Do any weight loss pills work?

How Do The Weight Loss Pills Work?

In the fitness industry, there’s not a single day where no one talks about weight loss pills. Seriously, there are a lot of things going on the in business, and it seems everywhere you go, you’re bound to see their ads – Facebook, TV, posters, and even one the radio.

There are a lot of enthusiasts who have tried several diet pills in their lifetime. Most of them, however, to no success. This time around, we’re going to find out how weight loss pills work.

You can find them in pharmacies as they are selling them as over-the-counter pills. But it doesn’t mean they’re going to work.

Also, not a lot of these products are actually good to take on long-term. Except for CLA Safflower Oil, which I highly recommend.

With that said, I’ll be dissecting the common ingredients that are evident in these “weight loss wonder” pills.

The Success of Weight Loss Pills

We all know that there’s actually a simpler way of losing weight – proper diet and exercise. However, not a lot of people are dedicated enough to do that, so they would go for the easier way out.

Unfortunately, there’s no “easy way out” when it comes to your health. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that pills are TOTALLY hopeless, but I’m just saying they may only have minimal impact on the overall picture.

Let’s say for an example, you’re taking a certain product that claims to burn eighty calories on a daily basis. However, you get cocky and consume extra three-hundred calories by the day as well – still, the results aren’t going to be pretty.

Just like with anything else in this word, there’s no such thing as a generic diet pill. Truth be told, there are some pretty genuine companies that put in ingredients that actually have some positive effects.

These products usually have herbs, vitamins, and other components. While it’s true that as separate parts they are effective for weight loss, but it’s an entirely different thing when they are all mixed up together.

Naturally, it would always be best to ask advice from the experts.

Dissecting The Ingredients

The ingredients that I have listed down below are well-known throughout the industry due to its popularity in commercials and advertisement.

In other words, I wouldn’t say that they are for permanent weight loss. Rather, these indigents are ideal for a temporary effect.

But it doesn’t change the fact that this isn’t recommended for a regular maintenance routine. If you continue to do so, you’ll be at risk for major health issues.

Bitter Orange

Kicking it off with bitter orange for the first one on our list, it contains certain chemicals that play a role as stimulants.

This gives you a short-term advantage as it reduces your appetite. At the same time, your body is able to burn more calories than usual due to its effect on the rate of your metabolism.

However, the chemicals that may act as stimulants also hold some pretty nasty side effects. This can trigger serious health concerns, such as high blood pressure and unbalanced heart rate movement. As tragic as it may seem, but this promotes heart attack and stroke.


Unlike the bitter orange, Chromium does not impose any serious side-effects. This is a specific type of mineral that aids in normalizing insulin. Meaning, it carries a role of building muscle and burn fat.

However, this isn’t proven to be entirely effective in generally decreasing your body weight.

Guar Gum

This is another safe ingredient that doesn’t deliver any grave risks. It has been said that this can aid in blocking fat absorption from happening. At the same time, it lowers your overall appetite. But then again, it doesn’t have any solid source that states it’s recommended for weight loss.


We have hoodia as our final ingredient. This is a peculiar-looking plant that’s able to contain your hunger or appetite for a couple of hours. But just like with Guar Gum and Chromium, it hasn’t been proven that it’s an okay signal for weight loss.

Making Weight Loss Pills Work

You can actually make diet pills work; however, you’re going to need to put in the effort. It doesn’t mean that since you’re using “magic pills” to help your burn fat that you shouldn’t exercise regularly. Working out is still a vital part of losing body weight for long-term.

It’s recommended that it should be partnered with a healthy diet as well. Simply not eating anything for the rest of the day isn’t going to make you achieve any fitness goals.

You should consume enough vitamins, minerals, protein, and other wholesome foods.

CLA Safflower Oil for Long-Term Goals

Aiming to lose weight shouldn’t end right after you’ve “fit” into the dress you wanted to dear for an important social gathering – it should be considered as a lifestyle.

These ingredients I have mentioned above are good if you want a temporary result. However, if you want to keep your dream body as it is you need to use CLA Safflower Oil.

It’s been proven time and time again that safflower oil supplementation has a commendable effect on losing trunk fat in just sixteen weeks of maintenance. In addition, it builds muscle tissue in the process as well.

Lastly, using CLA Safflower Oil as your go-to product for reliable fat loss also gives you the advantage of having the levels of your HDL-C lipoprotein increase.