Vitamin B3 benefits

Vitamin B3 benefits

Are vitamin B3 benefits essential?

Vitamin B3 benefits influence a lot of the physical processes without which we cannot talk about wellbeing and a healthy organism. This vitamin is also known as niacin, nicotinamide or nicotinic acid and they actually represent slightly different forms of the same nutrient.

Even though they are very similar variations of B3, the effects they have on the organism differ. Unlike regular niacin, nicotinamide has no meaningful influence over the cholesterol levels and it does not cause flushing as a known side effect.

Over the time, studies have revealed that vitamin B3 benefits a lot of areas in the organism, including the digestive functioning, the cerebral system, and the skin health.

This makes it an important addition to everyone’s diet and the professional’s recommendations are to include it in our daily alimentation, especially in order to prevent the side effects of the deficiency.

What are the most known vitamin B3 benefits?

Even though niacin is a widely known nutrient, intensively studied and tested, there are still several aspects that are not completely known. In this regard, we are still not sure whether the range of vitamin B3 benefits we know of is exhaustive or there are still others waiting to be confirmed. As far as the science goes, there are several well-known effects that are beyond any doubt:

  1. Niacin works in reducing the cholesterol levels

Vitamin B3 benefits the circulatory system by reducing the cholesterol levels, especially in patients known to suffer from dyslipidemia, an affection which causes the imbalance of the cholesterol found in the blood. The obvious result is a diminishing of the risk of stroke and heart attack in the case of those with high LDL cholesterol levels.

The LDL stands for Low-Density Lipoprotein and it is also known as “bad cholesterol. In opposition is the HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein), which is the “good cholesterol” and the interesting thing is that niacin seems to promote higher levels of HDL at the same time as lowering the LDL values. It actually has the same effect as the drugs that are prescribed in these cases.

  1. Effective against diabetes

Vitamin B3 benefits diabetes patients and even if the effect is not enough to treat the condition, the vitamin B3 benefits cannot be ignored. Once entered the body, the vitamin B3 benefits the organism in two different ways: on the one hand it reduces the blood sugar levels, helping the body in coping with the diabetes symptoms a lot better; on the other hand, niacin increases the efficiency of the drug treatments used in the cases of diabetes, making it an essential addition in the process.

  1. Good for the health and effective functioning of the brain

This is among the most important vitamin B3 benefits, because not only that it has been proven effective in preventing some dangerous brain diseases, but it is also known to protect the brain against age-related malfunctions. Among these, the most common ones are memory loss, recurrent migraines, depression, various sleeping disorders, ADHD and many others.

In addition vitamin, B3 benefits the patients suffering from schizophrenia by reducing the symptoms associated with the disease, primarily the hallucinations and offer protection against developing Alzheimer’s in the future.

  1. This nutrient is useful in treating arthritis and joint problems

We are talking about nicotinamide in particular that has been associated with lower levels of pain at joint level and the same effects have been observed in regard to the muscle mass. Vitamin B3 benefits are actually quite well known in this regard, because it is usually prescribed in treating osteoarthritis, especially due to the fact that it greatly reduces inflammation.

  1. Acts as a prevention measure against ED (Erectile Dysfunction)

Vitamin B3 benefits those who suffer from impotence, but it can also help in preventing the affection from ever occurring in the first place. This is because niacin enlarges the blood veins, increasing the blood flow towards genitals, which helps in improving sexual appetite.

  1. Essential for an impeccable skin

Among the well-known niacin benefits, treating acne rates high on the list. It is particularly effective when applied as cream on the skin, greatly reducing inflammation and the risk of infection due to the blisters and flare-ups that may occur.

Among other useful vitamin B3 benefits that need to be kept in mind we mention: treating pellagra, which is a disease caused by lacking proper B vitamin levels, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and protecting the body against a wide range of health problems.