Health effects arising from the September 11 attacks

Health effects arising from the September 11 attacks

9/11 respondents stand 30% higher chance to catch cancer, contrasted with the US general mass

The tragic evidence of 9/11 hitting its 15th year last Sunday, even today, the count of victims keeps on growing. Over 5000 rescue workers are suffering from cancer. In Manhattan, innumerable such victims got observed to fight the detrimental aftereffects for the exposure to the toxic dust.

Sal Turturici, serving as an EMT with the Fire Department of New York, gave a heroic performance during the rescue operation. Sal worked for several months in the recovery process.

However, the hero is facing the dark side of life now. Every September, he holds a prayer for the victims. But, the hero has gone to the state where he needs prayer from others. Sal is now admitted to the hospital, fighting the challenge of stomach cancer.

A hero steadily heading towards a tragic end

Sal went through the diagnosis process in the month of October 2015. He was experiencing sudden pain that doctors diagnosed as stomach cancer. The situation was grave and it was launching an attack on several organs at a go. In the opinion of the doctors, the Cancer was latent in his body for the last 7 years.

It is only that the outburst happened recently. It took the doctors by surprise as how a patient can perceive cancer for the last 7 years, without experiencing any pain.

Sal confirmed that he never experienced troubles and pain, till he went through the diagnosis phase. Even his wife shared the same views. She stated that Sal never had to undergo any diagnostic like blood tests and others. No symptoms of this brutal ailment were evident till the time the diagnosis got conducted.

Sal, a true hero of the nation, still retains his courage and brevity. He stated that wishes to live for spending time with his daughter. Sal expressed that he would like to see his son graduating from the college.

However, he doubts whether if his wishes are going to materialize. Though physicians conducted 3 surgeries, now they have given up all hopes. They stated that they have nothing else left in hands to save Sal.

Introspection on a traumatic situation

The Government health program of the World Trade center has related Sal’s condition as the outcome of toxic exposure at the time of the rescue operations. He joins the list of the responders that have been stricken with ailments, long after the event. Sal said, in spite of witnessing people getting sick in the 9/11 aftereffects, he never worried about the fact.

Sal said he had no clue that he will join the list.  Dr. Michel crane, who runs 9 health clinics under the 9/11 program, has brainstormed over the instances. The physician stated that the list for 9/11 aftermath sufferers will go at a massive pace in the forthcoming days.

An excerpt of the study

Out of 75000 responders and survivors monitored by the health officials, over 5400 patients got diagnosed as suffering from cancer. In all these instances, it was the aftereffects of 9/11 that triggered this outcome.

In the opinion of the experts, this figure is going to rise with the passage of time. As exhibited by a research, every week the list is growing by 10 to 15%. Dr. Crane said that in his long medical career of 40 years, he is witnessing such epidemic situations for the first time.

The practical scenario is suggesting that conditions are getting intense with a passage of a single day. Sal and his family members are bravely fighting the instances and they are trying to find a solution to the problem. However, the condition is so acute that individual efforts may not support them to overcome the instances.

Research conducted in the past exhibited the data that 9/11 responders stands over 30% higher chance to catch cancer, as compared with the mass. However, physicians and health experts urged that extensive studies are then conducted to explore the exact reasons for such instances.

In addition, there are needs to explore remedial measures that will check the spreading of this ailment as an epidemic. Last year, the US government accounted that it will invest over 8 billion USD to extend health care support and compensation packages to the respondents and survivors of 9/11.

It is especially significant to state that the list does not include those counts that perished of illness on an immediate basis. It is a fact that a cooling of 15 years has shifted the focus on contemporary issues.

A message from a hero

The peril keeps up digging the grave.  To the nation, Sal is a hero and just like a true warrior he is continuing his fight. Hence, people are praying for miracles to happen. However, practical situation is just going against their aspirations.

The mass is now concerned that his name will go to the Memorial list, blowing-off the rays of hope. Sal said that the mass must remember this mournful instance, as it is the modern history of the nation. This is such a legacy that will haunt the nation, so long the world endures. The attack seized thousands of lives instantly. Even after 15 years, it is still snatching lives. Hence, this is something that will never slip out of the memories.

Nations have to collaborate and synchronize to put an end to terrorism

This fatal consequence establishes the need for peace and harmony between nations. In today’s time, countries across the world have to depend on each other, in one way or the other.

Hence, if the US gets affected such brutally, other countries will feel the heat as well. Hence, it is the high time for nations to walk in the path of peace & harmony and collaborate to put an end to terrorism, which is the biggest threat to the society and civilization of humans.

9/11 is such an instance that had written the history of US with new notes. This is such an instance that has shaken the foundation of humanity. The growing list of the cancer victims suggests that the dark phase is still hanging over the fate of the country.

Rather than fading out with time, the outcome is getting intense with the passage of time. Experts have already booked their concerns on standing. They are of the opinion that it exactly resembles the instances of the Hiroshima nuclear bombing, where still the newborns are born with fatal ailments.

The gravest part is that it is hard to offer a solution to these instances. Thus, the country has to put sincere efforts look for remedial tasks that will find a solution. This is no doubt a mammoth task to perform.