Synapsyl Reviews – Legit or Scam?

synapsylWhat is Synapsyl?

Synapsyl is actually a pretty suggestive name. As you may have guessed, it comes from synapses, which are the links between your neurons. Even further, Synapsyl is linked to brain’s health and with your cognitive processes. This is quite a sensitive matter and we should discuss it in detail, because it is not being taken under its real importance.

When talking about brain problems, most people begin thinking to all sorts of diseases and conditions and they are completely entitled to do so. Brain problems are the worst kind of situations you may end up in and it is completely natural to fear and avoid them at all costs. It is why products like Synapsyl are being constantly created.

But the real problem that everybody fails to see is one that lies at the bottom of the spectrum and, regardless of how meaningless it may seem to be, it is actually responsible for creating every other brain condition.

We are not talking about any sorts of illness, but about a completely natural process that we are all being subjected to and are unable to avoid it. It is the aging process. The problem with the aging process is that, regardless of what you will choose to do, there is no way you can avoid it. All you can do is to delay it somewhat, but eventually you will also fall prey to it.

Everybody fears the aging process and all the problems that are coming along with it, which is why Synapsyl and other similar drugs and medications have been created. But there is one crucial aspect that we need to discuss and this is the brain and the multiple ways the aging process is affecting it along the way.

There is nothing more important than your brain’s health and while you can try different things to keep it safe and protected like: doing a lot of regular exercise, eating healthier no matter what and trying to keep your intellect constantly challenged, there is no way you can avoid the aging aftermath indefinitely.

Eventually it will take over and that is when you wished you had something as efficient as Synapsyl. But before breaking down this new product, let’s have a look at what happens with your brain as you keep aging and it starts affecting you more and more.

The brain’s aging becomes more and more accelerated as the time passes and it is strongly related to your lifestyle. If you are sedentary, if you eat poorly and disregard the aliments that could help you improve your cognitive capacities, then expect to encounter brain problems sooner than other people.

There are 3 crucial changes taking place in your brain once it will start losing some of attributes and capabilities and we will enumerate them here one by one:

  • Physical changes

Researchers found that your brain’s volume starts decreasing after you reach the age of 40. Pass that age, you will constantly lose 5% of its volume every 10 years or so and this is not a constant, since the rate keeps growing as you keep aging and reach more advanced ages.

As the grey matter shrinks, the side effect is that you will start losing neuronal cells at an increasingly higher rate. You will also record shifts in your dentritic arbor, spines and synapses along the way. These effects will increase after the age of 70 and, while your brain will not lose volume at the same rate in all of its sectors, the process is certain and irreversible.

  • Cognitive changes

Memory is the most affected cognitive capacity and you can see this on a daily basis. Memory is divided into four distinct sectors:

  • episodic memory
  • semantic memory
  • procedural memory
  • working memory

The episodic and the semantic memories are those most affected by the aging process and it is one area where Synapsyl could be highly effective on. The episodic memory in particular is known to start declining starting with your middle age onwards and this process will accelerate as the time passes. This problem could be easily identified in those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Shifts in your brain’s chemical balance

There are two essential neurotransmitters that we heavily depend on during our day to day lives and these are dopamine and serotonin. The big problem here is that the dopamine levels are known to decrease with up to 10% over the course of 10 years, starting with your early adulthood. This is what usually causes declines in your cognitive and motor performances and it is something you will definitely want to delay for as much as possible.

But there is another aspect that you need to take into consideration and this is the fact that, once you will be reaching old age, your neurotransmitters will start increasing the production of monoamine oxidase, and this is a substance that is strongly related to eliminating free radicals from your biological processes.

Free radicals are poisonous substances, residues needed to be eliminated and the way your body does that is by antioxidants. These natural and effective bi-products are responsible for neutralizing the free radicals. However, with age, your neurotransmitters will start producing more and more free radicals and soon they will exceed your natural antioxidant reserves.

Once reached in your system, the free radicals will accelerate the aging process and are the main factors in supporting the appearance and the development of some serious diseases over time. This is why Synapsyl is so sought after, because it actively prevents these processes from happening for a longer period of time.

As you can see, the aging process has a pretty strong effect on your brain’s condition and this means that the faster you start taking measures, the better. Now there is the initial question: what is Synapsyl? Synapsyl is a brain enhancer that is relatively new on the market, designed to improve your cognitive functions, protect your brain against the mental decline and postpone the aging process for as long as possible.

Synapsyl has been created about a year ago and its main goal is to provide the much needed assistance in improving memory, focus, the learning ability and creativity and the energy levels required for an optimal daily performance. Another key aspect regarding Synapsyl is that it has been observed that Synapsyl is linked to an improved blood flow to the brain and this is what your brain needs in order to operate accordingly.

Does Synapsyl truly work?

When beginning to look for evidence suggesting one thing or another, Synapsyl appears as an efficient product, even if we consider the ingredients being used. All of them are natural and known to be highly effective in delivering the promised result.

There have actually been more than one test during which Synapsyl ingredients have been looked into and analyzed in order to make sure that there is no problem with their daily consumption. The tests have revealed that Synapsyl ingredients are highly effective and reliable and the only problem that remains is the marketing aspect of the situation.

It seems like, despite being active on the market for over a year, Synapsyl is still poorly received by the general public and this is due to the fact that it is only available on the internet. You cannot get Synapsyl from anywhere else and this is a major problem when looking to see some positive reviews out there. This is something that we constantly see, regardless whether we are talking about Synapsyl, about similar products or other supplements, coming from different categories.

When a product is only available on the internet, like Synapsyl is, it will take quite some time until it will gain the users’ trust. This is because there are a lot of scamming products out there and people have grown skeptical about these types of products.

However, taking into consideration what we already know about Synapsyl and its ingredients, there is only one conclusion available: Synapsyl works and it is extremely efficient and easy to work with.

The benefits you are getting by using Synapsyl on a daily basis.

There are several benefits associated with Synapsyl consumption and here are the most important of all:

  • Synapsyl improves memory

Like we have already presented, Synapsyl can counter the aging process up to that point where your memory will stop decaying and will be force through a regenerative process. As you have already found out, the aging process has a meaningful unwanted impact on your memory and this is why Synapsyl is a much needed product that cannot be ignored.

  • Improves focus

We all know how annoying is when we are unable to focus on a particular task for more than few seconds. This is probably the most irritating side effect of all. Usually, you will start losing focus when you are way too tired and you brain, since it hasn’t been able to rest properly, will begin losing some of the momentum.

Now the main problem is that the same happens once you start aging and this is why Synapsyl is so important. Synapsyl can counter these effects and provide you with more control over your brain. This means that, thanks to Synapsyl, you will no longer have these sorts of problems.

  • Alertness and energy levels

There is a saying: Energy is a brain state. This could not be closer to the truth, as your brain is the main provider of energy and a positive thinking is everything you need. But the positive thinking comes with a cost and that costs lies in dopamine.

When dopamine is released, that is when you will be at your most active peaks. Synapsyl will ease the dopamine production and this means that, ultimately, Synapsyl is responsible for increasing your energy levels throughout the day.

  • Synapsyl increases your general health and provides protection

There are a wide variety of affections that can attack your brain once the aging process starts to set in and this is due to the fact that, once you start aging, the efficiency of your immune system will soon drop significantly.

This makes Synapsyl a key product to have, because it is known to increase your immune system’s efficiency and this will result in a better overall protection against any harmful agents that may impend your normal brain activity.

Is Synapsyl a scam?

The idea that Synapsyl could be a scam is not new and the reason for that is pretty simple actually. When considering the similar products, those that are only being sold over the internet, we have to accept that a one year product, like Synapsyl is, is considered new. When taking into consideration the real life products and supplements, a one year period since its release would mark the said product as already common.

The problem is that on the internet these types of products are being marketed a lot less and less publicity equals less fame. The same goes for Synapsyl, which is a newer product than others. The problem with Synapsyl is that it did not have the chance of being promoted and people do not actually know about it. This is the reason for the low number of customer reviews.

Also, those who have reviewed Synapsyl have offered poor reviews and this is due to the fact that people would rather publish their opinion when they experience something different than what they have expected, rather than when the product meets their demands. If Synapsyl would have been marketed enough, it would have had a decent number of reviews installed and its current 3 star rating would have become a 5 starred one.

This is because the ingredients present in Synapsyl are known to be highly efficient and this is why we cannot claim Synapsyl is a scam. All of the research leads us to accept that Synapsyl is genuine, working and efficient.

How does Synapsyl work?

The basics are pretty simple. Synapsyl contains a combination of nootropics scientifically proven to improve your cognitive functions, as well as the overall brain functionality. There is one thing that makes Synapsyl as efficient as it can be and this is the fact that it uses neurological supporters that have a ton of benefits like: increased blood flow to the brain, increased cell nourishment efficiency, grey matter protection and assistance in the energy production.


What are Synapsyl ingredients?

Synapsyl only contains high quality ingredients and they have all been thoroughly tested for several years now. Here they are:

  1. Gingko biloba

This is one of the oldest living trees on Earth and it is probably the most famous medicinal plant in the world. Gingko biloba is being used for more than 5000 years and one of its main abilities is to increase blood circulation, which means that you brain will receive more oxygen, thus being able to perform a lot better, so is no wonder Synapsyl contains this useful extract.

Aside from this, gingko biloba is also extremely useful in preventing and fighting against some of the most destructive brain affections to date, like Alzheimer’s disease and even dementia. With this ingredient’s help, Synapsyl will help you stimulating your nervous system activity and even prevent cell and nerve damages coming with age.

  1. Phosphatidylserine

This ingredient is found naturally in your body and it can be actually extracted from every cell. You can say it is a building block. Other than that, some of the most common sources are cow brain, soy and cabbage and it is most useful in enhancing your brain’s capacities over time.

Synapsyl contains a fair amount of this ingredient and this means that Synapsyl is extremely effective in treating the age related mental decline, as well as improving the cognitive functions for the younger patients.

  1. Acetyl-L-carnitine

This is an amino acid synthesized by your body in order to break down proteins and convert them into pure energy. Using this amino acid, Synapsyl will enhance and protect your brain’s and heart’s health and it is known to be equally effective in providing you relief and protection against some of the most hated brain conditions to date, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Synapsyl will use this amino acid to counter the brain damages occurring after exaggerated alcohol consumption and it is why it is a key part of the Synapsyl formula.

  1. John’s wort

One of the most important ingredients is St. John’s wort, a highly potent plant being used as a natural remedy for ages. It has been constantly used to treat various mental disorders and in some cases it has been discovered that it is very useful in fighting against various types of cancer.

This plant present in the Synapsyl formula contains plenty of substances known to be highly effective in dealing with depression and anxiety. Alongside this, Synapsyl is now known to improve general mood and appetite, effectively treat anxiety, improve insomnia and fight against symptoms associated with depression, which is what recommends this ingredient as a top quality one.

  1. Glutamine

Probably everybody has heard of glutamine before, since this is the most important amino acid in the human body. This is a substance that is being constantly used in manufacturing a wide range of health products, supplements, brain boosters and, most commonly known, body building supplements.

This amino acid is commonly used in treating various health problems such as intestinal disorders, mental conditions, and it is also highly effective in countering the unwanted side effects of dangerous medical treatments such as chemotherapy and others like it. Out of everything that ads to Synapsyl formula, this amino acid is most likely the only one that does not seem to have anything to do with brain functioning.

There is no compelling evidence that this Synapsyl ingredient can either improve of enhance brain functioning or cognitive processes. However, since its benefits cannot be ignored, we cannot but admit its important role in the Synapsyl formula.

  1. Deanol (DMAE)

This is a substance used to produce acetylcholine and it is an important addition to the Synapsyl formula. This is a neurotransmitter used in processing and sending the information through your cells. It is extremely important in improving the memory and the learning processes and could be virtually priceless in treating a wide array of mental conditions and brain affections.

The only problem is that this Synapsyl ingredient has not been proven to be effective in improving your brain’s functionality. It seems like its main addition would be to your athletic performances, especially when it is combined with other alternative ingredients such as ginseng, or any other similar extracts and useful plants.

In other words, this Synapsyl ingredient will improve your energy levels and increase your blood flow and this alone is enough to say that it will also have a meaningful impact on your brain’s capacity to perform. Since your whole body will be enhanced, your brain will benefit from this in its own way. This means that Synapsyl will improve your focus and alertness and you will have more energy, while also feeling more rested and alive.

  1. Bacopa monnieri extract (Bacopin)

We are talking about a plant included in a wide variety of supplements and beauty products and it has a wide range of physical benefits. This Synapsyl ingredient has been shown to increase the production of neurotransmitters and this is a key factor in providing the much needed support when dealing with a lot of mental affections. It has been used in Indian medicine for decades now and its addition to the Synapsyl formula is beyond doubt.

  1. Vinpocentine

Believe it or not, this is the only artificial ingredient present in the Synapsyl formula. The good part about this substance is that it mimics the effects of a plant called Vinca Minor and it is used in treating Alzheimer’s symptoms. It increases the blood flow to your brain and, as you may know, more blood means more oxygen and more oxygen means more brain power on the long term.

Every one of these ingredients composing the Synapsyl formula has been thoroughly tested and approved as safe for human consumption.

How should I use Synapsyl?

The procedure is pretty simple, because Synapsyl comes in 30 capsules packages and you will have to take two every day for maximum effect. It is recommended you should take one Synapsyl capsule in the morning and one in the evening and this is all there is to know.

Does Synapsyl have any side effects?

There are several important additions that need to be made here. First of all, regardless whether we are talking about Synapsyl or any other similar product, there is no telling how it will affect you personally. The same goes for any other product, even for FDA approved medical drugs, not only natural supplements such as Synapsyl.

This is because every organism works in a certain way and some people may find Synapsyl perfectly normal, whereas others may experience various side effects, or could manifest tolerances or even allergies to some of the Synapsyl ingredients. But this is not because this product is not safe for human consumption, but because every human body is different than the other.

As you may know, you always have to consult a specialist when intending to take a new drug. You will need prescriptions and this is exactly why. This is the same for Synapsyl and since there is no telling what you may experience, the best way to do it is to consult your health specialist prior consumption, just to be safe. Otherwise, Synapsyl has only minor side effects, in the beginning of the treatment, such as mild nausea and gasses, but these will soon go away after few Synapsyl usages.


Do I recommend Synapsyl?

Out of all the products out there, Synapsyl seems to be the most reliable of them. This is due to its innovative formula and the fact that it is one of the newest products currently on the market. Another thing that I would like to point out regarding this product is the fact that its ingredients have been repeatedly tested and approved as efficient in providing beneficial results. This makes the supplement reliable and extremely effective.

Bottom line is this. We all fear the aging process and if there is something we could change about ourselves it is saving our brains from the natural biological decay. Nothing else really matters. This is why I would totally recommend Synapsyl, especially since it promises to improve our lives in the department that matters the most. Synapsyl is worth it!

Where to buy Synapsyl from?

If you want to purchase Synapsyl, feel free to order it using the following link.


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