Tips for weight loss at home


We all look at means by which to improve our appearance and status, so that we improve the way that others see us in society. Buying fancy clothes, powerful cars and jewelry and getting nice haircuts, for starts, is what defines the 21st century man, but that is not all. In our never ending quest of pleasing and impressing others, we have decided that we need to take it a step further, so our physical appearance also became a matter of extreme importance. Studies conducted several years ago revealed that people are generally more friendly and communicative when they have to socialize with a better looking individual than with an overweight one, for instance. The reason is not that we look at certain individuals in different ways, but that, depending on your looks, you will have a different personality type. It has been proven that overweight or obese subjects find it difficult to socialize, because it is hard to get that self confidence that you need when you want to contact the other gender. Men usually experience difficulties in this area, because they are the one supposed to initiate the contact. It seems like the fact of being overweight has a serious impact on one’s ability to be more confident and this will affect his personal as well as professional life. Another study showed that overweight employees are more likely to be skipped when it comes to promotions, employers usually preferring fitter people. This is due to the fact that, in subconscious people assimilate overweight with sickness and debility, while people who like to stay in shape are related to a healthier lifestyle. And this could not be closer to the truth.

As you can imagine, the problem extends beyond the simple social rejection issue and goes into the medical and health aspect, which is a far more serious problem. Indeed, obese persons are more predisposed to all kinds of affections, despite not having any link to the actual overweight problem. This is due to the fact that, a person having overweight issues is more vulnerable to a wide range of health problems, due to the fact that the immune system is not working at full capacity anymore. When your organs are all covered in fat, you can imagine how this will affect their functionality on a long term basis. In fact, the more time it passes, the more serious the situation becomes and eventually, you will suffer from different organ failures. The outcome is death in most cases.

The solution, in these cases, is pretty obvious when talking about your usual individual, having some weight problems. All he has to do is modifying his eating diet, not drastically, but enough to count, and workout some more in the nearby gym. Or even go for some jogging with few friends in the afternoon. But this is not a universal solution and what you need to keep in mind is that not everybody is the same. What may work for you may very well not work for another, which is why, different situations require different tactics.


Haven’t you ever wondered why there are so many obese people around the world, if losing weight is such an easy thing to do? Well, it seems like it is not easy to them. The reason is that, many of the people suffering from morbid obesity are suffering from more serious medical conditions that trigger the uncontrollable weight gain. For them, it is not a matter of exercising more, because it will simply not work at the same rate as it would for a normal people. Furthermore, the moment that the exercising or eating diet is over, the things will go back to where they were. This is why drastic situations require drastic measure.

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