Ways to Improve Male Sexual Performance

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Today we are going to talk about what makes a man a man when it comes to his relationship to the opposite sex. You may have a different point of view as to what does a manhood actually means, but who can state it better than women? There have been numerous studies to identify the perfect male personality and character in women’s opinion and the outcome may surprise you. Almost every woman considers that the perfect man is tall, independent and good in bed. And it seems that the last point is the one being the most important of them all. But why is that? The reason is that a satisfied woman is a happy woman. There are different typologies of men in this regard, most of them not being aware of how important is for a woman to reach the sexual climax as often as possible. As you may know, man reaches sexual pleasure faster than a woman. You need like, what, 2 minutes? There is, however, a different story when it comes to women. This is why we need to talk about 2 separate things that will make every woman fully satisfied in the sexual area. First one is the foreplay. Now, how many minutes does a man need to get in mood for sex? Not a whole bunch, right? I mean, 1 minute and you are good to go. Add another 2 minutes to reach for climax and boom, you have a regular sex episode from an ordinary man’s life. But there is more to sex than that, especially when it comes to women. The foreplay is an important part of it from one good reason.

The man’s erotic center is located in the lower back spine, which means that he will get arouse faster and easier as the sexual electric impulse travels faster from its origin to its destination. In women, the same sexual center is located in the back of the head, therefore the road it needs to take to reach that important spot is way longer than man’s. This makes women harder to please when you don’t take into consideration such factors. In fact, a lot of women admitted to have faked orgasm several times in their entire sexual life and many of them never reached climax. Figure that! The second point that I needed to make clear is sexual resilience. Let me tell you one raw truth that every man knows, but not everyone admits to be a part of: sexual resilience is rare in men. You know I am right, quit bragging about it. I bet it happened more than once that you finished the sex act before your partner even start it. Those moments can be a real pain, but, hey, you can always blame it on her for one reason or another. But we all know the truth. You suck in bed. However, not to worry, as I have already mentioned, you are not alone in this situation, because there are a lot of men in the exact same situation.

The problem?

I should have said “the problems”. Because there are more than one. Your poor sexual performances can lead to various problems in your couple life. There are not that many things to worry about when we’re talking about one night stands, because in those cases, you meet the girl, you take it to bed, you fail miseraman-up-natural-male-enhancementbly and then you run and hope she will forget. Which won’t happen, as you can imagine, but hey, at least you can deny it all. The situation is not the same when it comes to stabilize relationships and the same fails will have a deeper impact in your personal life. You may not have known this, but most of what a successful relationship means is related to sexual accomplishment. A woman mimicking sexual pleasure every time, because you are unable to provide her with, either because you can’t or simply because you don’t care, it is not a happy woman. And you will reach to that point where it will become obvious when you will realize that she is filling divorce papers due to “lack of emotional synergy” or “character differences” or whatever the fake reason may be. That or you will have the nastier experience of surprising her in bed with some other, more reliable stud. It is a painful thing to experience and, of course, you don’t need to take it all on you, because a woman doing so most likely doesn’t deserve you. But you also can’t remove yourself as one of the main causes. A huge part of a successful marriage translates in sexual happiness in both partners. Think about it. After any sexual experience where you fail to reach climax, you will feel frustrated and tensed. Imagine that this is exactly how a woman feels and extend it now to a regular basis. It can ruin your day pretty fast.

What can you do?

No doubt that you need to start changing something if you want your marriage or your relationship to work and we are not even limiting to these areas. You need to improve your overall performance even if you are not involved in long term commitments, because, as I have already told you, a man is as good as his…manhood is, as insulting this may sound. However, you don’t need to feel insulted, because it is a fact of life. This is why you should take measures until it is too late and you will fill you memories with all sorts of failed sexual experiences.

One thing that may help you is quitting alcohol, in case you are doing it. Moderate quantities are actually recommended, but if you are a regular drinker, quit it. Alcohol leads to impotence. This being said, exercise more. Exercising will stimulate your blood flow and will have a meaningful impact on your sex life and, when combined with a healthier eating diet, will work wonders in terms of sexual appetite. But appetite is not the only thing that matters. It doesn’t matter that you have an increasingly higher appetite if your resilience is limited to 2, 5 minutes for every sex act. You also need to improve that area as well and this is a bit trickier to do. What you need to take into consideration is the things that are responsible for such low stamina and premature ejaculation. Also, since we are here, premature ejaculation is not a symptom of some male related affection. Premature ejaculation actually does not exist. It is a perfectly normal response of a male’s organism, omnipresent in every animal species, who need to battle over every available female out there. Genetics understood the high sexual competition and evolved in a direction that we may not like. Long story short – the faster you ejaculate, the faster you inseminate the female and your genes will have a higher chance of spreading. It is a genetic behavior that we are not so fond of, but it is a fact. So we are not entirely responsible for premature ejaculations, it is nature’s fault, but what can we do to delay it or avoid it as much as possible? Let me tell you about one product that helped some of my friends in ways that completely changed their sex lives: Nitroxin Male Enhancement. This natural supplement not only helped them having a longer and stronger hard-on, but also improved their resilience and stamina, turning them into real studs. Also, premature ejaculation stopped being a problem for most of them. I can’t say I have used this product, I assure you that I don’t need it, but it sure as hell it seemed tempting. I may give it a go sometime just to see what makes it so powerful, because my friends still haven’t stopped praising it.

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Before taking any measures of this kind, ask yourself this: what does the woman next to you wants and how satisfying is your sex life? But be honest to yourself, because nothing good can come out of lying. Is your partner happy with your sexual performances? This question may be answered without even state it, but some women can mask their feeling really good, one reason being that they don’t want to hurt yours. However, be a man and take the problem into your hands. Follow my advice if it suites you and give this product a try, workout more, eat healthier, change your lifestyle. I guarantee that your partner will be grateful and you will be rewarded accordingly. You can trust my word for it.