The Power of Probiotics: Why the secret of a healthy stomach is related to the amount of good bacteria

The Power of Probiotics: Why the secret of a healthy stomach is related to the amount of good bacteria

The Power of Probiotics: Why the secret of a healthy stomach is related to the amount of good bacteria

Our digestive system is home of more than 500 different species of bacteria that are part of the normal intestinal microflora. They belong to three main groups of microorganisms, pathogenic (causing damage), conditionally pathogenic (which normally are unable to cause disease, but when can become pathogenic) and beneficial (impacting favorably on the body). By their ratio is determined normal functioning of the digestive tract and immune system, and thus the health of the person. Up to 70% of the world population today requires correction of the microflora of the intestinal tract.

The intestinal flora is extremely vulnerable to external influences. The change in the ecological situation and the changes occurring in the sustainability of our body due to stress, poor diet, taking antibiotics and lack of sleep literally kill good bacteria in the body. Let’s face it – probiotics cannot replace entirely the intestinal flora. But can help the development of good bacteria to keep its balance. And help you feel healthier, more beautiful and happy.

Why to use probiotic products?

Probiotics are with clinically proven good effect on health. They contribute to the loss of beneficial bacteria as a result of aging. The probiotics help against stress and the bad eating habits. They also help for good digestion and absorption of nutrients in food. They restore the normal bacterial balance necessary for a healthy life.

Health benefits of probiotics

Probiotics perform multiple functions in the body. These include: maintenance of good digestion and the immune system, strengthen the natural defenses of the body and improving overall intestinal function and overall health.

probiotics can cure

Recover the balance

Probiotics restore the balance of intestinal microflora and helps to strengthen our immune system and our health status. This is especially true after the consumption of antibiotics, which literally destroyed the populations of good bacteria in the intestinal microflora.

Stimulate the immune system

About 80% of the immune system of the human body is in the intestines. The balance of our intestinal microflora helps to strengthen the immune system. In other words – probiotics can help improve our health.

Until we were born, our intestines do not contain microorganisms. All around us we are surrounded by good and bad bacteria that stimulate and form our immune system. If we’re adding good bacteria to our diet, we help the body to reduce the number of bad microbes in the intestines, leading to better health and a stronger immune system.

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Help in regulating weight

When our gut microflora is balanced, it works significantly better, and the addition of probiotics to our daily diet can prevent the occurrence of digestive disorders and intestinal complaints. Due to timely discharge of harmful substances and the proper functioning of our intestinal system, it can contribute to regulate weight.

Detoxify the body

Faster discharge of harmful substances from the body due to the intake of probiotics helps reduce toxins in the body which stay longer in the digestive system.

It is enough to eat only yogurt?

It is a natural probiotic that helps your body without the need of food supplements. Well, this won’t be enough.

Generally, the tendency to use probiotics is relatively new (since the end of the last century) but when you have a healthy nutrition, supplements such as probiotics are not necessary.


Probiotics are live microorganisms that may be included in various kinds of products including foods, drugs, and food supplements. The first probiotic products that are produced are in fact natural probiotics such as fermented foods (grains, roots, tubers, fruits and vegetables, milk, meat, fish).

It should be noted that not all fermented with lactic acid bacteria foods are necessarily. The probiotics are natural products that are good to be part of our daily diet, without excluding intake of natural and organic food. The combination of proper diet, active lifestyle, intake of probiotics is the most optimal care for our health.

Can probiotics be used by pregnant women? Is it harmful to use probiotics while breastfeeding?

Probiotic supplements from natural food sources considered safe for use by pregnant women. The use of certain probiotics during pregnancy and during lactation is considered safe by healthy people. The benefits can be many, both by mother and by the infant. However, it is best to consult your doctor before taking supplements.

Can you gain weight of probiotics?

This will be definitely a wrong statement.

If you eat every day foods, which contain natural probiotic, you won’t be only healthy, but you can lose some kilos. You just have to include in your diet more fermented foods, yogurt and fruits.

Many people suffer from indigestion, which leads to weight gain, bloating, flatulence. For a good digestion is needed very little – just use natural probiotic or fermented foods that contain it.

Are the probiotics detoxifying my body?

You may be sure that there will be such effect.

Yes, one of the mechanisms of action of the probiotics is the digestion of food and competition for nutrients with the pathogenic microorganisms that are one of those responsible for the formation of toxins in the body. Taking probiotics can actually have an impact on our appearance as well.

how to detox with probiotics

Probiotics shall be taken before, after or during a meal?

Probiotics can be taken at any time. Still, it is best …

Probiotics may be taken at any time, as the best results are when it is taken before bedtime, since then the bacteria involved in the composition of the probiotic have a longer period for adaptation and colonization of the gastrointestinal tract.

Is there a risk of overdosing with probiotics?

Can you overdose with yogurt?

There is a recommended dosage described in the package of the probiotic supplement. The risks of overdose are minimal, but the product should be used with caution.

Foods containing natural probiotics help reducing weight, prevent viruses and infections and even cancer

Natural probiotics protect against infection and strengthen the immune system, while it improves digestion process. They returned the health of the body after usage of antibiotics, which kill the beneficial bacteria in the body along with the bas bacteria.

The probiotics improve the functioning of the genitourinary system and stop inflammation. They help in lactose intolerance. The probiotics reduce bad cholesterol in the blood and significantly lowered the risk of developing certain types of cancer cells.

Sources of probiotics are mainly dairy products, but they are also contained in the sauerkraut, pickles and other acidic foods. Fermented foods such as yogurt, cottage cheese and buttermilk are a natural way to lose weight.

Scientists regularly advised to eat from these foods, as they can reduce the risk of diabetes type 2 by 25%. To the fermented foods with probiotics can be also included olives, since they have a similar effect. These foods enhance immunity, fight allergies and help losing weight.

It is important to choose yogurt made with live bacteria to provide your body really working probiotics to help in dozens of diseases and unpleasant health problems.

The main probiotics can be obtained in the form of a food supplement, but experts advise primarily to look firstly in natural foods and put them more often on the table if we want to be healthy, with strong immunity and without unnecessary weight.



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