Reverse the Health Risks of Sitting All Day

Reversing the Health Risks Associated with Sitting throughout the Day

Reversing the Health Risks Associated with Sitting throughout the Day

Sitting excessively can turn out to be serious for the health of an individual. It can raise an individual’s chance of early death. However, if you remain stuck to your chair at your desk job throughout the day, do not get upset.

According to a new study on this subject, there is a procedure that can help you in reversing this damage. This involves getting into the habit of walking for an hour and practicing other physical activities during the day. This does not mean that you need to get into a super-intense fitness schedule for getting the best benefits.

The claims come from the authors of this study. Researchers analyzed data collected from over one million people from 16 varied countries. The analysis was conducted by researchers from Norwegian School of Sports Sciences located in Oslo.

Researchers from the University of Cambridge located in the UK and from Norway were also part of this analysis. These researchers worked with one main objective. This was about finding out the number of hours of activity needed for counteracting the adverse effects of excessive sitting.

The Importance of Being Physically Active

This study specifically entailed all those people who are into eight-hour day jobs at the office. The people who were analyzed in this study were generally above 45. They were from the countries of Western Europe, Australia, and the USA.

Scientists divided data between these people into four main groups. They were groups were made depending on how active the people were. This included the ones in motion for not more than five minutes during the day. It also included people who possessed the ability to fit in 60 to 75 minutes of strenuous activity per day. Activities for the people included cycling or brisk walking for pleasure. Walking at 3.5 mph and cycling at 10 mph.

The increased chances of death associated with excessive sitting throughout the day were eliminated. This elimination was for all those people who seem to be active physically for minimum one hour every day. So, what’s more? The excessive sitters who got into the habit of exercising had lower chances of death.

This was in comparison to the ones who sat for some time during the day but were not active physically. This entire analysis was the hard work of the authors. The ones who sat for several hours during the day had increased chances of early death.

Other Studies Conducted on the Subject

According to the researchers, they came up with a very simple procedure for improved health. They came up with a very positive message. They say it is quite possible to eliminate or reduce the risks if people are active. This works even if people do not resort to different sports or pay a visit to the gym.

This was confirmed by Ulf Ekelund, lead researcher of the study from the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences. However, he further noted that, unluckily, only 25% people in the analysis got into the habit of working out an hour every day.

This should be taken as the most advanced research on the health problems associated with sedentary lifestyles. An analysis published in the Annals of Internal Machine last year showed less glowing results. The study found that sitting excessively can increase the chances of several diseases. These diseases include diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Early death would also be a potential issue for such people. It entailed early death consequences also for the ones who were into half or one hour of exercising every day. There were several other results fetched from the study. It also found that sitting excessively can increase an individual’s chance of cardiovascular diseases by 14%. The chances of diabetes were 91% and those of cancer were 13%.

Results of 2014 Study

Another analysis in 2014 by Mayo Clinic Proceedings came up with similar results. The analysis confirmed that excessive sitting can affect the fitness levels of individuals. This goes irrespective of whether the individual exercises or not. Sitting continuously for 2 hours can cancel out the advantages of exercising for 20 minutes.

This was in relation to cardio-respiratory fitness as per the authors. As per Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, exercise is good for people. Suzanne is a heart expert and preventive cardiologist serving Lenox Hill Hospital located in New York. According to Dr. Suzanne, exercise can improve the cardiovascular health of an individual.

It can also help an individual get rid of health issues like obesity and diabetes. Steinbaum says that the lives of people have become sedentary. People generally sit more than eight hours during the day. The doctor has studied that the size of the latest analysis makes its discoveries really important.

Steinbaum’s View on Exercising and Remaining Fit

She says that she loves this study since it shows that people can actually do something. The study involved many people. It shows the relevance of the exercises in the lives of individuals. It is not a threat nor is it a leisure activity. It is also not an option. It is something that people need to put in their lives, the doctor says. She also said that the analysis showed that people do not need to follow a hard-core fitness routine.

They also do not need to visit the gym for reaping the best benefits. Walking at a brisk pace for getting the heart rate pumping is all that they need to do. This is not about window shopping or hanging out, but about enjoying a good walk.

This can help in reducing stress in people. People can always go outdoors with their friends and get their heart rates pumping for an hour. They can even talk about things in life and even laugh out loud, the doctor says.

Effects of Watching TV

Researchers also carried out a total of six studies on watching the television regularly in more than half million people. They found that regular television watching for not less than three hours can be dangerous. Watching the television every day for around three to four hours can be associated with the chances of early death.

This also goes for the people are most active during the day. The death rate was studied to be higher in individuals with the habit of watching television for more than five hours. Lead author of the study, Ekelund presented his views as well. He says that for people working in an office, there is no way out but to sit for prolonged time periods.

This also goes for the people who have home-based jobs. For such people, we will not be able to stress sufficiently on the significance of proper exercising. This involves going for a walk during lunch or going for a jog early in the morning. It also involves cycling to the office. One hour of strenuous physical activity every day is perfect.

However, if the physical activity of one hour is unmanageable, practicing some good exercises can also work. Practicing strenuous exercises after office can reduce the chances of early death. However, individuals need to choose such exercises carefully so that they work for them. This is because there is no use going for an exercise that actually does not fetch any benefits. It would be a complete waste of time.