Silicon Valley’s smart drugs are on the rise

Silicon Valley’s smart drugs are on the rise

What are smart drugs?

Smart drugs represent a specific category of supplements, designed to enhance the cognitive functionality. It does not resume to a specific product, but it encompasses several supplements.

They are also called nootropics and the interesting part is that there is the expression of “nootropic effect”, expressing the specific effect of brain’s functionality enhancement, and it can occur as a result of a lot of factors, including, say, drinking coffee. Caffeine increases alertness and the energy levels, allowing you to become more focused on your tasks. We can say it has a nootropic effect.

Smart drugs, on the other hand, are specially designed for this purpose. Certain supplements support the mental functioning, creativity, memory and even deliver a higher dose of motivation. They do not function like medicine and they are specifically recommended to healthy individuals, as supplementation. Some studies have shown that, among the people who tend to use nootropics the most, students are a special category.

They are the top consumers, taking smart drugs in order to get along with severe learning schedules, competitions and so on. And they are not the only ones benefitting from the effects of nootropic substances. In Silicon Valley, smart drugs are quite popular among all social categories of people. There are mainly 3 characteristics that define effective and safe for consumption nootropics:

  1. Have to have beneficial outputs
  2. Must lack any disturbing or serious side effects attached to the regular consumption
  3. Do not cause addiction, no matter the degree

These are some of the main properties defining effective smart drugs and Noocube and Ritalin rate high among the top nootropics used by the large majority of the population. They are also some of those smart drugs that can only be available under prescription, unlike other similar products, only coming in the form of food supplements.

Smart drugs often offer a powerful punch

The definition of nootropics in itself suggests something mild, much like a small cup of coffee in the morning. The reality is that some of these substances can deliver quite a kick. In this class, Piracetam is one of the most powerful, along with its derivatives. Racetam is one such derivative, coming in 20 different forms and among this Phenylpiracetam is one of the strongest.

The interesting fact about smart drugs is that they are different from one another and they will deliver different effects, depending on the type. Another interesting fact is that there is still a debate regarding the safety of the human consumption.

Nootropics have not been heavily analyzed and their long-term effects are still unknown at this point. This is one of the reasons why many health specialists would recommend avoiding these types of products, especially by healthy individuals, no matter the benefits they feel they are getting.

It is always risky to consume shady substances, even if there are no serious side effects associated with their consumption. But this does not stop people from taking untested products, some of them quite potent, like Nootroo and Nootrobox, two smart drugs released in San Francisco in 2015. The manufacturers state that the products are designed to enhance the well-being of the consumer and allow for a better cognitive functioning.

This means that the regular consumer should experience a boost in its mental activity, including memory, attention, thinking, mental energy and so on. However, all of the tests that nootropics have been subjected to, and they have been quite a few, were aimed at analyzing the immediate impact of the products, not the long term one. This means that the large if not all, majority of the smart drugs are uncertain in relation to the safety of consumption for longer periods of time.

What is more curious is that not all people claim immediate and potent benefits and some, a small portion of the consumers’ mass, did not report any effects at all. The others, though, which is the large majority, state that the benefits of smart drugs are somewhat similar to coffee, but without the jitter effect. So are these products safe for consumption or are they to be avoided?

While some health specialists claim one thing, others advice the opposite and, really, the best way to know for sure is to experience the situation first hand. Consume nootropics if you wish, but do it responsibly.