VitaPulse Reviews: Supplement for Cholesterol and Heart Issues

VitaPulse: The Newest Supplement for Cholesterol and Heart Issues

What is VitaPulse?

The manufacturerVitaPulse is a brilliant invention of a company called Priceton Nutrients, LLC. It has offices in Owensmouth Avenue, 10th Floor Wood Hills, CA. For more details, feel free to visit their official website.

Dr. Arash Berelian – The brilliant mind behind the creation of VitaPulse is Dr. Arash Bereliani. He is a cardiologist who has certified the requirements of the board and runs his affairs in Beverly Hills Institute for Cardiology& Preventative Medicine.

Dr. Arash specializes in integrative cardiology, internal medicine, and other health optimization services. Acting like the Director of Research for Princeton Nutrients, and at UCLA as the Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine and Cardiology, Dr. Berelian is a very educated and experienced person. In his work, Dr.Arash helps people with chronic illnesses and genetic disorders and offers people knowledge and advice on nutrition. His pivotal role in the creation of VitaPulse cannot be understated, and this makes him a key personality in ensuring that the formula works the way it does.

For more details about Dr. Arash Bereliani’s professional qualifications, look for his ratings on the internet— particularly on HealthGrades and Yelp.

More detailsVitaPulse is a nutritional product that was made to help people increase their antioxidants. According to the manufacturer, this supplement has ingredients that would boost your heart condition and protect you from oxidative stress.

The fact that the heart disease is an alarming global problem cannot be emphasized enough. In efforts to reduce deaths that emanate from this disease, several supplements are being made— including VitaPulse. Although there are so many items to choose from, people do not joke with their lives. This is particularly when a product is claimed to improve or cure their heart.

Nobody is so willing to risk their heart. The good news, however, is that VitaPulse is safe, effective and economical. It is an antioxidant supplement that cannot be compared with any other similar product.  You may wonder how free radical damage and irritate body cells. As we are exposed to oxygen, we are prone to oxidative stress.

Once it damages our body cells, they lose electrons that become free radicals. When free radicals are formed, they take electrons away from our healthy cells, causing inflammation and disease. So when we consume antioxidants, they become a source of electrons to be used up by free radicals. As a result, any damage to the cells is stopped.

Since this product is so organic, natural and safe, you should use it to bulk your body with antioxidants. It contains three chief ingredients, including CoQ10, NAC and PQQ, that will be discussed in another chapter.  Taken in the form of capsules, this product triggers no side effects.

And it seems to be rather strong because you are not required to take more than a capsule per day.  Now that we are relating VitaPulse to better health, does it mean it really works? This is discussed right below.


How do you protect your heart from ailing? While eating a balanced diet is a key to good health, you need to take extra care of your heart and other vital organs. An advisable way to safeguard your internal organs, especially your heart, is by increasing your antioxidant intake.

As you possibly know, antioxidants are nutrients that keep us from the damages done by free radicals. These trigger inflammation that eventually causes degenerative health conditions. If you want to consume antioxidants in bulk, and keep your cholesterol levels in check, as well as boost your cardio activity, choose VitaPulse.

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This is a very chic product right now and everyone is talking about it online. With this supplement you can expect to not only boost your cellular energy, but also decrease inflammation, safeguard your cellular health and enhance your cardio function.

Since the heart disease triggers one death out of every four deaths in the U.S, you should take your heart health very seriously. With VitaPulse you could start to make a difference. To learn more about it, continue to read this article.

VitaPulse really Work?

If you are a regular purchaser of supplements, you know that most of them work very slowly. You need to take big amounts of them to eventually benefit from the use. This is not the case with VitaPulse, thankfully, a product that contains three main ingredients.

According to the manufacturer, these three ingredients go a long way to establish a healthy heart. Although, more clinical research is needed to substantiate how exactly each of the three works, there aren’t any people who are complaining.

One thing you should do prior to taking this supplement or any other is to follow your doctor’s advice. If they think that you are healthy enough to take an antioxidant supplement just like this one, go ahead. If they have a problem with it, ask them to explain why and suggest alternative ways to raise your level of antioxidants.

Although VitaPulse could be consumed any time in 24 hours, you should be able to see results faster if you take it constantly at the same time of day. Those who have found success with this supplement think it can:

  • Decrease inflammation all over the body.
  • Safeguard your heart cells and reduce your risk of getting a heart disease.
  • Since it stops inflammation, VitaPulse can be very useful to sufferers of joint stiffness and pain due to arthritis.
  • It restores the user’s vitality and energy amounts, allowing them to stay active and fit.
  • This capsule is thought to enhance sleep and reduce stress.

So, are you still wondering whether the product works? The answer is yes, it does, as long as you use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  The fact that you are taking this antioxidant does not mean that you should neglect how you eat. It is imperative to eat a balanced diet, while ensuring that you avoid refined food.

Continue to exercise every day as well, to promote your cardiovascular health. Research widely too, to know the type of food that reduce inflammation caused by free radicals and those that will do your heart good.

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VitaPulse ingredients

As aforementioned, this top quality formula has three major ingredients that make it work as effectively as it does. It contains Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10, N-acetyl cysteine(NAC) and Pyrroloquiniline Quinone Disodium Salt or PQQNa2.  Each ingredient is added in different quantities such that CoQ10 is 100 milligrams, NAC is 250 milligrams and PQQNa2 is only 10 milligrams.  Now we will explain how each of the three ingredients work to deliver the expected outcome.

CoQ10 The main advantage to consuming more of this antioxidant is the fact that it promotes mitochondrial health and the condition of your heart.  Studies have proven that Coenzyme Q10 could reduce the risk of suffering a major heart attack by half when taken in the ratio(100mg)  provided by VitaPulse. It is, precisely, why CoQ10 is added to drugs that are used to treat cancer, heart diseases, muscular dystrophy and related issues.  Additionally, CoQ10 is thought to stop the side effects suffered when some drugs are prescribed and taken.

NAC This substance is produced from an amino acid known as cysteine.  When you consume N-acetyl cysteine, it gets turned into glutathione. This is a very vital antioxidant, especially, in people with bad cholesterol. NAC has been found to have strong cancer fighting properties and can keep the heart disease away. Moreover, NAC stops the oxidation of bad cholesterol or LDL cholesterol, which damages blood vessels and affects the heart.  In smokers, N-acetyl cysteine enhances blood circulation and boosts their cardiovascular health.

PQQ Na2 The prroloquiniline Quinone Disodium Salt is known to have anti-aging properties. It is very promising when it comes to the prevention of the heart disease and mitochondrial damage.  A person who consumes PQQ Na2 may survive a massive heart attack easily than someone who doesn’t bother because it reduces the damage caused to the cardiac muscle.  Additionally, this salt increases the amounts of triglycerides as well as keeping the user from mitochondrial myopathy.  If this condition is allowed to happen, it could cause blood circulation hitches, stroke or even a cardiac myopathy.

Other ingredients considered secondary in VitaPulse include rice flour, vegetable capsule,silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate.

The goal of blending all the three ingredients is so that the product can do its work of boosting antioxidants in the body. In return, your body’s most important vital organ, the heart, will perform better and be exposed to little or no risk at all.

As a result of NAC, energy levels in your body will greatly increase. This means that your body will be so active, henceforth, allowing you to exercise and lose weight as well as have a better metabolic rate.

Is VitaPulse Safe – Side Effects

As hinted in an earlier chapter, there is no single person who wants to risk their vital organs — especially the heart. And this includes the fear of consuming just any supplement that claims to boost the heart health.

If you have this fear, it is okay because you are not alone. When it comes to VitaPulse, however, we acknowledged earlier that it works. It is effective and has little to no side effects. Of the few side effects that some people get include a digestive upset.

Other side effects to expect simply because they have been reported by some users include fever, low blood pressure, headache, rashes, and liver disorders.  According to certain nutritional experts, some of these side effects may perhaps occur if there has been an overdose.

The manufacturer of this product had not been reviewed by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) by 2015.  Although the manufacturer was an upcoming producer in 2015, and their VitaPulse was just new, chances are that they are reputable and futuristic.

It could also be that most users do not get any of the above side effects and those who do suffer from some of them are able to tolerate it.  Since this antioxidant supplement has only three ingredients and a few others that are safe, it is more natural than similar products.  Having no additives, fillers, allergens or and other synthetic chemicals that activate adverse effects in the body, VitaPulse cannot put your health in danger.

Just make sure you take it only once per day and preferably when you wake up in the morning.  If you prefer to take it on an empty stomach, do it as there is no harm. If you prefer to eat first, go right ahead. The important thing is to take your capsule each day.

What are the benefits of VitaPulse?

Who does not want to improve their cardiovascular health? The best way to do this is to eat the right food for the heart. It is advisable to change your lifestyle too, by stopping unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking and related things. As well you need to exercise. You have been told over and over about avoiding refined foods and living a sedentary life.

A lot of tips and ideas on how to promote your heart health through cholesterol lowering food have been shared online. Now you know about VitaPulse, a supplement that will increase the amount of antioxidants you gain from your food. It is important not to take this product as any other that has promised too much and failed to deliver.

This supplement has just three things that will do wonders to your heart. The CoQ10, NAC and PQQ Na2 are the names of these ingredients, again, and if you research each at a time you will realize that it has been mentioned in research studies to do with cardiovascular health issues. Though the studies are still going on, there is clinical research that somewhat supports the fact that these ingredients have great benefits for the heart.

The aim for producers of this product is to promote the way your body responds to oxidative stress and free radicals. As aforementioned, these cause your body organs to suffer from inflammation and the end results are coronary diseases, cancer, arthritis and other horrible diseases. Once you increase your level of antioxidants in your body, it will be in a better position to protect itself from free radicals.

The result is that you will have a heart that is functioning properly and enjoy overall good health, as well, including reduced skin aging.  Regarding VitaPulse, the product that will increase your antioxidants, a number of benefits can be expected. A summary of these include:

  • Minimal inflammation of vital body organs, including the heart. This is simply because this supplement is able to prevent cellular damage within the body.
  • Lower bad cholesterol and higher good cholesterol. As aforesaid, N-acetyl cysteine(NAC) is responsible for lowering LDL or bad cholesterol that interferes with how your heart operates itself. It is added in a big amount of up to 250mg to assist your body reduce its bad cholesterol.
  • VitaPulse is very useful in promoting your cardiovascular health, simply because it increases the amount of antioxidants you have. As a result, your heart is protected from free radicals triggered by oxidation. As a consequence, your chances of developing a serious heart issue, such as the heart disease, coronary heart disease and others, are lowered.
  • As a result of having PQQ Na2, this formula boosts your mitochondrial health by repairing cell damage and increasing energy levels.
  • Some users have reported that since they started using VitaPulse their joint pains, stiffness and discomfort have reduced greatly.

If you want to enjoy the above benefits as well, order your product today online. Start using it once per day, ensuring that you take it at the same time every day, and then wait for results.  As we clarified earlier, this product may cause some side effects in some people, but mostly to those who use it incorrectly.

So if you are willing to follow instructions and take VitaPulse for quite sometime, you will help promote your heart and other organs in the long-run.

As you might know, or perhaps don’t, CoQ10 is highest in our bodies in our twenties. As we grow older it diminishes greatly, making us prone to inflammatory diseases that affect the heart and other organs—lungs, kidney and liver.

Since this product has this ingredient in a level that has been found useful for the heart, it is a great product to take any time you want. No matter your age, you should aim at building your health now in order to be fit in your senior years.

People who consume VitaPulse every day report serious improvements in their vitality and energy levels. As well, they sleep better and the quality of their sleep improves too. There are users who claim that this formula has helped them minimize their use of blood pressure medicines and other prescribed drugs provided for this problem.

In addition, the same people claim that since they started using this antioxidant supplement, they have noted that their cholesterol levels have decreased.

This is a good sign for everyone who suffers from coronary issues. All the same, it is important to note here that anyone who has a problem with their cholesterol and similar issues and are taking blood thinners should speak to their doctor first. This is because they need to reduce their chances of a developing a drug interaction when they buy VitaPulse.

There isn’t enough information about how it might cause drug interactions or how it might affect pregnant or lactating mothers. So, it is always good to take caution prior to taking any supplement if you are managing a disease, breastfeeding or pregnant.

VitaPulse Pricing & Refund Policy

Have you decided to use VitaPulse? If so, you should know everything about pricing, shipping and refund policy matters.

Pricing and shipping Just like many other supplements promoted online, VitaPulse removes the shipping fee when its customers buy more products.  If you buy just one bottle, it means that you will spend forty-nine dollars and three-point-nine-five dollars for shipping.

If you decide three bottles are great value for your money, then you will pay one hundred and twenty-seven dollars. There will be no shipping fee, however. The same case applies if you purchase six bottles that will cost you two hundred and thirty-five dollars.

A single bottle has thirty capsules, meaning that you will take one per day for thirty days. Three bottles have ninety capsules and will be enough for three months. Six bottles have 180 capsules for six months use. As you can see, when you buy six bottles for 235 dollars, plus free shipping, you will pay only $39.17 per bottle.

If you purchase three bottles, you will pay 42.33 dollars per bottle. A great thing about it is that you do not have to pay for shipping if you buy three or six bottles. Even if you purchase a single bottle, the amount of shipping fee is small and affordable.

Refund policy About the refund policy, there is a 90-day one. If you use this product for two months, and fail to see good results, ensure that you return your product to get a refund. Princeton Nutrients is ready to refund your money if you communicate before ninety days are over.  The refund policy is proof enough that VitaPulse will not scam you.

Most similar products have a 30-day money-back guarantee. So a 90-day, 100 percent, money-back guarantee is much better as it is a long time for you to make a concrete decision about the effectiveness of this supplement.

Where to buy Are you asking where you can go buy this product?  If so, the best place is on the company’s official website. The Princeton Nutrients official website has all the information you wish to know about VitaPulse.

As well, it is here that you could contact customer support and ask for more information about anything to do with the product. If you want to boost your heart health, therefore, be sure to get a bottle of VitaPulse today. There is nothing to lose as you can get your money back if you do not get good results.

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Why choose VitaPulse?

This product was made for everybody. So you do not have to wait until you have heart issues to consume it. The best thing is to take care of your heart, lungs, liver and kidneys right now. Perhaps you think you are younger and healthier.

That might be right, but every day that ends,  we all grow older and lose our strength and vitality in the process. As a result, we should take control of our health right now by minding our lifestyle. Eating right is much recommended, but, still, there are nutrients that are needed in big amounts by your mind.

Good examples are antioxidants that protect us from free radicals. Other than destroying our vital internal organs, free radicals interfere with our skin —triggers premature skin aging. The severity of the inflammation they cause depends on our level of antioxidants, and how strictly we care for our health.

With VitaPulse you can boost and supplement your antioxidant levels.  And when your antioxidants increase, you will reduce your chances of degenerative diseases like cancer, heart disease, osteoarthritis and other diseases that affect the kidney, lungs and liver.

As we mentioned in a few chapters above, the core elements that promote your heart health, mitochondrial health, cell development, joint health and other things are three only. Although the product has other nutrients, these three are so great in enhancing the health of your vital organs, particularly your cardiovascular system.

Since you really want to live longer without worrying that your heart will stop, get yourself a VitaPulse bottle. Start taking your capsule each day and it will pro-long your life, in that it will reduce your risk of suffering a heart failure or a heart attack.

We mentioned earlier that heart issues are the leading cause of death on earth. When not causing death, these issues cause endless distress among its sufferers. People who have a weak heart take medicines that have terrible side effects in order to continue living.

And as we noted, some high blood pressure sufferers experience some relief when they take VitaPulse. Again, as we hinted above, this formula is made for everybody, including those who are not healthy now.

The only thing to keep in mind is that your doctor is an important professional in your life.  Reasons as to why you need to take a capsule each day are many. If you have any type of arthritis, there is hope in using this supplement.

Fellow users have reported better joint health after consuming VitaPulse. This is because the formula stops further damage to cellular health, reducing inflammation that affects joints by causing pain and stiffness. If you feel too weak to do your daily activities, this product is what you require to feel more energetic.

It will boost your vitality and then you will be able to exercise some more. This means that besides filling your body with antioxidants, you might be able to lose some weight. This will benefit your heart even more because you will have less LDL cholesterol to pester it when working.  Since VitaPulse is tolerable, in terms of side effects, you should buy it. Try it for three months and see whether your overall body health will improve.

If you doubt the product for whatever reason, you are covered by a 90-day refund policy. Above all, when you purchase this supplement, you help Princeton Nutrients come closer to achieving its dream of building a school that will help children access great education.


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