Tips and tricks for flat belly


Tips and tricks for flat belly

No matter how many diets we keep or exercises we make, it is really hard to lose weight in the abdominal area. It’s like a rule. As if your belly is not part of your body and must be treated with totally separate regime to weaken.

That’s why we are so often interested in special diets, exercises and techniques with which to get in shape that particular part of the body.

We come across all sorts of theories, but the truth is that there are several important rules that if we follow will bring us to very good results.

Foods for flat belly

Oats are great when it comes to flat stomach. They are rich in fiber and remove bad cholesterol from the body. So, we should not hesitate what to eat for breakfast if we want to achieve the desired results.

Vegetables, especially broccoli, are also quite a suitable food for your menu. They help the body to burn fat and quicken the metabolism. Suitable are light salads rich in various кinds of vegetables and seasoned appropriately and with moderation. Olive oil is a really good option. On the other hand, we must exclude salt from our menu, because it causes retaining water in the body.

It is claimed that fats are harmful but not all of them. Seafood and fishes, which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, are required for your menu. They give your body the right fats and reduce the amount of saturated ones.

what foods to use to lose weight

To make your belly flat, it is absolutely forbidden to eat salty foods, white bread and any pasta. Additionally, you have to think of refusing sodas. Anything that swells the stomach, is 100 percent forbidden.

For most people who want to lose weight, abdominal fat is the biggest nightmare. This is quite correct – the fat covering your belly except that is bad looking, it is harmful for your health. There are strategies that will help you quickly get rid of the annoying lifebelt around the abdomen as long as you get ready to make some healthy changes in your lifestyle.

  • Eliminate the enemy number one: sugar

Sugar and pasta, and any snacks on the variety of chips are the main reasons for the accumulation of abdominal fat. So, start removing annoying padding around your belly with removing everything harmful from your diet.

  • Replace junк food with healthy food

OК, you will refuse of chips and four spoons of sugar in your coffee, but what can replace them? Replace them with foods rich in protein, with vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

  • Eat good fats to get rid of fats

Yes, it comes to omega-3 fatty acids. They are found in oily fishes liкe salmon, in nuts such as walnuts, in avocados, etc. These types of food give you nutrients and help you deal with extra weight accumulated around the belly.

Not all fats are the same. Their bad name comes from the fat of them contributing to the accumulation of extra weight. However, other fats are good for health and can even help in maintaining good physical shape.

What are the different kinds of fats?

Saturated fats and trans fats are the ones who deserve the bad reputation. They are contained in pasta, fried, fast food, etc. Excessive consumption of such fats is harmful not only for your good shape, but also for your health.

But there are good fats that are beneficial for your health and figure. A classic example is the omega-3 fatty acids contained in fish. Here are some sources of healthy fats that you can add to your diet.

Olive oil

Olive oil is rich in polyphenols, which are believed to help prevent cancer and monounsaturated fats, which improve the performance of the heart. Also, there are studies showing that adding it to your diet increases levels of the hormone that is responsible for the breakdown of fats in the body.

How to use it?

Olive oil can be used for salads, sauces, and cooking.


Coconuts are rich in saturated fat, but more than half of them come from lauric acid – lipid, which is fighting the bacteria and improves the cholesterol levels. There are even studies showing that adding coconut oil to the diet decreases abdominal fat.


According to a study published in the Nutrition Journal, beef from animals fed on grass, has a high content of omega-3 fatty acids reduces the risк of cardiovascular disease.

Dark chocolate

Although sweets have a bad reputation when it comes to maintaining good shape, dark chocolate is an exception.

Saturated fats and trans fats

How to use it?

You can eat it as a small dessert, but you can use a piece of chocolate as a snack between meals. According to one study, people who eat 100 grams dark chocolate two hours before a meal, during mealtimes taкe 17% fewer calories than people who are enjoying to eat milk chocolate.

According to the scientists the natural chocolate is useful because it contains pure cocoa butter. It is a source of stearic acid, which slows down digestion. In other words, natural chocolate is digested more slowly and thus reduces hunger and helps in weight loss.

More liquids

The most important rule to remove the fat of your belly is by drinking more fluids. In most cases, your belly swells because it does not receive enough water. However, when we drink plenty of water or other healthy drinks, our body begins to discard the excess and to drain us. So our stomach remains calm and the belly becomes flat.

Sodas, juices, sweetened teas and coffees and alcohol contain many calories Although they are in liquid form, these calories still count and can slow the process of weight loss. Instead, it is wise to drink water or drinks without calories. If you drink a glass of water before every meal, it will fill your stomach and it will protect us from overeating.


The simplest drink for weight loss is just a nice, clean water. Hydration of the body allows your metabolism running smoothly, which is important for weight loss.

Water can also help you avoid other beverages or foods that have a lot more calories. Getting enough water prevents constipation and stomach ailments and so can help to remove your belly.

Green tea

Green tea delivers many nutrients that will help you to download the abdomen. Catechins contained in it, are natural antioxidants, very useful for people who want to lose weight.

Pineapple frappe

If you are looking for drinks that remove your belly, but at the same time be cold and delicious, try pineapple frappe. This beverage contains two essential ingredients: linseed oil, which means that this frappe is rich in unsaturated fatty acids.

Moreover, it is rich in bromelain, an enzyme in pineapple that helps the stomach absorb proteins and reduce the swelling of the abdomen.

Mint tea

Finally, the mint tea can also help weight loss in the abdominal area. Peppermint helps in digestion by facilitating stomach in the breakdown of fats. So you can avoid swelling and your stomach is tight and flat.

So, get a cup of mint tea and allow your belly to feel light and free!

liquids for weight loss


Belly and abdominal fat can melt with the most efficient exercise. Known as the “beer belly” is likely to melt quickly with weightlifting. This shows the latest US study.

If you spend about twenty minutes a day with lifting weights it will have an incredible impact and will melt the extra fats. These physical exercises rank first in one kind of rating as cycling, fitness exercises and even running. Weightlifting destroys fat around the abdomen more quickly and efficiently than any other exercise.

A well-known secret is that the less fat we have accumulated around the belly, the more our lives would be longer. And our health will not suffer from the accumulation of excesses in this area of our body.

Experts from Harvard University are recommending lifting weights which can be combined with aerobics. With this combination you can burn the most fat in the abdomen. It was established by the experiment of about 10,500 Americans over the age of forty years.

According to the results the people who were involved in weightlifting twelve years and have it done every day for twenty years have less fat accumulations and look better. These people also have the largest percentage of muscle mass.

That’s why health experts recommend unless everything else to lift weights at least twenty minutes a day, which will affect not only our body, but also of our common condition.

Doing exercise is very important part of the regime to make your belly flat. It’s not about constantly being in the gym. The truth is in the cardio exercises and sit-ups.

If you are repeating every day the same series, in two weeks you will see the result. A little jogging in the park, biking or aerobics, in combination with several series of crunches is the perfect formula for success.

exercises for weight loss


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