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„You are your brain” I am pretty sure you have heard this saying before. And I must say that it is nothing closer to the truth than this. What actually means is that your brain’s condition reflects your natural state. Also, you are as healthy as your brain permits you to be. And, following the same reasoning, the younger your brain is the younger you feel. But this is not something new. People know this for a long time and this led to a lot of research, trying to figure the best way to keep your brain in mid condition for longer periods of time. Actually, a simple fact states that you start losing some of your brain capacity with the age of 25 and you keep regressing as you keep aging. Now, opinions are still diverse and not everybody thinks that we all perform the same in the face of the aging process. Actually, many claim that your brain can remain healthier and can perform at higher rates even in your late years.

Taking care of your brain it is a completely different matter and it is harder said than done. This is because there are a lot of factors that influence your brain’s capacity and its ability to response to external stimulus, its capacity to regenerate and its overall potential that you need on a daily basis. Different factors can affect your brain in different ways and it is up to you to control most of them. Of course, there are others that are completely out of your capacity to control them, but some are easily accessible and controllable. Let’s point out those environmental factors that can influence your brain in different ways:

  • Air pollution – It is something that you cannot avoid in many occasions, but this is something that you can cure if you know how to deal with it.
  • Daily stress – This aspect is one of major interest, because it is one that can affect you more than you may realize and it is not until it is too late when you decide to take measures. Some people never do and this can be disastrous for one’s life.
  • What you eat – What you eat is who you are. Most of what goes in your mouth, if not everything, is strictly related to your brain’s health.

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Of course, these are not meant to be exhaustive, there are a lot more problems that can influence your brain’s development, but these are the most important ones and every person should be aware of them because you cannot protect yourself if you are unaware of what is harmful to you.

I would like to say that there is one problem, but the matter of fact is that there are several problems and not many of them are easily solvable. There are a lot of people that end up suffering all kinds of brain affections and many of them can have severe complications and can alter your life for good. For example, Alzheimer, aside from the genetic inheritance aspect, can also be favored by environmental factors and the fact that people don’t know how to protect themselves.

Also, the most sensible organ that gets easily affected by the aging process is our brain. Probably no other organ is so predisposed to the harmful effects of the aging as brain is. The reason is that our brain actually keeps working around the clock, regardless of whether you are awake or sleeping. Therefore, it needs constant energy to function and a machine that never stops working will, soon or later, face some kind of damages. Also, a lot of people have no idea what should they do to improve their brain functionality, which is why a lot of people experience various problems and, while they believe their small they can have a meaningful impact on a long term.

Consider what happens as you keep aging. You start losing your short term memory, you find it difficult to focus and you have problems in concentrating on even small tasks that don’t really need huge efforts from your part.

brain powerThis is a delicate subject, because according to your problems, you should follow different instructions. I mean, there are simple and easy to follow while others are as complicated and time consuming as your problems are. But most of your daily problems can be easily fixed with little efforts from your part. However, you have to make that decisive step and don’t let the problems advance and overcome your life. Actually, every health problem we experience is strongly related to the fact that we refuse to take measures. We keep saying it is nothing serious and we should not worry about it, that it will solve itself. You don’t think it is necessary to treat an affection that can affect your way of life in 25 years from now. But, more often than not, these are the exact problems that you should keep an eye on. That’s because it is not the immediate danger that should worry you, but the distant one, because, as your body gets older, your immune system will drop in efficiency and you will find it increasingly difficult to heal and regenerate. Which means that you should prevent rather than treat.

Now let’s go straight to the heart of the problem. I agree that many of these problems are way past your ability to tackle them alone, but let’s not be so dramatic about it. There are a lot more problems you should focus one besides Alzheimer and such. First of all, Alzheimer patients are far less than healthy people. Shocking, isn’t it? I know, thanks! So your chances of contracting such disease without any genetic background, is extremely low. So let’s focus on more usual problems such as simple and daily brain degradation, memory loss and these kind of issues, because these are the brain conditions that affects all of us.

First of all, you should eat healthier, because what you eat will translate in brain power and efficiency. So fruits and vegetables on a daily basis for the win. Then you should exercise more. This is extremely important, because exercising makes your blood levels increase and this means that your brain will receive more oxygen which will help increasing its performances.

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But I would also like to recommend you another potential solution to your problems, because simply following these instructions may not be enough. I am trying to talk to you about APEX Mastermind – Brain Supplement. This is a natural supplement that I have been using for more than a year now and it works wonders for me. I recommend everyone to try it, because it may prove to be your best buddy when it comes to brain activity and efficiency. Treasure your health and your health will become your treasure.