaired immune system are most likely to contract these infections a lot easier than others. However, there is an interesting fact here. Candida bacteria are not always harmful. Usually, they are not. They are just living within the organism and as long as they are being kept under strict control by the rest of the bacterial agents, everything should be fine.

The problems will only occur when an imbalance takes place and that is when measures have to be taken as fast as possible.

What can you do?

You have probably heard of probiotics a lot lately and it is absolutely normal. Everybody is talking about them all over the internet. While there are many types of probiotics, containing different bacterial strains, almost all of them can help you in one way or another.

How to cure candida naturally

The main aspect to take into consideration is the fact that probiotics are meant to restore your internal bacterial balance, but this is not all they do. They play an equally important role when considering their overall biological influence. Usually, there are 3 ways the probiotics supplements are known to benefit your body:

  • Protect and boost the efficiency of the immune system

You many have not put a lot of thought into this, but the immune system is anything but simple. It is actually so complicated that we currently only have a partial understanding regarding its mechanisms. There are a lot of factors working at a cellular level to counter the diseases and while the system is not perfect it certainly does its job for the most part.

There have been several studies looking to determine just how important the bacterial balance is for the immune system and how can probiotics take part in that. The latest studies have managed to confirm the suspicions that arose with the previous ones, which is that probiotics can actually support the immune system in becoming more aware and effective.

While the exact procedure is currently unclear, one thing is for sure – A flawless immune system is the first step in fighting off the Candida, as well as tons of other health issues. Also, another aspect that is worth mentioning is the fact that probiotics are not only fighting Candida once it already became aggressive, but it also protects the body from ever occurring in the future.

This is why most health specialists would recommend you to take probiotics even if you have no obvious health issues. If you already know to have a weaker than normal immune system, caring for the eating diet could be quite a good thing to do. Probiotics will be an awesome asset in these cases.

  • Balances the digestive acidity

Here is the major problem here. The gut bacteria are not designed to survive in the acidic environment of the digestive system. Unfortunately, the harmful ones can, which raises a couple of problems. For the most cases, you do not need to take any special measures, because the good bacteria can find a way to survive by producing lactic acid. This is what will keep the acidity of the stomach within the safe charts.

The real problems will occur when the gut environment becomes affected, at which point the acidity will immediately sky rocket. At this point the beneficial bacteria will be unable to survive. However, the harmful one can easily flourish, because what was stopping it in the first place was not the ph of the stomach, but the counter-action of the good bacteria. As this one is destroyed, there is nothing stopping the harmful agents from multiplying out of control.

The good thing about probiotics is that they contain modified and hardened bacteria that are specially bred to resist in the acidic stomach environment. They will restore the balance and protect the organism from further damages.

  • Fighting the Candida

This is the primarily goal of any probiotic supplement. The usage of strong antibiotics is good to counter the infections, but it works like a double edge sword. The same treatment is going to impact your internal biology in ways you definitely want to avoid.

Antibiotics kill indiscriminately. Regardless whether we are talking about pathogens or bacteria that the body is used to tolerate and benefit from, they are all going to be destroyed nonetheless. In these cases, the best solution is to restore your intestinal flora and the probiotics are especially designed for that one purpose.

           And the bottom line is…

Many health specialists would recommend to take probiotics regardless whether you are suffering from any biological imbalance or not. This is particularly important, because it can certainly make the difference between a healthier and happier lifestyle on a long term. Aside from fighting infections and improve the productivity of the immune system, probiotics are also used for another important problem.

There are some especially designed to assist you in your digestive processes, ensuring an optimal and efficient biological functioning. But not all probiotics are equally effective. Some may contain more efficient strains, while others could be less effective on a long run.

So how do you know which probiotics to choose? Here is one of the best probiotics that is used worldwide by thousands of people: Perfect Biotics by Probiotic America.

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Overall, regardless of your lifestyle and goals, being healthy for longer is definitely everybody’s aim on a long term. Use probiotics, get rid of Candida and avoid contracting it in the future.